Ye Ling stopped just in time Ye Xilian was not hurt stop you are scared Lianer Ye Hongming shouted Ye Ling took away the sword

This is a story of a high-strength, violent-tempered heroine who was persevered by a high-IQ, good-looking little wolfdog hero and finally turned into a domesticated little white rabbit. The hero pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger.
The daughter of the family married a prince, but the prince passed away on the day of the wedding and became a little widow, leaving behind a bun It’s just a face head, Mr. Shoufu said, I’m that face head sweet text content label Pingbu Qingyun sweet text protagonist Bo Jinsi Ye Ling Chapter Prince’s widow Ye Can Geng The sound of dripping water falls into the ears like the crisp music of Li Guozhi In the inner courtyard of a majestic mansion, the lights of the ancestral hall were burning, and under the candlelight, a thin figure knelt in front of the ancestral tablet. The daughter of the Ye family was supposed to be the most honorable woman in the Ye family besides the head of the family. Since the founding of the Li Kingdom, there have been seven daughters and mothers in the world, so that the people have always believed that any prince who wants to ascend to the throne must marry the daughter of the Ye family, but now the daughter of the Ye family, Ye Ling, is already on the ancestral tablet. I knelt for three days and three nights ago, and my father asked her to reflect on the mistakes she made in the past six months. Ye Ling couldn’t remember the exact time even if she knelt down like this since she was a child. This time, my father got angry, just like what my mother said, she married into the Ye family for 20 years, this is the first time I saw her father angry, the head of the Ye family was furious, naturally no one dared to speak up for her, the only brother who would protect her, also stood up for her at this moment Prince Liao Rong led the army to fight at the border. About an incense stick ago, the third sister sneaked in. If anyone in this family dared to pluck the hair on the father’s head, it would only be Ye Xilian, the apple of the eye of the parents. Ye Xilian walked around Ye Ling walked around in a circle, seemingly unintentionally stepped on her hand, and held a smile on her lips.
The princess sister has been kneeling for so long, have you worked hard, sister, help you loosen your muscles and bones, Ye Ling silently withdrew her hand and continued to count Ye Xilian knelt down and pinched her chin, Yeling, I used to always envy you, you were destined to marry the future emperor and become the queen of the Li Kingdom when you were born Your Highness, I originally thought that I would live in jealousy towards you for the rest of my life, but now I think you are so pitiful. Ye Ling narrowed her eyes slightly and subconsciously wanted to hold the sword at her waist, but forgot that she had untied it outside the door just now.
Ye Xi Lian continued, “I never thought that you are so stupid.
You want to marry Prince Rong to be a concubine, but you are so stupid.
You marry a dead person. What are you talking about? Ye Ling didn’t make a sound, she heard it.” Father’s footsteps were heard in the distance.
Not long after, Ye Hongming, the Patriarch of the Ye Family, pushed open the door and saw Ye Xilian who was giggling.
Going back to the room earlier to rest, Ye Xilian stuck out her tongue, walked away from Ye Ling, walked past her father briskly, Ye Hongming saw her eyes were soft, half pampered, half helpless Those who see these scenes can only act as if they have not seen the doting eyes of their parents on their children.
They have always only stayed on the elder brother and the third sister for a moment, but the eyes on her are always cold and alienated. Now because she wants to Your Majesty asked for an order to dissolve the engagement with His Highness the Seventh Highness and marry the deceased Prince Rong. There was a layer of anger in that cold gaze. The flickering candle made Ye Ling’s figure longer, but she still kept her back straight and slightly pursed her lips.
Ye Hongming squeezed She clenched her fists tightly for a long time before suppressing her anger and said Ye Ling, you know you are wrong Ye Ling was silent for a moment and slowly opened her mouth for three days without a drop of water, as an ordinary person, she could no longer bear it, that’s her now She was already struggling to support her, and the moment she opened her mouth, she felt that the air was about to cut her throat.
She said in a hoarse voice softly, “Father thinks I’m wrong, I’m wrong.” Lifted up on the ground, do you know how many eyes my Ye family is staring at me outside of Li Guoneng’s power? I’m walking on thin ice with your brother. You are cautious, but you let the Ye family pour ten years of hard work on you because of your own selfishness. You, Ye Hongming Out of breath, she couldn’t speak for a while, and pushed Ye Ling out Ye Ling staggered back a few steps and fell to the ground Ye Hongming pointed at her and said, “Your brother is now throwing his head and blood at the border to make up for the losses caused by your mistakes.
” You’d better hide in Prince Rong’s mansion and be your Princess Taiping.
You still have the Ye family in your heart.
Ye Ling is willing to go to the border to protect his brother Zhou Quan. Ye Hongming stared down at Ye Ling in a daze. Leng snorted negative hand, since you want to make up for it, from tonight onwards you will go to the border to protect Hao Nianchu, if there is something wrong with him, you don’t have to come back alive to say it, walk away Ye Ling breathed a sigh of relief, her eyes started to turn dark, but she still Standing up with force, she supported the door frame.
The cold wind poured in from the door, but she didn’t feel cold. It’s just that the figure under the candlelight looked a bit bleak. The military camp came to Feiguang City on the border to buy some daily items. At this moment, she was wearing a thorn hairpin cloth skirt and sitting in the only teahouse in Feiguang City on the border, with a small white flower pinned in her hair, waiting for the freshly ordered dishes to be served. Zhuo Ye Nianchu felt distressed at the thought of his younger sister’s lack of food all day long in the military camp, so he ordered eight dishes in one go, all of which had meat, and wanted her to have a full meal.
People are in an inconspicuous corner, but there are always people who can’t help looking at the two of them.
Even though they are already dressed very low-key, there are still people who secretly look at them from time to time.
The people at the table chatted and the voice suddenly became louder.