You are so smart Xue Sheng she probably never thought that you would go and come back Qitong ignored Zuo Kui he glanced at Zuo

Chapter 1 The Alarm Clock Zuo Kui looked away from the book, he looked at the customer in front of him, he was a little surprised, since he took over the store, no one has ever visited this store. This is a middle-aged man who looks to be in his forties. He has a bloated figure, a standard Mediterranean hairstyle, a shiny fat face, and a pair of philistine small eyes that shake nervously, as if he really wants to see Zuo Kui’s whole picture, which is normal.
Even in the dog days, Zuo Kui still wears a black trench coat and The big-brimmed hat wraps itself tightly, only revealing a pair of eyes with white cores and black rings, and the pupils will indeed make ordinary people very curious about what can help you.
Zuo Kui sits behind the counter and his body is stiff.
His voice is extremely low and hoarse. Service etiquette. There is no point in asking questions in this store. Zuo Kui is still a human being who is used to the Mediterranean Sea.
There are big drops of sweat on his forehead. He looked around and tried to move forward after making sure there were no other customers. After exploring the small voice, I heard that you can handle anything. Zuo Kui frowned. He hasn’t met such a reckless and vulgar person for a while. He slightly shook his head and said, “Nothing, you went to the wrong place.
Farewell, Mediterranean Sea.
” He raised his voice and seemed very anxious. He took his leather bag to the counter and opened it to Zuo Kui, showing it to Zuo Kui, which was full of cash.
Boss, please help me. Zuo Kui let out a long sigh, although he was very bored, but he didn’t want to blatantly attack, so he continued to talk nonsense, you did make a mistake, I only consign things here and can’t deal with anything.
The small eyes rolled around a few times and suddenly grinned, yes, yes, I have something on consignment. The Mediterranean said and took out a plastic bag from the interlayer of the leather bag.
There were some scraps of something in it.
The consignment is here as long as anyone is willing.
Buying these money is all his Mediterranean.
When he said these words, his eyes almost protruded. An ordinary person would be confused by this illogical statement, but Zuo Kui just frowned slightly, then nodded and said. Zuo Kui put down the purse and left the store as if fleeing for his life.
Zuo Kui threw the purse containing the money on the ground like garbage and poured out the crumbs. Looking carefully, the crumbs were made of plastic.
After watching for a long time, Zuo Kui finally understood that it was What is something? This is an alarm clock.
Zuo Kui took out the glue and began to repair the debris. When the first set of debris was combined, a mournful whine flashed in Zuo Kui’s ear. Patience and carefulness seem to mean nothing to him, so Zuo Kui put it together silently and mechanically until the early morning.
The little green alarm clock in front of him can almost be described as riddled with cracks and deformed fragments that cannot be restored. The final product looks very weird. Zuo Kui doesn’t know what kind of hatred its owner has with it.
It’s better to burn it directly than to burn it like this. The interior of the alarm clock Zuo Kui didn’t know how to repair the electronic components. He fiddled with the pointer on the watch twice and felt that there was nothing he could do, so he installed the cracked transparent plastic case and stood up. He moved his limbs in a weird way, walked into the shop silently, lay down in a coffin, and slept like this. The sound of the alarm clock in the morning woke Zuo Kui up. He walked to the front desk suspiciously to watch the alarm clock beeping. Frowning slightly in the morning, an alarm clock that can’t even move the pointer keeps ringing, which makes people feel tired. Zuo Kui sat quietly and watched it, and listened to it ringing, as if he was competing with this alarm clock. Patience, the alarm clock rang for an entire hour. Zuo Kui stopped at the hour and waited for a while and finally stood up and put the alarm clock in his coat pocket. He picked up a large black umbrella and opened it, and walked out of the store. In the suburban crematorium. At the funeral, the sky was so dark and the sky was so dark. He hit the coffin of the corpse with his own head, and one could not help but wonder if he would cry and bleed from his eyes. Zuo Kui stood in the crowd silently watching all this.
The few people around couldn’t help but look at him more, but most of them still treated the funeral solemnly. The relics of the dead were packed and thrown into the fire and burned.
Zuo Kui stood beside the fire and silently threw the alarm clock in.
The alarm clock soon A layer of air waves was shaken by the incineration flames, and it was not conspicuous at all in the hot summer.
Zuo Kui looked at it for a while and left here into the night.