Yinfeng will win just thinking that Yinfeng can survive a hundred strokes in Lin Jingtians hands the world has completely fallen into chaos the worlds

Chapter 1 Miracles The correct answer to this question in the classroom of Jiangnan University in the first year of the year is to listen to the lecture teacher’s endless explanation. Wang Shuang looked out of the window, looking out of the window from time to time. Wang Shuang, a third-year student at a second-rate university in the province, has already gone through the full study and life of the university.
The daily tasks are basically except eating and playing.
This is an advanced math class. It is necessary to listen to the lecture, anyway, every time it is not the first from the bottom, but the second to last, Gemini, quickly look outside, it seems that there is something in the sky, at this moment, a voice suddenly whispered, attracting Wang Shuang’s eyes, and glanced at Li, who was staring out the window with wide eyes He is not tall, wears a black coat, wears a pair of glasses and looks like a schmuck, but after getting along with this guy for three years, he has already figured out this sullen guy. The computer’s memory is full. The six people in the dormitory want to watch a movie, so they can ask him directly.
If they want to tell dirty jokes, they even open their mouths, so everyone calls him the database in private.
Eyes widened, staring at the outside world tightly, the sky is full of inconceivable little golden dots covering the boundless sky, like a vast ocean, slowly falling, and the speed is very slow Wang binocularly estimated that it would take at least an hour for these dots to fall to the ground.
Oh my god, a viewer appeared in the sky, everyone, come and see, is this a mirage? The students also gradually discovered that the light spots outside are full of good things. Watching these light spots fall, they even didn’t listen to the teacher’s class, of course.
The teacher was also attracted to look at the scene outside, Xinzi, I felt something was wrong, followed me, Wang Shuang looked at the scene outside, his face was serious, he turned his head to look at Li Xin with a serious face, and said in a deep voice, Wang Shuang didn’t know why.
A slight sense of uneasiness is his intuition, and it is his intuition that has saved him several times. Li Xin looked at Wang Shuang in a daze. This was the first time he saw this guy so serious and serious. Turning to look at the teacher and classmates in the classroom, they swallowed their saliva and didn’t ask the reason, and said ruthlessly, I am so crazy with you, even if I was notified by the school, I recognized Wang Shuang, patted him on the shoulder with a smile on his face, and got up directly Strides out of the classroom and Li Xin is also following the teacher on the podium. At this moment, he came back and looked at the two students striding outside without even making a report.
He couldn’t help but shouted angrily, where are you going, and now go back to class. Sit down, but the figures of the two didn’t pause, as if they didn’t hear it, they walked away, who is this? I want to report these two guys to his head teacher.
The teacher looked at the students in the audience and asked loudly, and none of the students made a sound. Looking at the backs of the two in surprise, they muttered in a low voice. Wang Shuang and Li Xin took the wrong medicine today, and even the teacher is no longer a domineering two. God bless you, I hope you are all right. Is this a way to attract the attention of beauties? Among the students, a beautiful woman in her twenties with a beautiful face, long hair and a shawl is watching the two of you. The appearance of leaving took another look at the outside scene, the beautiful brow frowned, and the figure unconsciously moved towards the door, but no matter what everyone guessed, the two didn’t care much. After coming out, Wang Shuang ran all the way to the dormitory. From time to time, I can see the golden light spots in the sky densely packed like a sea tide. At a glance, I feel my scalp is numb.
I even encountered a lot of students who kept taking pictures of the sky. After a heated discussion, Wang Shuang saw on his mobile phone that no matter whether it was Weibo, chat groups, or circle of friends, he was overwhelmed by this topic.
A mirage appeared in the sky.
Is the ninth wonder of the world the creator god or an alien? The conspiracy and the news one after another occupied everyone’s attention.
At this time, whether it was a celebrity cheating or a certain king’s death, it didn’t matter. Wang Shuang glanced at it in a hurry and put his phone in his pocket, but the pace under his feet accelerated a lot.
Originally in the dormitory The building is very close to the teaching building, but the distance of four to five hundred meters is less than three minutes. Wang Shuang and Li Xin ran to the door of the dormitory building, and they ran to the third floor without stopping.
The other four are from other departments and are not in the same classroom.
I am afraid that they are not in the dormitory when they are in class.
Call me, what the hell is wrong with you guy? Li Xin, who is so nervous, threw himself on his bed until this time. He opened his mouth and asked. After running all the way, Wang Shuang, who had not exercised for several years and was already tired and out of breath, climbed onto the bed without making a sound, lifted the mattress, and lay there quietly with a long black knife one meter long.
Picking up this Tang Dao that I spent a month on buying, I pulled out the long sword with a snort, and the snow-white blade could even reflect the reflection of a person.
This was Wang Shuang and the shopkeeper who had spent several days in ink and repeatedly told them to be genuine.
It can be made in a crude way, maybe it was annoyed by Wang Shuang’s attitude, and the last one sent was really a perfect Tang knife.
This made Wang Shuang, who likes to play knives, give a five-star praise directly.
Gemini, are you crazy? Hiding this kind of thing under the mat, you don’t want to die. If the school finds out, you will at least have to count as a major demerit.
Even if you are detained for probation, you may be looking at Wang Shuang’s Tang Dao.
Li Xin was shocked.
Wang Shuang is actually there There is a knife hidden under the bed.
If the aunt in the dormitory sees it, it will be taken away. Hearing Li Xin’s slightly nervous voice, Wang Shuang puts the knife into the sheath.