Ye Shi and Lin Li have no dislike for entering the Nie Jingtai only Tang Xue looked a little hesitant she asked does it really

The author Dianqi Moliu, the tenth good man, died accidentally and blackmailed the king of Hades with three conditions. He was reborn again.
He was pregnant with the supreme medical classics. He wrote paintings between his palms.
Heads all surrender at the feet of Ye Feng, who leads directly to the divine road. A modern cultivation legend. Watching the city deify and the soul returning to the underworld. It has become one of the largest cities in Asia.
Standing on the 88th-floor Jinmao Tower, you can have a sweeping view of the night view of the entire Shanghai. The building is surrounded by the city center.
Cars and people pass by like ants without stopping for a moment to appreciate the beautiful scenery. The hustle and bustle is all for profit, and it is for profit.
Past and present, this sentence is not wrong.
However, the gorgeous appearance is only to hide the deeper ugliness. Every city has a dark side that is unknown. Driven by profit, it turns into a devil. Earth-shattering Ye Feng alone Walking quietly by the Huangpu River on the Bund, no one talks to him.
The scenery here is really beautiful. This is a weird thought that occurred to him when he wanted to commit suicide. After struggling for a lifetime, he still has to use this method to get rid of it. The only thing left is helplessness.
There was a burst of gunshots in the distance, and then there was a commotion among the crowd. Most of the people froze for a moment before they panicked and scattered around with the gunshots as the starting point.
After all, gunshots rarely appear in reality. Ye Feng was very curious, he turned his head and took a look. The gunshots came from a bank. It seemed that some desperate person came to rob the bank.
He thought to himself that he was going to die anyway.
In the past, if he helped block a bullet and save someone, it would be considered waste. He walked slowly towards the bank. From time to time, panicked pedestrians ran past, thinking that the gunshots would cause a great intimidation effect.
After all, in such a luxurious location, everyone is either rich or expensive, so they cherish their lives even more. Ye Feng seems to have finished the 100-meter journey.
The rest of his life, except for misfortune, is misfortune.
When Ye Feng was very young, his father became a vegetable after a car accident because he was protecting his mother. On the mother’s shoulders, the child of the poor is probably the reason why he has learned to be self-improving since he was very young.
It’s a pity that God’s will tricks people. His father has been lying in the hospital for more than ten years. The hospital has already persuaded his mother to give up treatment.
His mother just gritted her teeth and survived. But all the expenses required completely overwhelmed her.
In the same year that Ye Feng was admitted to university, she passed away.
A few months later, the hospital stopped taking medicines for his father when Ye Feng was really unable to pay for his father’s medical expenses. Ye Feng could only watch helplessly. His father dies, but there is nothing he can do.
Under the blows of losing his family one after another, Ye Feng finally becomes as rock-solid as his heart. Besides studying, he swears that he will never let the tragedy happen again in the hands of others, and his soul returns to the underworld until he meets her, the woman Ye Feng will never forget. Only then did Ye Feng discover the new meaning of life, and after that, things will come naturally. Ye Feng’s excellence and being with her can be called a golden child After graduation, the two got married as scheduled. Half a year ago, they were pregnant, but God was so ruthless, reaching out and quietly destroying him at the most beautiful moment.
She was terminally ill. Even Ye Feng, the top doctor in the country, could do nothing. She was only two months old. Even the fetus in her stomach can’t survive, Ye Feng is completely desperate, and can only silently accompany her and watch her life go by day by day, two months passed quietly, she closed her eyes in Ye Feng’s arms with regret, and it made Ye Feng go crazy at that time Since then, Ye Feng has become increasingly depressed. A few days ago, the operation of an important person he was in charge of failed. The reason was just a mistake that should not have been made. The Huangpu River is preparing to quietly end this extra life. Ye Feng has brought countless patients back to life, but he can’t even save his closest relatives.
Now he decides to save himself and use his death to protest to God.
Ye Feng will soon arrive at the bank.
Sure enough, there was a masked gangster with a gun driving an ordinary person inside the door. At this time, the police also came to the door with the sound of sirens. What are you doing? The loud roar of the dangerous person is obviously driven by life into a state of insanity.
He did nothing but want to make a deal with you. Ye Feng showed his usual charming smile and said frankly that he let go of the hostage in your hand and I will be your hostage. The robber was obviously stunned for a while before reacting and swearing, you kid wants to be a hero, is it good for me? You bang and shot at Ye Feng’s thigh. Ye Feng walked towards the robber’s footsteps.
Looking at the bloody thigh, he unexpectedly felt no pain, raised his head, smiled, and then walked towards him step by step. You are crazy.
The robber screamed and shot Ye Feng in the other leg. Ye Feng lost his balance and support.
He couldn’t stop falling on the ground, nothing was more sad than heart-broken, he felt no pain except his feet lost consciousness, he began to crawl towards the robber one by one with his hands, you’re looking for death, the robber still didn’t bother to shoot Ye Feng with one hand There was a tremor, and bright red blood came out of his arm, but he didn’t pause, and still used his remaining hand to crawl towards the robber. Unsurprisingly, another shot hit Ye Feng’s hand.
At this time, he was shot in all four limbs.
A shot of blood stained the whole person. There was a bloodstain on the ground where he crawled.
Hahaha, can you still move? Can you still move? The robbers became even more crazy when they saw the blood.
Ye Feng, who can’t help it, waved and clamored for the soul to return to the underworld bank.
The police outside the bank have already completely sealed off and surrounded the place, but they have no intention of going in.