Yi Jin Jingyan had to think of another way Du Ziyuan actually thought of Sun Tianyun first after all besides her no other god would

Chapter 1 If I knew it, I wouldn’t draw a book. This is the place where immortal cultivators from countless planes of the fairy world arrive after ascension.
Here, the galaxy is vast, and every star represents a powerful immortal.
The heavenly court composed of many immortal gods controls the entire world.
However, immortals are not the only ones in the fairy world, and the descendants of immortals are very difficult to become immortals. They have to go through various disasters before they can ascend to heaven.
The Heavenly Court has specially designated a large planet for the descendants of the immortals to live in.
Only when one of them becomes an immortal will they be led away. The mortals who live together will naturally reproduce. After countless years of accumulation, the mortals on this planet The population has stabilized at about 300 billion. This thing is not unlimited growth.
It depends on the carrying capacity of the environment. After reaching a certain warning line, human beings themselves will control the speed of reproduction. This planet is called Huntian. Halfway open, the larger land consists of four parts named after southeast and northwest.
In a small fishing village near the sea in Aolan Country, Eastern Pole China, a teenager suddenly woke up from his dream. The experience in the dream was so real, I thought I was really dead.
My thoughts gradually became clear. The young man was a little unbelievable about what he had just experienced.
His name is Du Ziyuan.
This year, he grew up in a fishing village. His adoptive parents died in a shipwreck a year ago, leaving only a little money. As a fisherman’s son, Du Ziyuan can’t swim and has no power to restrain a chicken.
During this year, he had nothing to do with childbirth, sat and ate mountains, and was obsessed with writing novels all day long.
As a result, he fainted from starvation without paying attention. During the period of starvation fainting, he had a dream, a dream that lasted for many years.
In the dream, he was born in a place called the earth, and his family background is generally also when he was 12 years old. Both parents died there. In the years that followed, he became a dead fat nerd who was addicted to the Internet. He either watched movies, anime or played games with his idols all day long.
He was not good at socializing and was unwilling to go out to work, but in order to make a living, he could only rely on drawing some fanbooks for a living.
Most of the sex is not as good as the original, and its selling point is mainly in selling meat.
It just so happens that Du Ziyuan is extremely talented in this area, and the pictures he draws can even straighten crooked men, which made him once a legend on the Internet. It’s a pity that Du Ziyuan’s ambition is too big, and he doesn’t have to play with the big advantages.
He wants to be an orthodox cartoonist, but because of the limitations of his education level and social experience, the plot he came up with is not even as good as the starting point of Xiaobaiwen. A reader who complained like this felt sad and his grades were poor, so he could only choose to return to his old job, but he didn’t know if he felt resentful towards the sentence that the starting point of Xiaobaiwen was inferior. He aimed his new work at the starting point of popular single heroine. Luo Dalu created the heroine Xiao Wu’s book, which was matched with his powerful painting skills.
This new work quickly caused a sensation on the Internet.
However, Du Ziyuan was invited to participate in a comic exhibition. At that time, he was stabbed to death by an enthusiastic fan of Xiao Wu at the comic show.
If I knew it, I would not have drawn the book. This was Du Ziyuan’s last thought when he was dying.
The dream came to an abrupt end. Du Ziyuan suddenly woke him up For a while, I couldn’t figure out whether Du Ziyuan from the earth was real or Du Ziyuan from the fairy world was real. It took another half a day for Du Ziyuan to digest the dream after all. After all, the dream was just a dream.
Even if there is an extra memory, it will not change the essence. At this time, he is still dominated by Du Ziyuan from the fairy world, but after merging the memories of the earth year, Du Ziyuan still has some changes, but this change is subtle.
It was silent, subtle, and he hadn’t even noticed it himself. When he came back to his senses, Du Ziyuan finally realized the urgent task. He was hungry. He opened the door and saw a basket of food was placed at the door. Although it was already cold, he was extremely hungry. After taking so much back into the house, he started to plan like crazy. He doesn’t know how to cook, so he gave his neighbors a sum of money a year ago to let them bring him two meals a day. The neighbors are also very simple people, and they have a relationship with Du Ziyuan and his family It’s very good, so every day I will send an extra meal to eat and drink. After Du Ziyuan began to think about his future plans, he had such a dream for no reason.
It would be too stupid if he didn’t use it.
He likes this line of work but for the sake of becoming an immortal and cultivating an immortal.
After all, not everyone can do it.
Talent and aptitude wipe out a batch of luck, luck, fortune, fortune, law, and land, and then a batch of one million people can stay.
One of them is considered good.
Today, the population of the Huntian Star is 300 billion. There are only a million immortal cultivators who have truly entered the rank.
Among them, there are very few who can cultivate to the ascension level. Ordinary people like Du Ziyuan who have not yet cultivated Don’t say that it’s a fairy tale to ascend to the foundation and build a foundation, so he completely gave up on the road of cultivating to become an immortal.
Human beings will be granted immortal status.
The emperor issued an immortal decree a few years ago and ordered all descendants of immortals on Huntian to vigorously develop the entertainment industry, whether it is singing, dancing, drama, novels, musical instruments, games and painting, as long as they make great achievements in these industries, they will be able to win the world.
The bestowed merits and virtues are those who have a cultivation base, and those who obtain merits will greatly improve their cultivation base.
Various bottlenecks will be weakened, and the power of the catastrophe will also be reduced.
Ordinary people who obtain merits will be able to be healthy and prolong their lives. If the merits accumulate to a certain level, they may even become directly During the Immortal Years, three people have successively reached the pinnacle in the three aspects of musical instruments, novels, singing and dancing, and gained a lot of merit, so they soared to become immortals, which also attracted people from all over the world to flock to them.