Ye Zhenzhen was in a good mood he rarely smiled at Lu Lanqi turned his head to Wan Kun and said Look at you youve

Over the years, excluding online dating, Ye Zhenzhen had a total of three relationships.
The first one happened at the age of fifteen and lasted ten days, the second was also at the age of fifteen and lasted half a year, and the third one happened at the age of sixteen about two weeks later.
Never had a serious relationship again. Looking back now, I think about Ye Zhenzhen’s relationship experience. Although it can’t be said to be blank, it can be regarded as simple. In the process of one person confessing his love and then the two of them fell in love together, she liked many people, but in the end it all went away.
The clinical manifestation of this disease is that she likes someone first and then if she finds that person also likes her, then she no longer likes that person.
I don’t know how to treat her disease. She found that every time she fell in love with someone, she would use her own filter to look at the other person.
She thought wow, this person is so handsome. I want to give birth to him. Wow, this person is so tall, but I want to kiss him Won’t it be inconvenient? This person is so talented. In the future, we don’t have to worry about the education of our children. She will fall into a frenzied imagination from the first meeting to the scene of them falling in love, getting married, having children, and finally growing old together, even in the dead of night.
Sometimes Ye Zhenzhen will still imagine the image of the person she likes and do some embarrassing things by herself, but her love comes and goes quickly, usually within a few days, her enthusiasm will recede like a tide. As for those who chase her There are people, but Ye Zhenzhen is not the type who is easily moved by suitors because she is the ultimate face control Is it possible for the two to develop together? If you don’t feel it when you meet for the first time, then it’s impossible to feel it. I asked her why she can still look at her face. Ye Zhenzhen has never tried to get in touch with a man who doesn’t match her aesthetics. However, the legendary love for a long time did not happen to her. Even walking alone on the street with an unattractive man, Ye Zhenzhen was afraid that her acquaintances would see and misunderstand their relationship. After eating dog food, Ye Zhenzhen really wanted to fall in love. She couldn’t find a solution, so she asked her friends who had successfully left the singles for help. The friends told her that she just didn’t have the right fate and didn’t meet the right person, and then forwarded it to her.
Chicken soup that is very popular in Moments is similar to low-quality love and not as good as high-quality singles. Ye Zhenzhen used to be a loyal fan of this kind of chicken soup. She has to study hard to improve herself, marry a male god, reach the pinnacle of her life, and then she has been single for six full years, as promised, if you bloom and butterflies come, why can she still only attract some rotten peach blossoms? Why is she still not in the right place? Time to meet someone who is just right in height and appearance How long will she be single with a man whose family background, educational background and personality match? Ye Zhenzhen met Wu Haisheng through such resentment. The time difference with Ye Zhenzhen is from the same school.
The first time they met was through Ye Zhenzhen’s post. That night, Ye Zhenzhen and Fa Xiao were not in a good mood. The two girls drank too much and did not dare to go home alone.
When I was young, I called and asked a classmate who had a car to take them home. The classmate she called was Wu Haisheng Ye Zhenzhen felt her heart was hit the first time she saw Wu Haisheng.
She looked over from the back seat and could see the boy. The child’s sharp-edged side face and pointed chin are almost what she likes from the hairstyle to the facial features. Ye Zhenzhen’s old problem has happened again. She estimated the boy’s height.
From the upper body, he is at least 1.8 meters. Zhen Zhen was overjoyed even though she hadn’t spoken to this man yet, she couldn’t control it, and what was even more terrible was that at this moment, Wu Haisheng played a song written by Jay Chou in the past Ye Zhen Zhen liked Jay Chou since primary school, although later She was not so infatuated with her husband after she entered high school, but she still has a good impression of people who like to listen to Jay Chou, because Jay Chou is her youth. Ye Zhenzhen has never wished that the way home would be longer and longer than at this moment.
Once she got home, she couldn’t help but send a small message on WeChat saying that she thought her classmate was so handsome, please introduce something.
The first reaction of Fa Xiao was that you two are okay, he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, the second reaction was that he is not handsome, are you sure that after Ye Zhenzhen said yes, Fa Xiao made an appointment with Wu Haisheng the next day? Ye Zhenzhen studied with Ye Zhenzhen, she looks pretty good, she has little ideas about dressing and makeup, so that day she dressed up beautifully and went to the library to send a message to her.
When she saw her, she laughed and said that she was not interested in drinking. Concealed directly and shamelessly admitted that when it was time for dinner in the evening, Wu Haisheng took her to dinner and sent her a message alone, using the reason of staying in the library to catch up with homework. The beauty of adults gave them a chance to be alone.
It was a bit embarrassing for the two of us to sit together and eat alone at first, but Wu Haisheng was a chatterbox, and when he was talking, Ye Zhenzhen looked at him with an innocent and adoring face.
The child must dare to make eye contact with the male god Ye Zhenzhen feels that she has succeeded The two chatted happily and exchanged contact information Ye Zhenzhen felt a little pride in her heart After the meal