Yingying smiled and said tell you Ye Zi don’t scare your sisterinlaw you don’t know how powerful your sisterinlaw is anyone who opposes me has

Nearby is Empress Dowager Li Dacheng, riding a recently changed hand three bungee all the way, even though the morning peak road is blocked with pig intestines, Li Dacheng can still use his superb driving skills to penetrate every corner and leave all the luxury cars behind. BMW Land Rover The Bugatti Veyron is nothing to worry about. In front of his three-wheeler, the horse has to be tied, the tiger has to lie down, and the dragon has to be coiled. If you don’t accept it, try to see who the traffic policeman catches.
Little is that he bought it at a shop in a small alley. It cost him 500 oceans.
The configuration was good. The panoramic sunroof, the leather seats, the CVT, and the lifetime warranty.
Once it soared, it was louder than Godzilla or Tesla’s electric car. The car is also eye-catching, especially after he modified it and set up a banner of the Fangtong Escort Bureau.
It runs up and down the wind and walks through the streets.
A carload of parcels to soothe the lonely and impatient hearts in the city. Just after Double Eleven, the outlets exploded. He didn’t even have time to eat breakfast. He arrived at the post before dawn and sorted.
The dark circles under the eyes are bigger than pandas, but it’s a pity that some people have the shape and no one’s life.
Double Eleven is also called Singles’ Day.
It should have been a sad day, but I don’t know when I was forced to be a foreigner.
The stars made it into a shopping festival, became a big girl, a little daughter-in-law, a prodigal old woman, and the days when the old women chop their hands to celebrate, let the already lonely people lose their feelings and money, and their intentions are so poisonous. The area Li Dacheng is in charge of is a piece of meat.
Usually, the delivery is not too much.
Fewer things, often nothing to talk about, and it’s more on Double Eleven, he’s so busy that he can’t touch his feet like a grandson. He hasn’t been in this business for a long time, and the fat and good meat are all let the old courier occupy his hands. The leftover sac meat is relatively poor meat. The meat with lymph on the pig is called sac meat. Only unscrupulous small restaurants on the side of the road will buy it to make dumplings and add some messy food additives.
Biting his mouth full of oil, diners can’t eat it, and they still feel fragrant. Li Dacheng has just delivered a few packages and is about to go to the next community.
When he meets a red light at the intersection in front of him, he stops the car quickly and picks up the still warm food in his arms while there are still 90 seconds left. The pancake fruit took a bite, took out the phone with the other hand, opened WeChat, entered the Fangtong Escort Bureau group, and checked the traffic conditions sent by the brothers today.
Nanqiao Road has been blocked into dogs. Brothers nearby, please detour around Dongqi Road. There is a taxi to catch the uncle Surrounded by a group of aunts dancing in the nearby square, North Bridge Cave was hit by four cars.
Among them was a Rolls-Royce.
The female driver was taking a selfie and posted it on Moments.
Li Dacheng’s motorcade also sent a message that the West Railway is very smooth. I’m happily driving on the avenue. The brothers nearby can take a detour here. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your good life. get up red light immediately If he wants to change, he can’t lose to the four-wheelers on the side, three-two-one, you Li Dacheng jumped out as soon as he stepped on the switch, the electric car jumped out and started to win. Just when Li Dacheng was happy, suddenly a red Mercedes jumped out from the side and turned directly towards him. I came here, didn’t I just bumped into it, because Li Dacheng clearly saw the female driver in the car looking down at her mobile phone, she didn’t seem to realize what was going to happen, it’s bad to meet a road killer. I have practiced and saw that the situation is not right, I jumped off the three jumpers, and a goalkeeper made a ball-saving leap, rolled on the ground twice, rolled over to the side of the road, it was a real back-and-forth, and the screeching sound of brakes sounded immediately, Li Dacheng rolled and crawled Standing up from the ground and taking off the safety helmet, it was a desperate encounter.
I said you, Li Dacheng, just opened your mouth and saw the door of the Mercedes-Benz car opened. A tall, tall man with long hair fluttering in a red woolen coat and black leather pants The slender beauty walked out of the car, and she was probably frightened, with a face full of fear and panic, like a frightened deer. I feel sorry for her, as if she is the victim. Are you okay? The beauty clasped her hands and looked at Li Dacheng and asked concerned. The voice is pleasant and trembling. I don’t know if it’s cold or scared.
What do you think? Li Dacheng patted the dirt on his body and pointed at the goods scattered all over the floor.
I’m sorry for knocking over your goods. This is not a product.
This is a product.
A dream Li Dacheng said solemnly that even the delivery car dared to hit it