You are worthy of having at this moment our Yan She is still dreaming Dangdang Yan Shes room door is knocked and the knocking sound

Level setting The level setting in the novel is very weird.
After reading the official novel, I feel that the whole person is not good.
Take the orc as an example, a mortal, no matter how strong the combat power is, no matter how strong the cheating is, then use a bodyguard company of Broxsaar Not even a demigod can resist tens of thousands of demons with a wooden ax blessed by the demigod, not to mention just jumping into the portal of the Well of Eternity and severely injuring Sargeras at Sargeras’ home court, isn’t it Kilgar? Dan is not what Archimonde is in Sargeras at home. Well, the consciousness at home is that Azeroth has been cast by the powerful magic of the Titans. The stronger the existence, the weaker it will be when it descends on Azeroth, but Brox At that time, it was a full-body Dark Titan, and it was an artifact in his hands. According to the routine, Sargeras charged the demon team and killed countless demons. Finally, he slashed and wounded Sargeras.
What is the strength of this orc? What is the strength of the demons around Sargeras? Sargeras, who can kill a corrupted titan with a single sword, actually watched the orcs slap their faces. That is the home of the demons. Countless demons can bury an orc with just the number of people.
Let’s talk about the old roar of the orcs. One element Thrall and one fury battle are all gone. It’s almost within ten moves to solve the abyss lord Mannoroth. You know, this guy fought with the ancient wild boar and demigod for a long time before killing the wild boar.
The demigod has even killed demigod-level powerhouses on countless planets.
The problem came. Thrall, an assistant, Lao Hou directly injured Mannoroth, forcing the abyss lord to blew himself up. What level is this orc? Multi-level map for warriors set according to the map monster The level and the same level are also affected by the difference in strength, that is, according to the dungeon and wild monsters, the ordinary Yin Ying Jin Ying leader is also restricted by race.
The dragon cheats, but it is not absolutely according to the speech in the game.
The operation is different.
The result is different.
For example, the leader-level demigod peak Goron and the leader-level demigod Naga, the fierce water is the Naga fierce land, of course it is Golongyan Xie’s pet is the Beast.
The IQ of the million-year-old road idiot hunter is almost mentally handicapped. Not all the milk is called, so what is the beast? Skills increase attack speed and damage.
Think about it, this is not a game anymore, this is reality. How many demons can a peak-level silver-hero legend-level horn resist? Sleeping big horn cough cough This is the sleeping big horn, then fly up and throw it down, directly fell to death Haka seems to be a powerful egg, just think of the frost troll, that place can trap five gods and kill one god, that’s what I want to say Is it possible that the screenwriter’s heart is not good for a five-person book? Will it hurt? The five gods are in reality. Natural disasters are so powerful. First of all, if I resurrect an ordinary person, I will directly become a fighter. If the resurrection is successful, it is an undead.
If it fails, it is a ghoul.
Think about a legendary warrior being resurrected Once the strength is achieved, it will be stronger than the legendary level of the same level. The reason is that there is no pain, and the worldly vision is pure killing.
Machine life, if an arm is lost, it will hurt. Your neck is shit, the undead pick it up, sew it up, sew it up, dip it in, can you still use it, can you pick up your head and sew it up? The reason why natural disasters are so cheating, is there any sense of fatigue? You make weapons from 100,000 natural disasters and 100,000 humans make weapons consecutively. Human beings have become a natural disaster and there is no antidote for the plague.
If so, Mao Honglong needs to be sterilized at high temperature. Of course, the official novel is strongly recommended. The tear-jerking pornographic history cough cough romantic love history Among them, Ma Ku Nine of Sir Greymane’s three books are right, there is a book called Mechanic Love, which cannot be bought, picked up and bound by the Talador treasure box, and these novels are the first chapters that can be found in the game. Yan She is a supermarket owner. Every day, he just goes to the supermarket and fights World of Warcraft.
Since he started playing World of Warcraft, he has been a hunter of Beastmaster Hunter Time Ranran. Version replacement Yan She also always insisted on being the Beastmaster.
Shao Yan’s amnesty rushed into Orgrimmar alone, and the result is self-evident