You dont need to know this you just need to know that I am your master and I can Make you stronger Chen Ziang said

Source 80 e-book uploaded with integrity Traveling all over the world Time word count College student Chen Ziang found a magic ring on a street stall Traveled to the Three Kingdoms Anime novels Movies Zombies Fierce ghosts Wraiths Search for treasures from all over the world Leave love and fight for what I want I don’t have it Wealth, women’s rights, everything is within reach Chapter 1 Ring on the street stall The summer is scorching and the wind blowing in front of you is hot On the street, there are still many couples shopping together and killing countless single dogs Chen Ziang stands at the counter with his eyes fixed Staring at a sweet couple arm in arm on the street, he knew the man, Wang Gang, who was in the same class as him, and his father opened a textile factory with an annual profit of several million.
She was a famous rich second-generation woman in the class Xie Fei is very beautiful and is also Chen Ziang’s classmate and also his girlfriend.
Chen Ziang works in this mobile phone shop just to make money and wants to buy her a kidney.
Unexpectedly, he saw Xie Fei and Wang Gang. A sip of milk tea was brought to her mouth, she swallowed it with her plump lips and drank happily Walking to the store, Xie Fei saw Chen Ziang frowned, hesitated, then sighed and followed Wang Gang. Long time no see, Chen Ziang. I’m working here during the summer vacation.
Wang Gang put his hand around Xie Fei’s waist deliberately Said at the waist, Chen Ziang ignored Wang Gang, looked into Xie Fei’s eyes and asked why I didn’t do well enough, Xie Fei lowered his head and said nothing, Wang Gang put his hand on her waist, pinched her flesh and said with a sneer, “our school bully” Where did you fail to make you switch to my arms? In most cases, poor students and good students are rivals. Wang Gang, who is the leader of the scum, couldn’t figure out that Chen Ziang would have a girlfriend like Xie Fei, so he used it.
I tried my best to get Xie Fei successfully in this summer vacation.
Xie Fei snorted lightly in pain, raised his head and looked at Chen Ziang, and said, I don’t feel for you anymore.
Let’s break up. Hearing Xie Fei’s own words, Chen Ziang felt that he had completely given up. In this materialistic society, I thought that Xie Fei was a clean stream. It seems that everything is my own sentimentality.
Chen Ziang looked at the brand-new kidney in her hand and knew without thinking that it was the one that Wang Gang bought for her. Chen Ziang couldn’t help laughing.
That’s right, I’m just a poor guy with no money.
Did you want to try a different feeling when you were with me? Did you feel sorry for me? Wang Gang looked at Chen Ziang’s appearance and felt very happy, but he decided to continue to step on his face, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number, Second Uncle, I am now in your store, soon a middle-aged man with a big belly When people came to the store, they saw Wang Gang and immediately greeted him with a smile. My nephew, why are you free today? In the store, Wang Gang cut to the chase and said, Uncle fired me this salesperson with a big belly. The boss frowned. He didn’t expect this honest clerk actually provoke Wang Gang, if Wang Gang’s father hadn’t borrowed a sum of money for him, the store wouldn’t be able to open. How much salary do you have left? Three thousand and seven. Chen Ziang said flatly. Hurry up and get the hell out of me Chen Ziang picked up the money very spinelessly and put it in his pocket. This three thousand seven can cover his living expenses for a few months He also wouldn’t think about saving money to buy a kidney.
Now that he’s healed, he doesn’t need to buy a kidney. Chen Ziang walked out of the mobile phone store without looking back, and saw a small stall with a few square meters of red cloth spread on the ground. There are many things that look quite old. Chen Ziang took off the ring on his hand.
It was a birthday gift from Xie Fei. Although it is not worth much, Chen Ziang likes it. It made his heart feel so uncomfortable. The ring was thrown out by Chen Ziang heavily, as if he was throwing away his feelings for Xie Fei. After throwing the ring away, he felt much more comfortable. Look, look, look, this little brother spread out his hair The sparse old man stopped Chen Ziang, why is Chen Ziang seeing that this old man is not the kind of honest and honest person? Following his gaze, it is not difficult to find that the old man’s gaze has been staying on the sharp corners exposed by the stack of Mao Zedong in his trouser pocket. I just did it today. The old man lowered his voice and said, “Dou Dou is commonly known as tomb robbers. It’s a slang word. I didn’t expect this old man to learn a lot in order to deceive people.
Chen Ziang was amused by the old man’s stern look, so he came here.
” I went to his stall and wanted to hear how he flicked the flower pots from the Qianlong period, the bowls from the Song Dynasty, this is even more amazing, the old man pointed at the very old things like Chen Ziang, and even Chen Ziang had seen them a few times. Anyone who is on the treasure hunting show can see that it is a fake.
It is outrageous.
What is it? Chen Ziang said in his ear that this is the urinal used by Cao Cao hahahaha Chen Ziang couldn’t hold it anymore, spit and sprayed the old man’s face, this old man is so creative, he actually said it was the urinal used by Cao Cao, why don’t you just pick up a stone Said it was the divine stone left by Nuwa who repaired the sky? You old man wiped the saliva off his face and realized that Chen Ziang was a sensible person. Suddenly he turned his eyes and covered his eyes with his hands and said that my eyes were going to be blind.
Chen Ziang thought his saliva really sprayed his eyes.
In a little anxiety, I asked my grandfather, should I take you to the hospital? Go to the hospital? Go to the hospital? Wouldn’t it be revealing?