Yi Qingfeng said if you want to live you can open your mouth quickly Situ Qianhe hesitated for a moment then opened his mouth obediently

Young people and young people have a long way of saying that it is hard to be a master, Yi Qingfeng was about thirteen or fourteen years old when he was a child, he took this sentence as his motto and kept it in his heart As for why he is so affectionate about this sentence The only thing I think is related to the ideal hidden in his heart to become a master when he grows up, but is it possible to become a master if he wants to be able to bear hardships? The young Yi Qingfeng may just have a simple feeling.
Yi Qingfeng was born in an ordinary rural family from a poor family.
He experienced many ups and downs in his birth. His parents never had a child after two years of marriage, so they adopted a girl from another village dozens of miles away. Thinking that two years later, Yi Qingfeng would fall to the ground because he was a boy.
The family was very happy, but the good times didn’t last long.
When Yi Qingfeng was three years old, he got a tuberculosis and almost died. There are three long and two paragraphs, so I take extra care of him.
If you want to say that Yi Qingfeng has something special about him since he was a child, it seems that he has one hobby that is slightly different from other children. That is, he loves to read books. Books are like a hungry person seeing bread. Of course, most of the books he reads are martial arts story books or fairy tale comics.
Excited, as if the protagonist in the book is himself, maybe it was the influence of these books that planted a dream in his young heart to become a master when he grows up.
Yi Qingfeng sat down after school this day. Sitting on the chair at the door of the house, holding a comic book borrowed from the sister Zhou next door, staring intently at his classmate Liu Ronghua walking over from a distance Do Yi Qingfeng Jiang Xi asked me to play in the back mountain of his house after school Are you going Yi When Qingfeng heard that he was going to play, he raised his head with a bright smile and said, “Go, I’ll put the book away and I’ll go and talk to you.” After putting the comic book back in the house, he and Liu Ronghua walked towards the back mountain of Jiang Xi’s house with joy.
Qingfeng and Liu Ronghua walked slowly up the mountain.
Liu Ronghua saw Jiang Xi playing with a few friends from a distance and shouted loudly.
Jiang Xi, Yi Qingfeng and I came to find you.
What are you playing? Jiang Xi heard the shout Looking back, he said, “Come here, come here, we are comparing who is the most daring.” He stretched out his small hand to greet the two of them, Liu Ronghua and Yi Qingfeng ran up excitedly.
That’s where I just jumped and said, pointing to a loess bag with a height difference of about one meter, Dao Yi Qingfeng looked at the loess bag triumphantly, and said, will my feet hurt if I jump from such a high level? Jiang Xidao won’t hurt you You’ll know if you try it.
Yi Qingfeng rubbed his hands and said, “Okay, I’ll try it.” Then he jumped towards the dirt bag under his feet and followed his feet to the ground.
Jiang Xi said, “How about your feet don’t hurt?” Yi Qingfeng smiled and said no.
It hurts so much fun, Liu Ronghua, you should try it too Liu Ronghua said disdainfully, what kind of skill is jumping in such a short place? If you have the guts, let’s jump. Try it over there, pointing to a soil slope with a drop of about two meters in the distance, Jiang Xi said with a doubtful expression on his face, Liu Ronghua, don’t brag, if you jump from such a high place, you will die of pain, Liu Ronghua hold your head high Who is bragging, you all come here, I will show you a dance, and then lead everyone to the slope, Liu Ronghua stood on the slope, looked down, took a deep breath, and said, You are all optimistic, I will dance Liao said and jumped down, everyone watched his body fall, and secretly sweated for him. When his feet touched the ground, Yi Qingfeng said in surprise, “How dare you jump so high? Don’t your feet hurt?” Liu Ronghua’s expression It’s okay to make a relaxed way, or you, you also try Jiang Xi vomiting his tongue out and showing a timid expression.
I don’t jump.
I knew you guys didn’t dare to jump. Yi Qingfeng was so excited by him and stepped forward.
Who is a coward? If you jump, I’m not afraid. He took a deep breath and jumped down the dirt slope. The soles of the feet were in pain from the shock, Yi Qingfeng gritted his teeth, held back the pain, and said, “I’m not a coward, am I?” After the sound of fluttering, dust was flying on the dirt slope. Jiang Xi said in pain, covering the soles of his feet that were so painful from the shock.
My feet are too fragile. I jumped down, but I didn’t say anything. I shook my strong soles proudly. Yi Qingfeng said, Jiang Xi was fine. When I just jumped down, the soles of my feet hurt too.
After a rest, the pain will be gone.
Take a rest for a while Later, Liu Ronghua said that there are a lot of small stones on the ground, how about we divide into two teams and throw stones at each other? The rear two of the good team hid behind the slope and threw stones at each other.
Both of them held up their strength to pick up the stones on the ground and threw them towards each other frantically.
Yi Qingfeng hid behind the slope and watched the stones fly past him like raindrops. Gather up your courage and imagine yourself rushing out like a master with unique skills in a martial arts novel Before he was hit hard by the stone on the forehead, he felt a burning pain on his forehead, and then blood flowed down.
Seeing that Yi Qingfeng was injured, Liu Ronghua and the others hurriedly stopped their hands and ran over in panic. Jiang Xi said goodbye. Yi Qingfeng’s forehead was bleeding, we hurriedly sent him back and walked down the mountain while supporting Yi Qingfeng