You come to pick it up this is no pressure for the little bun Zheng Yuanxia tilted his head and nodded connected the phone Park

Well, this is what Mr. Zheng and his wife eat, drink, eat, drink, and raise buns. Serious romance.
The setting of Huanglianpo is too exciting, she can’t stand it, but I didn’t expect that the most exciting thing is still behind.
Her husband, her son’s father, turned out to be the male god she loved since she was a child. How did she chase the male god? This article revolves around the daily life of the male protagonist’s family, and the plot is interspersed with those things in the Korean entertainment industry. The jokes are full of cuteness, and the relationship between the female protagonist and the male protagonist is getting deeper and deeper. Very much looking forward to the day when the heroine’s memories come back. Chapter 1 She doesn’t know how long she slept. It seems to be very long, but it seems to be very short.
Sometimes it’s noisy in the ear, and most of it is quiet.
It’s like no one speaks, no footsteps, just now. Hearing heartbeats and breathing of different shades, at first she thought it was her own breathing, but it gradually felt wrong. Suppose she is now asleep. Shouldn’t the heartbeat of a sleeping person be long and rhythmic? Can you hear her own breathing? She felt strange in her heart, gradually felt that the whole surrounding was strange, and she opened her eyes as soon as she tightened her heart. The first thing she saw was the snow-white ceiling with lights hanging on it. She subconsciously shifted her eyes to the side. The light-colored wall looks very warm. Did she guess wrong? This is not a hospital at all? Why did she subconsciously think that this is a hospital? Obviously, she was stumped by this question and no longer observed the surrounding environment. Instead, she lowered her head and frowned, thinking that it’s just that people who just woke up have too much thinking. Before she could figure it out, she suddenly thought about whether the sound of breathing just now belonged to her. She suddenly looked up and saw a cute picture The face of the child has snow-white and delicate skin, a pair of big eyes that look like crystal grapes inlaid, the nose is a little bit taller, which makes him more handsome in his delicate appearance, the little guy’s ruddy mouth seems to be stupefied by her sudden awakening The expression is also stupefied, motionless, looking really like a doll, it looks familiar, she thinks, but now I don’t have time to think about where the familiarity is, the more important question is why this little guy feeds her here, she opened her mouth and found herself Her throat is so dry that it’s about to smoke, as if she hasn’t drunk water for hundreds of years, and her voice is hoarse and hoarse, as sharp and piercing as fingernails scraping on a blackboard. Is she a typical voice control or a perfectionist with a decisive voice I couldn’t bear it, so I wanted to shut up, but she didn’t speak, and the little guy on the opposite side kept looking at her with blank eyes.
She looked down at the opposite side, and saw that the little guy was sitting on the bed, and his butt was just on her calf.
No wonder.
She felt tired and sore all over her body, as if she had been in a war What’s more, she is a big living person, her legs are numb, okay, kid, didn’t you Mama teach you not to sit on other aunts casually? After some difficult choices, she finally decided to use this ugly sound to let her take a minute The voice of harakiri wanted to save herself again, so she cleared her throat and coughed, kid, you just started to speak, when there was a sound at the door, it was the door opening, accompanied by a gentle and kind middle-aged female voice, Yuan Xia time is up, we should go back It’s home, don’t bother Xie, the middle-aged woman’s words stopped abruptly in the middle, because she saw two similar faces on the bed, one big and one small, with the same expressions, her eyes were staring at her without blinking.
At this moment, Auntie is still in the mood I was thinking that Mrs. Zheng is more beautiful than Sleeping Beauty when she is awake. Seeing her aunt came over, Zheng Yuanxia seemed to have found the backbone. She glanced at this familiar yet strange woman in front of her, then turned her head to look at her auntie, eyes were already bubbling.
She shed tears and seemed aggrieved. Aunt Zheng Yuanxia also brought out a lot of feelings. Her grandson is only two or three years older than Zheng Yuanxia.
She is not by her side. She really treats Zheng Yuanxia as her own grandson. It hurts to see Zheng Yuanxia.
She shed tears and didn’t care to say hello to Mrs.
Zheng, and immediately walked over anxiously.
What’s wrong with Yuan Xia? Are you happy to wake up? In an unfamiliar environment, the smartest way is to read what people around you say and how to do it, and then properly extract the information she needs. She never thinks that she is stupid and will not do rash things.
Soon the door was pushed open again. This time, it was A group of people in white coats walked on the left side. The nurse on the left took a case book and called the patient, Park Haiyin. Park Haiyin’s name is quite familiar.
It’s a coincidence that she has the same name and a different surname from hers. That’s what she thought at the time. I found that everyone in the room was staring at her.
She frowned and was about to say that her surname was Jin or not, but she was interrupted by someone with a deep male voice.
Since the patient woke up, he immediately arranged for a full-body examination and informed the patient.
The family member came over immediately. The nurse nodded and reminded the aunt on the side that if the patient’s parents were not there, she could call her husband.
She remembered that Park Hae-yin’s parents had never been in the hospital for so long. Mrs. Zheng, who will come in the afternoon, is a sick son. Since he has a son, he will naturally have a husband. Mr.
Zheng is busy with work and is on a business trip recently. How about you? I am their nanny and nurse frowns, so there are no other relatives? Maybe I need to sign later, Auntie thinks I want to say whether I should inform Mr. Zheng’s parents