You can’t be so uneducated right lets go in and sit Ye Mingzhu chuckled lightly the guests came to welcome me warmly but I don’t remember

Rebirth Ye Mingzhu Ye Mingzhu wake up, wake up, wake up, an anxious voice rang in Ye Zi’s ear, Ye Zi’s heart shook, she remembered something, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked around in a daze, ah, this fool is so fateful, he didn’t die to see it Ye Mingzhu woke up with a harsh voice and said with a smile, yes, it is better to die because of this virtue, so as to be kicked out of the house by the Ye family.
Do you still have sympathy for Mingzhu and didn’t do anything harmful? Why do you say that about her? Ye Zi slowly sat up and saw an artificial lake next to her drenched body, and there were more memories in her mind that did not belong to her. After slowly digesting the memories of this body, Ye Zi The corners of Zi Zi’s mouth slowly turned up, it’s good that I was really reborn, I was originally a free and unrestrained celestial being in another big world, with a lofty status, living an unrestrained life, living the same life as the heaven and the earth, how carefree and free it is, it’s a pity that I inadvertently spy on the shocking secret In order to survive, people chased and killed for millions of miles.
They had to destroy their bodies and souls and fled to the underworld in order to be reincarnated. But what Ye Zi never expected was that there were people in the underworld who wanted to destroy their own souls.
He was in a hurry. After escaping from the underworld, I accidentally came to the earth in this thousands of small worlds.
I was born again, and I don’t know what happened to my master. Thinking of my master and master, Ye Zi was very worried. The name of the owner of this body is Ye Mingzhu, the capital city.
An offshoot of the Ye Family, a branch of the four great families, both parents died and only two younger brothers, Ye Mingzhu, was doused with sulfuric acid three years ago, and her delicate face was ruined like this, turning into an ugly girl beyond recognition. One ten-thousandth of the former Ye Mingzhu used to be a big school girl with many suitors, but since she was disfigured, she has been ridiculed and scorned by countless people.
Perhaps this kind of Ye Mingzhu has no value at all, and the Ye family is unwilling to cultivate Ye Mingzhu, so she was rejected. Kicked out of Ye’s house this time, being kicked out of the house by Ye’s family, her fiancé even satirized Ye Mingzhu. Ye Mingzhu couldn’t stand the blow for a while, so she threw herself into the lake and committed suicide.
The scars grow on the face like a disgusting cancer, and the eyes have been squeezed and deformed by the scars. It’s really ugly, but it’s not a big problem for Ye Zi.
As long as he can find some herbs, Ye Zi is sure to heal this face. Looking at Ye Mingzhu, who had been staring at the lake in a daze, a trace of sympathy flashed in Xiao Qing’s eyes, she sighed and said, Mingzhu, don’t be sad, I know you are sad, but think about it, you still have two younger brothers to take care of, such a man is not worth your sad hearing My words, stop doing stupid things and live well.
Xiao Qing took Ye Mingzhu’s hand, looked into Ye Mingzhu’s eyes, and comforted her earnestly. A better friend took more care of Ye Mingzhu after Ye Mingzhu was disfigured Ye Zi smiled and looked at Xiao Qing after she regained her senses Ye Zi said don’t worry I won’t do stupid things again You said that Xiao Qing looked at Ye Mingzhu and smiled The faint words suddenly felt that my friend was a little different, but thought that my friend might be in a different state of mind after going through the ghost gate, so she didn’t care too much.
Looking at Ye Mingzhu’s firm eyes, Xiao Qing believed that her friend was real. I won’t commit suicide again, so I said happily, um, that’s good, I’m relieved, but Mingzhu, we’re about to go on summer vacation, what are your plans? Being suspended, I can’t use it, and I don’t have much money. This Ye Mingzhu’s face is ruined. Even if I want to work part-time, no one would dare to take it. After all, looking at such a face all day long, I might have nightmares at night.
But the current Ye Mingzhu is not what it used to be. Ye Zi knew that Xiao Qing was worried about the owner of this body, so she thanked and said, don’t worry, I’m fine, looking at Ye Mingzhu’s confidence, Xiao Qing thought that this Ye Mingzhu used to be a young lady of the Ye family, she must have a lot of body The savings should be able to live on, so I don’t have to worry about it.
The summer vacation is about to start, and the students basically don’t go to class anymore.
Ye Mingzhu is a freshman student.
Seeing the three thousand dollars in her hand, Ye Zi frowned and sighed inwardly, never thought that the famous Xiaoyao Tianxian would have a day to worry about money, her body is not a monk, she has to re-train Ye Zi, she used to be a fairy With strong vitality, Ye Zi can feel that her current cultivation base is in the lowest level of gathering elements or the innate level can only mobilize a small amount of vitality.
Whether it is possible to cultivate into a fairy, and I don’t know if there are monks on this earth.
In the dormitory, it is definitely not possible to cultivate.
Not to mention the amount of vitality, there are so many people in the dormitory. I must avoid it from the mind of the owner of this body. Zi knows that there may be no more monks in this world, that is, there are no alchemists who have conceived a jade. Ye Zi still knows that before he has no strong strength, he should keep a low profile, so the current priority is to go out and find a house to find a relative.
A quiet environment can help you practice, but looking at the thousands of dollars in your hand, renting a good house is definitely not enough.
It seems that you have to earn money before you can talk about renting a house.
Ye Zi reluctantly took the money to the pharmacy to buy some Herbs go back to school back in the middle of nowhere