You can’t be happy even when you’re at home why don’t you think about it when you’re doing those things the child’s dad said in

Accidentally fell asleep with a little fresh meat. Only later did I know that little fresh meat is a famous diamond king in the imperial capital. Gu Qinzhi, I was a little confused. I thought it was just an accident. The goal of life is to become Bai Fumei and marry tall, rich and handsome.
Whoever wants to provoke Gu Qinzhi is an evil person? Life is full of accidents. This year, there are many accidents.
Who hasn’t wasted me? I drank most of the night in the bar and finally got myself half dazed. Staggering, I came out of the bar, stretched out my hand, and took a taxi on the side of the road. I don’t want to sleep out on the street after being drunk, and be watched by people. After all, I’m an adult.
Face is very important. The driver turned his head and looked at me calmly and asked where we are going.
It seems that he often pulls drunks who haunt Sanlitun in the middle of the night. It’s no surprise that he glanced at the time on his phone before thinking about it. There is really no place to ask casually. Find a place to spend the night at random. He responded.
The car drove smoothly onto the main road. I sat in the back and took a few glances at the brightly lit imperial capital outside the car window.
Then I quickly fell asleep under the influence of alcohol. I haven’t closed my eyes for about five days.
After a night of sleep, Shen Keke is right. Alcohol has a hypnotic effect.
It cures all kinds of worries.
Too many hypocritical insomnia.
I don’t know how long I slept.
When I woke up, the first thing I saw was dark gray curtains and a dog. The sofa of the same color is definitely not my home.
I sat up in a jerk, and I realized that there was another person beside me. A half-naked man’s head rolled over and exploded.
I stepped on the switch and jumped off the bed.
When he opened his eyes and saw me, he was dazed for a moment, but he quickly regained his composure, raised his eyebrows and asked what’s the matter, what the hell is this place, who are you, why am I with you? He pulled a nightgown from the bed and threw it to me, saying that you won’t tell me that you don’t have any memory of what happened last night, would you? Fucking drunk last night I remember catching a cab and leaving the bar and asking the driver to help me find a hotel for the night I don’t seem to have much memory Why did the taxi driver take me to the hotel? I know I encountered a black car. I said to myself, big sister, you opened the door of my car and got on it. You want me to take you to a place to spend the night. The man stroked his forehead and said what? Now that I’m pretending to be innocent, my mind is in a mess. Some drunken memories are also crazily squeezed in.
Last night was so fucking crazy. I lowered my head and looked at the marks on my body, wishing I could smash my head to death on the sofa.
It’s too obvious, ok, ok, even if it’s me having sex after drinking, don’t talk nonsense. I blushed and pretended to cover it up. I grabbed my clothes and quickly put the wine on me. It happened under such circumstances. Now everyone has changed their routines.
The voice behind me asked me to put my bag on my shoulder and turned back to the man who seemed to be smiling but said first this is a misunderstanding I never thought of finding a man to engage in 419 and treat you as a taxi As for you, are you taking advantage of me? I don’t care about it, I don’t have this time. Second, everyone is an adult. If you do something wrong, you have to bear the responsibility.
Occasionally, you have sex after drinking. Once in a while, I have the right to treat myself like I was bitten by a dog. I ran out in the elevator. I checked my makeup in the mirror, then walked out calmly and walked into the lobby. I took a deep breath to calm down, and I felt so disgusting that it was like eating a fly, although the fly was still big.
It’s not bad, but psychologically, even a fly that looks better than Pan An is still a fly. It’s been five or six minutes since I walked out of the room. I’ve broken a piece of content in my mind and slowly came back to it. Last night, I seemed to be enthusiastic Fire, thinking of this, my face is hot, and I forcefully drive those crazy images out of my mind. I comfort myself in my heart.
Who hasn’t spent a couple of times when I was young? It’s like being bitten by a dog, but even so, I still don’t feel very comfortable. I don’t know. I don’t know if that good-looking dog has any contagious diseases, so it shouldn’t be so.
Then my phone rang violently while I was thinking about it. If I die, I’ll love you.
I’m so unhappy.
The sound is a bit harsh in the quiet lobby of a five-star hotel, and I’m scared. My little heart was beating wildly and I didn’t have time to see who was calling, so I quickly pressed the answer button.
My shit luck, is it Ms. Xu Tu? The correct attitude is probably that the interview call was as I expected.
Then the other side informed me to go to the interview. After hanging up the phone, I was so happy that I almost jumped up. This company is something I have been coveting for a long time. I go to their official website every once in a while. Is there any new job finally made me wait for the position I wanted to apply for and I was lucky enough to get an interview I checked the time and I had time to go home and change my clothes and shake off my mess and push open the door and rush to the side of the road I stopped a taxi and headed straight home.
This time, I saw clearly that it was a genuine taxi. I picked out a simple white shirt and blue-gray wide-leg pants. I tied a gorgeous silk scarf around my neck and clicked it.
Then the pearl earrings and pearl headgear looked at myself in the mirror, she was flawless, and then rushed to the interview location.
Gu’s office building occupies the best location by the riverside of the imperial capital, and now it is a landmark building, not to mention the height of the 88th floor. It looks like a beauty. The shape of the wind bottle has become a scenery.
The girl at the front desk in the lobby on the first floor asked me three philosophical questions. Who are you, where did you come from, and where did you go?