You actually want to make a move on Wang Kai which makes Wang Kai a little angry Want to play to find Jack just when

Rebirth and Goldfinger seem to have really time-traveled. It’s the first time in Marvel’s life that they came abroad. It’s so exciting.
I don’t know if it’s the angel sister who took care of me. In a place full of English signs and billboards, the streets are full of white Blonde hair, green eyes, black teeth, and white foreigners. On the street of a foreigner, a yellow-skinned, black-haired Asian young man holds a newspaper in his hand and mutters in his mouth. The headline photo of the newspaper is a man in a casual suit with a mustache The man enters the hotel with wavy blond hair and long legs.
The title is Tony Stark’s night party Victoria’s Secret Angel. This Asian young man is now in a daze. To be able to easily read this newspaper without a single Chinese character, this is too fraudulent, right? In the end, I was only able to go to a high school because I was a scumbag. After graduating from a junior college, I caught up with the tough employment crisis.
I found a few jobs, but the low salary made the thief feel sympathetic.
It seems to reach out to my parents every month, which makes my self-esteem a little stronger.
Wang Nan couldn’t take it anymore and became an otaku writing novels.
The results were not bad. At least he could eat and drink every month.
As for other things, let’s not think about it. Except for writing novels, Wang Nan just likes watching some animations and movies. Other hobbies are basically basic.
There is no such thing as Wang Nan.
When he came to this world, he was downloading Xinfan while reviewing Marvel movies.
For some reason, his computer exploded. When he regained consciousness, he was already standing here after receiving the news in his brain.
Wang Nan knows his current identity.
His current identity is an orphan, a Chinese orphan who is about to leave his foster family and become a social person. His current body is called Wang Kai, and his parents have not changed their surnames.
It was when an evil mutant robbed a bank and was killed by Chiyu’s car explosion.
When he first got the news, Wang Nan was a little puzzled why a mutant popped up.
Didn’t he be reborn as an American emperor? Picked up a newspaper from the trash can on the street, after seeing the headlines on the front page, Wang Nan was already roughly sure what kind of world he was in.
Marvel, because the movie made more people in China understand the world of American imperial culture. I’m not familiar with Marvel because I don’t like American-style comics, but after the movie was made, Wang Nan learned about a grand universe through the movie. In this universe, rich people become heroes through technology, and poor people become heroes through mutation, and even pioneers of mankind.
Those who have evolved genes to become mutants are in a mess, then I will be Wang Kai in the future, what should I do next? Now that I have so little money, why not go to Tony Stark and tell him that the second child of your company wants to usurp the throne? If you drop you, Tony will kick you out of the house nine times out of ten. Besides, Tony is hard to find. Although I know the street number of Tony’s residence in Malibu, California, it doesn’t mean that I will see Tony once I find him, and I won’t believe myself when I see him. Came to New York, which is known as heaven and hell, but Wang Kai is still at a loss for the future.
As an otaku writer who can’t carry his shoulders and hands, he doesn’t have any skills. Ability is nothing unless I go back to my motherland on the other side of the ocean, but my money can’t afford air tickets.
Yes, I can sell fast food. I used to be overwhelmed by website news. The rich man is begging for tens of thousands of dollars a month in Dubai, no matter how deceitful the news is. Now that I am here and worried about my future life, I have to give it a try. Although I am still raising a family, I will face a major crisis when I turn eighteen. The problem with going to college is that unless you are a top student and have a good social evaluation that can make those colleges come to you, you have to pass the exam, and you have to pay for it at your own expense. Going to college in the United States is not at all cheaper than in China. Many people have to rely on loans when they go to school. In the United States, loans are almost commonplace. Even if you buy a bicycle, you can get a loan.
But as a Chinese, Wang Kai has no habit of taking loans.
He prefers to support himself, so now he has to think about the future. University fees to raise a family will never pay a penny. The system activation is now released Novice tasks Own your own fast food truck reward Three eggs siomai The golden ratio of siu mai Just when Wang Kai was thinking about whether he had enough money in his pocket to buy a food truck, his mind suddenly popped into his head A voice sounded inside, which startled Wang Kai, and his body trembled violently, which startled the people around him who were waiting to cross the road at the red light. They thought this Asian was sick, child, are you alright? Kai asked with concern, I’m fine, I’m fine, thank you for your concern, ma’am, Wang Kai immediately said that his ability to accept is still good, he didn’t startle by the voice in his brain, but quickly returned to normal, and then said to the lady next to you, child Really polite, like my nephew Parker, he’s the same age as you, but he’s a lot more trouble than you, the woman said with a smile, but her tone was full of affection, it seems that her nephew is very much loved by her, but I’m also very naughty lady I wish you a good day, I should go Wang Kai smiled casually and then left quickly He wanted to figure out the sound system he just heard Goldfinger came to an alley