You are my kind the real kind Qi Lulu glanced out of the corner of his eye the hand that he put on his shoulder

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The pursuit of the president’s son died in the interstellar world. A daughter of an admiral with extremely poor physical fitness and beautiful appearance was reborn in the hospital. She didn’t know why, but she found that she could not do without the mecha that accompanied her all her life.
Welcome to Trial Reading Content Tags Soul Transformation Fantasy Space Distant Starry Sky Tianzuo and Search Keyword Protagonist Qi Lulu Ouya Supporting Role Others Chapter 1 Endless Void Fighting to the last moment She has a splitting headache She knows this is consciousness already The depleted signal looked at the group of seemingly unkillable insects and beasts. Known as the bloody rose, she showed a beautiful smile that she never showed in front of outsiders. She fought non-stop for seventy-two hours without any supplies or backup. Their group of twelve fought desperately. It was obvious that this was a trap. Thinking of the gentle and gentle President Ouya Geert, she sighed. Don’t hesitate to lose the twelve elites, maybe this is part of the fighting skills of the superiors, and all of them are just victims, but she is a soldier born to fight and born to order Ouya closes her eyes to her comrades who have already sacrificed After giving the final command like that, the red mecha stopped waving its broken arm, and at the same time it gave off a dazzling light as the insect attacked in one fell swoop, and finally, accompanied by a huge explosion, it radiated into a huge mushroom cloud and tried its best to annihilate it. Enemies, however, there are endless strange beasts in outer space, life and death are endless, but they can never be killed. Write to my dear, you don’t know when you got lost in your emerald green eyes.
The countless dreams and dreams are intertwined, but it turns out to be just your floating Silver hair, I linger, I am at a loss, but I still can’t escape the call from the bottom of my heart, dear, do you know that I love you as you wish, as I love my life, only for you, but fate is always too ruthless, or people who are ruthless are just No amount of your holding back is worth the reaping of death You let go of my hand and strode forward and left me where I was wandering alone Three years ago, in a battle with insects and beasts, they all blew themselves up and fought bravely until the last lesson. The teacher waved twelve mechas of different shapes in the air in front of everyone’s eyes, presenting them perfectly at 360 degrees. Cool figure The students were amazed one by one.
Which one do you like? The red one is so cool.
The red one is a bit girly. I think the blue one is better. It’s the mount of the ice wolf. What do you know? The red one is the mecha goddess Blood Rose I can ride in a mech with her, and I drool just thinking about it, look at your pig brother, wipe your drool, teacher, teacher, I heard that the bloody rose is the lover of the president’s son Erus It’s also because of her that Erus guards his body like a jade. Is it true that the blue-haired girl Rowena is the king of gossip in the class? When facing the professor, she asked this question that everyone wanted to ask but dared not ask. I don’t know.
After all, Bloody Rose There was never any gossip with the president’s son, but she has always been a well-known great fighter. Professor Sindri’s smiling four-two-thousand-pound is indeed accurate.
Before her death, Ouya Geert was not well-known.
She was indeed a good fighter, but she was also Not so well known to the public that even if she finally chose the most tragic way to fight to the end, she was just one of the twelve brave warriors who died like the others.
It really made her famous and won the Mecha Goddess This name is only due to a small poem by the popular lover Erus.
Since then, everything about Ouya has been excavated. What is outstanding in school? Outstanding combat effectiveness and the most important thing in the eyes of most people They can all get more than 90 points of appearance, and the same reputation is made by Ouya’s Dongfeng Twelve-member team. Each outstanding fighter is excavated. While the public marvels at the same time, they can’t help feeling sorry, especially when they know that there are twelve members. So the sacrifice was because a meteorite passed by and blocked the transmission of the distress signal, but there are also some guys with rich imaginations who imagined some party struggles, family grievances, and the president does not want to see a small female soldier become his daughter-in-law, etc.
Waiting for this, Qi Lulu, who was fourteen years old at the time, looked at the projector that was sending the image of President Kelly Pierre, who was mourning for the sacrificed soldiers, and smiled coldly.
His elder brother Qi Hai, who was so worried, hurriedly called for housework. The robot came to check if she had any aftereffects after the brain wave collision, and the twin brother Qi Kong rolled his eyes once again to cooperate with the elder brother’s series of actions. The practice that can be memorized satirizes the same practice again, being suppressed by the big brother again, rolling his eyes to the point of taking off the window Lu Lu Lu Lu, do you think that Ouya is having an affair with Elus, an arm touched her Qi Lu Lu Looking up, I saw the blue eyes of the blond boy at the same table, Bill, who was full of care. Bill is the most popular boy in the class, but even if he is as cheerful as he is, he always seems powerless when facing the famous Frost Qi. The matter has nothing to do with me Qi Lulu said coldly, focused his eyes on the red mecha that seemed to be within reach, Beard’s eyes flashed disappointment, but he didn’t say anything, and the boys around saw the popular king Bill Another challenge to Bingshuang Qishi ended in failure.
One by one exchanged gloating eyes, only Rowena who was not far away snorted indecently with her nose.