Ye Tian said lightly its my turn before the words fell he rushed out danced the unicorn arm Ye Tian punched the Fire Lord to

Enemies who have lost their fortunes, families broken, hatred of their dead wives, grievances from past lives, blood debts in this life, and blood repayment, big bosses from all walks of life, crushing wealthy families, destroying ancient sects, money, beautiful women, and rights, but just a thought.
In the first chapter of the strong counterattack, the return of comprehension, the delicate and elegant European-style bed in the early morning, the thin boy suddenly opened his eyes, his face turned slightly pale, I was reborn back to the earth, and I looked around Ye Tian, ​​trembling with excitement.
Cultivation for six hundred years Relying on the supreme treasure of all races and the Nine Heavens Divine Stone surpassing all races to become the pinnacle supreme overlooking the ants Reluctantly only one step away from being a true immortal, buried in a catastrophe, do not want to be reborn and return to the earth again Scenes of the past, family ruin, family ruin, death of wife and madness Ye Tian clenched his fists, his finger bones turned white, his parents, Xueer, the Tang family, the Wang family, I came back, he and Tang Xue lived and died together in his previous life, but the Tang family broke up unreasonably and was framed by the Wang family and Wang Haoying’s scheme.
Before he died, he lay down in a pool of blood.
The last scene he saw was the indifferent and disdainful laughter of the Tang family and the Wang family. Each of them stood tall and stepped on him. It has been more than six hundred years, but this scene is still as clear as yesterday in the depths of his memory. Erase the giant crocodile of the Tang family and the Wang family straddling the political and business circles. A little finger is enough to easily crush Ye Tian to death.
The tragedy will not happen again. He said firmly to himself, I am just an ordinary person now, calming down the tumbling thoughts, Ye Tian sensed the emptiness of his dantian, shook his head and sighed, the once vast and boundless true energy and mysterious primordial spirit disappeared without a trace, but the next moment he jumped out of bed Wake up to God, the Nine Heavens God Stone is still there.
The Nine Heavens God Stone is miraculous and incomprehensible. During the period of self-cultivation and qi refining, it can refine the impurities in the aura, so that the cultivators can absorb it without any trace.
At the peak of cultivation, there was a roar of cars downstairs. Ye Tian came to the window and saw a few wealthy second-generations in luxury, laughing and talking excitedly about the party at Tenglong Villa.
I remember something happened at this gathering. The tragedy caused these wealthy second generations with their eyes above the top to suffer a big loss. Ye Tian frowned silently and slowly recalled that now, he transferred to Renguang Middle School in the third year of high school. Two days ago, he boarded at Wang Zihan’s house for summer vacation.
A few days later, the sons and young masters who have finished several classes gathered together to hold a party in Tenglong Mountain Villa for one last crazy Ye Tian, ​​hurry up, Wang Zihan came downstairs with an impatient urging, and three dazzling luxury cars came into Ye’s eyes. Tianyan, a dazzling red Audi coupe, a black imported Mercedes-Benz, and a mid-sized Lexus.
The market value is around 10,000, which is a luxury for high school students. Seven or eight boys and girls stand by the car.
Prince Han wore a Louis Vuitton black slim dress, outlining thrilling curves, with a delicate face and exquisite makeup.
Fang Zihan is the first love of Ye Tian’s unrequited love in the previous life.
He suffered all the humiliation and suffering of love for her.
In the end, he was not qualified to stand with her, but the two had already made a baby kiss. Thinking of this, he smiled slightly. How could he do this for such a life? The woman is tempted Ye Tian, ​​who is a street stall worth hundreds of dollars, is immediately blinded and looks out of place.
Hello, everyone, I call Ye Tian, ​​and come to everyone. Ye Tian simply introduced himself. If it wasn’t because of Wang Zihan’s relationship, he wouldn’t be bothered to talk to these people. The sneer seems to be facing a cloud of air, talking and laughing, no one cares about it, you don’t deserve to let us know your name, a poor person like Ye Tian is not qualified to enter their noble circle, just look at Wang Zihan’s Otherwise, I would have opened my mouth to drive people away. It’s too stupid to participate in such an important party and not know to change into better clothes. Clenching her teeth, Wang Zihan felt a sense of shame in her heart.
After all, Ye Tian was her friend.
This kind of dress made her face.
Sweeping the floor gave Ye Tian a disgusted look, and she thought bitterly, doesn’t he understand what Tenglong Villa is? The most luxurious high-end membership club in Yingzhou of Tenglong Villa is mainly for leisure and entertainment. Ordinary people can’t even enter the gate. They were lucky enough to be able to hold a party inside this time thanks to Shang Rong. This handsome and domineering rich man is none other than Shang Rong.
Shang Rong’s father runs a foreign trade company with a net worth of over 100 million.
He has excellent grades. He is capable and capable at a young age.
He is outstanding among young people and won the hearts of the royal family.
The prospective son-in-law ended up marrying Wang Zihan in his previous life.
He was Ye Tian’s greatest enemy in high school in his previous life. Because Wang Zihan made countless stumbling blocks for Ye Angel, he suppressed Ye Tian in an extremely humiliating manner, trampled Ye Tian into a pile of shit, and told him to go to Renguang Middle School. Not being able to lift his head completely was one of the most painful days that Ye Tian experienced in his previous life.
Ye Tian and him are like a fluorescent light and a bright moon. You are Ye Tian Shangrong. It’s too casual.
In a place like Tenglong Mountain Villa, it’s easy to be kicked out by the security guards. The dudes laughed happily to see such humiliation, and they all played Ye Tian like a monkey. People with such backgrounds are not even qualified to talk to them.
It doesn’t matter, he glanced at Shang Rong, Ye Tian said indifferently, and said that he had cultivated for six hundred years, and this kind of thing did not make him feel the slightest wave. Today I bought a nice dress for my cousin in the country