Ye Xiaofan was a little speechless brotherinlaw you just won 100 million ah it’s not interesting to just take 10000 to get rid of others

Gold Medal Escort, Huadu Yongchang International Travel Branch, General Manager Yang Yongchang from the Headquarters is getting mad. Mrs.
Lin from the imperial capital is too difficult. We have arranged thirteen male escorts for her. She is not satisfied with what she wants to do, what exactly is she going to do? Escort escorts are a paid heterosexual escort service provided by Yongchang Escort International Travel Agency, because Huadu is a tourist city.
Since its launch, this service has been welcomed by countless tourists who come to Huadu. But because it does not comply with national laws and regulations, this service that wanders in the gray area can only be carried out underground. At this moment, standing in front of Yang Yongchang is Manager Zhao, the manager of the travel branch.
Manager Zhao said with a bitter face, Mr. Yang, Mrs. Lin, look at it. Let’s be very picky, let’s arrange another candidate, Yang Yongchang hummed, “The other arrangement sounds good, do we still have suitable people here? Mr. Yang, why don’t we let Ye Xiaofan go?” Manager Zhao suddenly suggested Ye Xiaofan, Yang Yongchang was overjoyed at first, but immediately he shook again Shaking his head, he has heard of Ye Xiaofan, the gold medal chat teacher, but because he has been in the head office, he has never met Ye Xiaofan.
Lin is from the imperial capital, although we don’t know her details, but judging from her temperament and identity, she is very rich. Jigui heard that Ye Xiaofan from your branch office is so dissolute and mean-spirited that if he offends her, he is not joking.
He is eloquent and eloquent, he can blow flowers out of his mouth when it comes to anything, and if he chats with him, Mrs.
Lin might be able to coax Mrs. Lin into a ecstasy. He is doing an internship in the affiliated hospital of their school.
It may be difficult for him to be on call.
Manager Zhao hesitated. Hurry up and let him come here, don’t worry, Huadu University is very close to us in about ten minutes, he will be able to reach Manager Zhao, that’s good, as soon as Manager Zhao goes out, Yang Yongchang sat down and felt indescribably relaxed these few days. In order to get rid of that Mrs.
Lin, she was exhausted physically and mentally.
After she relaxed, she dozed off. I don’t know how long it took, but Manager Zhao’s voice suddenly came into his ears in a daze.
What I saw was a handsome, sunny and handsome young man.
He had a clean and refreshing Guanxi-style hairstyle, and there was always a smile on his face that was both good and evil.
On the bottom of the trousers is a pair of clean Nike sneakers Yang Yongchang nodded secretly. Manager Zhao said that you have encountered a difficult female client, Mr. Yang, don’t worry.
I went out to hire a female client who was satisfied hehe, but the young man named Ye Xiaofan said with a smile, Nima, sure enough, Yang Yongchang, who had a cheap mouth, said inwardly, Ye Xiaofan, I’m looking for you, and then he briefly explained the situation of the difficult Mrs.
Lin How about it? Are you interested in taking this order? Yang Yongchang asked, as long as the money is in place, I will naturally be interested.
Ye Xiaofan smiled and said the price is easy to talk about. The price is three hundred for an hour.
Mr. Yang’s three hundred per hour is not too little, why do you think it’s too little? Yang Yongchang frowned.
According to the market, this is already a high price. Yang Yongchang frowned, given his identity, when would someone bargain with him? When he was hesitating, Manager Zhao came up to him and whispered in a low voice, Mr.
Yang, this Ye Xiaofan did have some real skills.
There is a way to get it done, so it is better to ask for a higher price.
Yang Yongchang hesitated for a while before saying to Ye Xiaofan, “Well, young man, please make a price.
” You are a gold medal chatter in the industry, but you can’t just sit there and raise the price, right? Ye Xiaofan shook his head and smiled, Mr.
Yang, I’m different from other chatters, I’m a master, they’re all rookies, my fee is of course more expensive, just a single chatter Ye Xiaofan laughed out loud and said, Mr.
Yang, I don’t need to discuss whether I am a master or not, but now you have something you want from me, I can choose to do it or not, I am very kind One cent of the price, one cent of the goods, one thousand yuan per hour is already very fair.
Yang Yongchang is still a little hesitant. In fact, the travel agency still cannot make a steady profit with regard to the hundreds of thousands of private customized travel expenses and extra charges for accompanying chats and escorts given by Mrs. Lin. Sorry but Ye Xiaofan opened his mouth like a lion, which made him feel a little unhappy. At this moment, Manager Zhao suddenly said, Ye Xiaofan, it’s rare for Mr. Yang to come and see in person.
For the sake of our close cooperation in the past, you can follow the practice of part-time jobs in the past, five hundred per hour.
How Ye Xiaofan shook his head and smiled and said, Manager Zhao, you know my details.
If I don’t go out, I’ll be successful if I go out. Judging from the situation of the Mrs. Lin you introduced just now, it’s conceivable that thirteen chat teachers in a row have failed in their missions. How difficult is Mrs.
Lin? It’s inevitable that I charge a high fee.
Manager Zhao had no choice but to take a look at Yang Yongchang and let him make a decision.