You are not a big girl what are you ashamed of Ying Hong looked at him with a blushing face his eyes suddenly moved away

He died accidentally and became a titular young master.
Su Jinhe was a fool in the past, but he didn’t understand why a fool would get involved with so many men. He just wanted to be a quiet and handsome man, so don’t bother him anymore, okay? Republic of China, tangled keywords, tangled, Luoyin, Republic of China travels, suspense, supernatural, Volume 1, Su Family Courtyard, Chapter 1, The man on the wedge couch rolled his eyes, and suddenly raised his stern voice, and he had a reaction The people around the bed breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. The old butler clasped his hands together and kowtowed with tears in his eyes. He almost knelt down on the ground and kowtowed a few times. Wipe the corner of your eyes with your sleeves, the young master Fu Daming, the Lord is protecting you.
These two people who were busy thanking God on the couch suddenly opened their eyes. When they saw them, they rolled their eyes and passed out.
Chapter 2 The Su Family In the young master’s confusion, an annoying thing kept groping for him, making this feeling more shallow, that’s great, the man’s voice suddenly sounded, he woke up with a jerk, quickly opened his eyes, and a strange face appeared in front of him, who is here? While screaming, the man turned over and quickly pressed on him, and raised his wrists above his head with one hand, easily clamping him, who was overly frightened. The man above looked at them with a half-smile, as they touched each other from time to time, shortening the distance to nothing. He pressed down all the weight, making him unable to breathe. He moved his legs and kicked in an attempt to turn the man down, but it was a pity that he made such a move. Not only did the goal not be achieved, but the man pinched his legs, and the vague feeling in his dream became real. He was stunned to feel that the man touched him once.
It was not a simple touch, but a very bold move, which was much louder than when he was sleeping. What man said in a flat tone, as if he shouldn’t be so excited, what did you call it when you opened your eyes and saw that there was another person on your bed, didn’t you call, and this man was still molesting him before he said these words, man The strange feeling made him frowned fiercely, and the eyes shot out fire. The man glanced at him casually while playing with it, and said in the same casual tone as before, he really is not stupid. Who are you? He couldn’t move. He hit a few times like a dead fish.
He was unwilling to give up and asked the man viciously. He shouted out loud, his arrogance was gone, what did it feel like? The eldest young master was startled, and the servants rushed in, but when he saw the scene on the bed, he neither advanced nor retreated, followed by a dressed A woman in a gorgeous brocade robe. The woman wears her hair in a bun.
She has a little powder on her hair, and she is delicate and charming. This is a beautiful young woman. Why are you here? The woman’s eyes lit up when she saw the man on the couch.
walk into the room mean man seems Not having fun, he glanced at him regretfully, then rolled over from him, and walked towards the door while straightening his coat.
Let me see if he was all right. When he walked to the door, he naturally pinched the woman’s small chin and exerted force.
Shaking, the woman glanced into the room and snorted eccentrically, it’s okay if you’re not dead, stupid, I don’t know what fate is, don’t mention his bad luck, let’s go, the man has no objection, let the woman hold his arm without looking back The woman’s coquettish and ambiguous laughter gradually faded away, and the man’s voice was never heard again.
The round and elegant voice, the servant looked at him and lowered his head, young master, take a break.
I’ll go down first.
I have something to do.
The yelling is gone, he is the only one who is still out of the situation.
Who is that man? Why did he touch him? Who are you all? He is just a car mechanic in the world The last memory is when he went to the factory to repair the car The car hanging above suddenly fell and he happened to be standing below The familiar diesel smell He still remembers that smell penetrated him The height and weight of his body probably turned him into a human patty, but why is he still alive? Not only did he live, but he also changed his face? There are two old faces full of creases that cannot be opened. He thought he saw a zombie. He was scared and died. He woke up again and told him that what he saw before was not a dream. He came to another world.
The scariest place is that the people here wear ancient and somewhat modern-style robes and wear normal hair without braids or buns. If you guessed right, he went back to the early days of the Republic of China. He didn’t learn history well, and he also knew how horrible the bandits were in the Republic of China. The bandit warlord government and the upcoming war of aggression are in a mess.
Look at him, he is only in his twenties. Is he going to spend his life in turmoil? He doesn’t want to do this, but what can he do? He looks at himself helplessly. Waking up with his hands these days, he figured out a few things. First of all, he is called Su Jinhe in this world. The name comes from Qin Sehe. It’s not stupid. After the old man died, his father neglected to manage him. He accidentally fell into the well and didn’t drown. I don’t know whether it was a hit to the head or freezing badly. Anyway, he was stupid when he was fished out.
This time, unfortunately, he fell into the well again. I really don’t know how a grown man can fall into that narrow place. This time he was not lucky when he was a child.
After catching it, he was out of breath. after living again