You cant hide anything from your eyes I did encounter some problems Fan Ji showed a perplexed look on his face hesitant Li Yi comforted

For Li Yi, a young man who has just graduated with a master’s degree, the recent period is definitely a good thing. No bad things come one after another.
I was afraid that I would ask them to borrow money, and even worse, he would speak ill of him.
Among them was Wei Qingxuan, a colleague of Ponzi International Jewelry Domestic Headquarters who he joined recently. Speaking of Wei Qingxuan, a seemingly pure and beautiful girl, someone who doesn’t know her well. It is easy to be confused by her beautiful appearance. Only Li Yi knows that this girl is not only very scheming, but also a very powerful villain. When she was in college, Wei Qingxuan offered her life many times.
The main reason why Li Yi refused to join Ponzi International Jewelry was that this internationally renowned jewelry company was recruiting supervisors and staff of the security department. When he was in college, Li Yi and several friends had developed a high-tech automatic security system for This has won a special domestic invention award. General Manager Lu, the person in charge of Ponzi International Jewelry’s domestic head office, personally interviewed Li Yi.
Li Yi admired Li Yi’s ability very much. Li Yi, who rushed to the company by bus, remembered it very clearly. The first day he entered the company was also the day when he fully recognized Wei Qingxuan’s personality. However, he never thought that all of this was due to his misunderstanding of Wei Qingxuan, and there were also people with ulterior motives who fueled the flames.
Hey old classmate, what are you doing today? Came to our store. Wei Qingxuan smiled and faced Li Yi, who turned around, holding her boyfriend Xuan Le’s arm with her left hand, and extended her right hand generously.
Why can’t my old classmates speak when they see us? Are you here today to buy the latest model? Do you want to give diamond jewelry to your girlfriend, or do you plan to buy valuable emeralds for your lover? This day, Wei Qingxuan is wearing a fashionable professional dress to further set off the girl’s beautiful and elegant temperament. She winked at Li Yi deliberately as she spoke.
He blinked and didn’t take back his hand. At the same time, he said affectionately to his boyfriend Xuan Le that Ale and Li Yi are your good brothers, why are you so unmannered today? It has been a while since the news of his family’s bankruptcy came out that Li Yi has no acquaintances who have taken the initiative to talk to him.
He greeted Wei Qingxuan, who was still beautiful, and felt a little uncomfortable. In addition to not being aware of his misunderstanding of his old classmate Wei Qingxuan, he was also faintly jealous of his good brother Xuan Le. After all, the girl in front of him had confessed to him.
The miscellaneous Li Yi took a deep breath and finally stretched out his hand to shake Wei Qingxuan’s hand.
At the same time, a long-lost signature sunny smile appeared on his face. Hello Qingxuan, I am here today to report. I am now the newly hired security department trainee supervisor of the jewelry store, Li Yi. Yi and Wei Qingxuan greeted each other, opened their arms and hugged their good brother, Ale, thank you for your concern during this time, I haven’t contacted you recently because I’m a little annoyed, what are we doing? Good brother, a stone in my heart has finally landed, right, I heard the fat man say that you are looking for a job Although Ponzi International Jewelry is a big company, it does not match your professional expertise.
If you don’t want to work in Xuan’s, I recommend you to other big companies. How about not rejecting brother’s kindness? Li Yi’s attitude towards himself is still the same. Xuan Le couldn’t be moved in his heart, Ah Le, I plan to expand my world with my own ability, Li Yi said in a more friendly and gentle tone, and said in a kindly tone to Xuan Le and Wei Qingxuan, congratulations to the two elders The classmates come together and hope that you can achieve a positive result. When you get married, I will definitely give you the most special gift. Facing Li Yi’s sincere blessings, Wei Qingxuan suddenly felt a little lost and spoke her mind when she learned that Li Yi’s family went bankrupt. In the end, she really felt an inexplicable joy, and when she learned that Li Yi would report to the store today, she decided to take revenge for Li Yi’s refusal at the beginning, but from this moment on, she decided to take back her decision of last night, Li Yi. Wei Qingxuan didn’t expect that the misunderstanding between them would not be eliminated in the next few days, but it would deepen. What happened to Wei Qingxuan in the past is just a magnanimous man.
Those innocuous things are nothing to him.
Today, he is very happy to see that Li Yi can get along with Wei Qingxuan in a friendly manner. He smiled and said “Ayi” to Li Yi to celebrate. you found a new job