You ask me I ask who to go to Urli rolled her eyes if she hadnt known about the other partys temperament she really wanted

The author relies on the dead night and the throne carved out of white bones. His pale hands are clenched tightly on a bloody long sword. The hoarse voice is groaning, “Here I am the ruler.” The fishy-smelling lake water stared unblinkingly at the gigantic Devilsaur on the shore of the lake, barking its fangs and claws and barking furiously.
It was an unlucky day.
Lan Lie cursed inwardly, reached out and wiped the water on his face, recalling the scene just now. His heart was beating involuntarily, and he was only one step away from becoming the top of the food chain on the edge of the foggy forest. Fortunately, he is alert enough.
Fortunately, there is a freshwater lake.
Fortunately, Devilsaur does not know water, otherwise he would This little life will definitely confess that in this damn foggy forest, he is here to hunt. Unexpectedly, he has just killed a young thistle bear and attracted such a big guy from the hunter to the prey.
The contrast makes Lan Lie couldn’t accept it.
You stupid pig looked at the devil dragon king Lan Lie who was 30 meters away from him and waved his arms provocatively.
Many dragons are covered with cyan scales from head to tail. Two thick giant legs support a torso weighing more than ten tons.
A pair of dragon eyes on the huge head are shining with violent and bloodthirsty light.
Rows of white teeth are as sharp as blades, and clumps of stinky ambergris drip continuously from the big mouth and fall into the somewhat turbid lake water, making ripples one after another.
Seeing that the Devilsaur King has no intention of leaving Lan Lie couldn’t help worrying. Today’s hunting plan seems hopeless. Thinking of Aunt Britney’s sharp eyes that can destroy anyone’s self-esteem, and the fact that she can change seven or eight audios in 30 seconds, the Kingdom’s first soprano can’t help herself.
Ashamed of being inferior to the ultra-sounding voice, Lan Lie wants to commit suicide. Sooner or later, I will pick your skin and use it as a quilt. Gai Lan Lie cursed fiercely in his heart, took out a black stone from the magic bag, and pointed it at Devilsaur.
The opened mouth threw it out forcefully, bang, at the moment it entered the Devilsaur’s mouth, the inconspicuous stone flashed a flash of fire, and then exploded with a touch. Although the power of the explosion was limited, it still made the Devilsaur go.
After suffering enough, the fragile mouth did not have enough protection, and was immediately scratched by the bursting stone fragments, large and small wounds.
Devilsaur raised its head and let out a earth-shattering hiss of pain. Bright red blood flowed down its big mouth, which was indescribably hideous. Seeing Devilsaur’s distressed appearance, Lan Lie finally felt a little more at ease. This magic bomb was exchanged from old Frank with a piece of the maddened head thistle bear’s skull.
Now it seems that the effect is pretty good. With a whistle, Lan Lie beautifully admired the crazy monster on the shore, so what’s the power It is impossible for a purely physical monster like a dragon to be proficient in transformation magic. Only high-level druids in the entire Ikasgar continent have this kind of magic. Abilities, etc. What is that? The arrogant Lan Lie accidentally glanced out of the corner of his eye and suddenly noticed a group of silver triangular objects approaching him at a very fast speed on the lake not far from his left front. The damn Lan Lie He couldn’t help but yelled and swam to the shore with all his hands and feet.
He is not an idiot, how could he fail to see that the group of silver triangles on the water are the dorsal fins of hammerhead sharks? He is really a crow’s mouth! Seeing that the little reptile that had annoyed him was swimming towards the shore, he immediately roared away and rushed over with big strides. There were wolves in front and tigers in back. Neither Devilsaur nor hammerhead sharks could be dealt with by Lanlie. However, comparing the two, Lanlie still made a wise choice to flee to land. The probability of survival is a little bit higher than that of ten deaths, isn’t it? At the critical moment when the sharp teeth were about to approach his buttocks, he jerked his body and jumped onto the shore land with a cloud of water mist. Lan Lie could even clearly hear the creaking sound of the hammerhead shark’s sharp teeth as it bit the air, but he couldn’t help it. There was no time to be thankful for myself. The Devilsaur King on the shore was striding towards him with a thunderous roar and rushed towards him to escape Lanlie.
As he rushed forward, he was not frightened, so he knew that it was possible to escape from the mouth of the dragon under the cover of the forest.
Followed by a group of red-billed dolphins flying into the sky in panic, one person and one beast rushed into this misty forest one after another. Lan Lie dodged left and right, jumped up and down, but couldn’t get rid of the Devilsaur King behind him.
It looked like this big guy was irritated. Determined to play with him until the end, as the top of the forest food chain, the appearance of the Devilsaur King makes other monsters in the forest panic, whether it is a group of black-backed saber-toothed tigers, a solitary giant iron python, or a perched The giant-mouthed crocodile by the dirty pool escaped cleanly in the blink of an eye after seeing the violent Devilsaur king. Lan Lie also wanted to climb the tree, but when he heard the trees behind him When an armful of thick coniferous pine groaned in pain after being knocked off, he immediately dispelled this unwise idea. After a long run, Lan Lie gradually felt that he was a little powerless, and his hands were getting heavier and heavier.
His feet were reminding him that his physical strength was about to be exhausted, but the Devilsaur King behind him was still chasing after him. The stinky mouth full of sharp teeth had touched Lan Lie’s back several times. Is this the end? Desperate, his physical strength cannot be compared with this behemoth.
If this continues, sooner or later he will become an appetizer for Devilsaur.