Ye Jia was already crying the teacup in her hand fell to the ground she turned around tremblingly her tears were like a flood that

The author, Chunfeng Liuhuo, met for the first time at the police station. He personally handcuffed her.
The next meeting was a crisis-ridden transaction. She was pressed against the wall by him and kissed deeply.
Mr. Fu, who was mature and steady, thought over and over again and made a major decision. The bad girl in history, he is responsible for the serious copywriting. Mr. Fu has read the sage books since he was a child, and he has kept his body like a jade for 28 years.
He has insisted on the ideal of love. He should be in love until he is in love. It was not until one day when Miss Ye slapped her in the face that she was caught off guard.
The practice is only to have a relationship with her. The old and the wild, the pure love, the infatuated uncle, the bad girl, the cover is from the painter Dodo, the bad girl pretends to be a pure little white rabbit, the strategy, the high-cold, abstinent uncle, the criminal investigation captain, the criminal psychology professor, the little cook, the sweet food Flirtatious females chasing male protagonists Affectionate content Tags Gourmet industry elite Urban love Inspirational life Protagonist Ye Jia Supporting roles Other pets When they pushed and entered the police station, the Public Security Department had a heroic and tragic look on their faces. It was Duan Xiaojun, the police officer in your office, who glanced at them and slapped the heads of the people around Ye Jia one by one with the file bag. How long do you plan to stay? Three days, five days, ten years, eight years, Tang Fei lazily said, “You look at the judgment, if you look at us, if you don’t hate staying here for a long time, you will become Ye Jia, Tao Di, Lu Jing, Tang Fei, both men and women are two Eleven or twelve years old, slipping away, long hair, short hair, colorful standing against the wall, as if already posing like a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water, immortal jumping, right? I’m not old, I have a lot of tricks, tell me who’s the mastermind to speak this time The one sitting at the other end of the table is a police officer named Mu Chen, and several friends simultaneously raised their handcuffed hands and pointed at Ye Jia by the wall. The curled up false eyelashes stared at the partners, obviously they didn’t expect that twenty minutes ago they were singing “friends, walk together, let’s go together, let’s go back and sell teammates”. She rolled her eyes and leaned on Mu Chen helplessly stood up and told her side The police officers took them to take a photo and locked them up for one night. Tomorrow, the two men and two women were taken into the detention room.
In the corridor, the lights were dim. Four steps, five steps, this world is so boring, just at the moment when this thought arose, my heart slammed into my chest inexplicably, clutching my chest, Ye Jia was a little surprised, a man’s voice suddenly came from behind, Dui Fu is here, a foggy night A light suddenly rose from the sea, and the low-mellow word “um” was deeply pressed into Ye Jia’s heart. She couldn’t help but look back and saw only a stern black umbrella that was quickly put away, and then the door of the office was closed behind the door. The warm yellow light in the room gradually closed Ye Jia turned her head, but suddenly her heart emptied out of the detention room Midnight, at this time, there are few people Ye Jia Attached to the ear of my partner, I slipped away and asked Mr.
Xu to help you catch you.
You run away and show me Tao Di glanced at her and lowered her voice. Those guys are vegetarians. If they can run out, they will try it. Ye Jia is mysterious to her. With a smile, he raised his hand and yelled to the door to report to the captain that I’m on my period. Duan Xiaojun just took a sip of supper porridge and rice and sprayed it out of his nose.
The pleated skirt looked pitifully at Duan Xiaojun, Duan Duan, I want a towel for my aunt, you have too many things, you go and buy it for me Ye Jia opened his eyes wide and looked at him with watery eyes, otherwise he will be finished, Duan Xiaojun is soft-hearted Finally, he helped his forehead and picked up an umbrella on the side.
He was about to go out and pointed at Ye Jia.
Don’t play tricks on me. Ye Jia repeatedly promised to be good.
Duan Xiaojun rolled his eyes and ran into the rainy night for two A few minutes later, Ye Jia sneaked out of the women’s toilet and looked around. It was already one o’clock in the morning. The police station was very quiet.
It was very late at night.
In the office, Fu Zhiyan was sitting in front of the desk. The bright desk lamp illuminated the corner of the desk.
Wearing a document, the well-fitting black uniform shirt buttons are meticulously restrained and trimmed. His back is smooth and the body is lined.
The arc of the arm muscles is just right. It is exquisite and flawless.
It is silent and becomes a solitary light.
In front of the computer is the monitoring screen of the police station.
In the middle of the screen in the lobby. The girl in the short skirt appeared on tiptoe in the still picture.
In front was the gate.
She looked left and right, like a sly little fox. In the still picture, only she was moving, as if feeling something in her heart. She raised her eyes and met him from a distance through the camera.
Suddenly, the corner of her mouth raised a sly smile, she reached out to the surveillance camera and gestured with a middle finger, Fu Zhiyan immediately read the shape of her mouth, bye bye, there was an imperceptible wave in Ye Jia’s indifferent eyes. The moment she stepped out of the gate and ran towards freedom, her wrist was tightly held by a stronger palm With a sound of hands being abducted behind the back and handcuffed again, Ye Jia raised her head to meet a pair of calm hazel eyes, and there was a lonely city hidden inside. She heard the patter of raindrops on the veins of the leaves, and the patter of the night wind on the eaves.
Flying low, a bolt of lightning crashed down, illuminating his profile. The sharp edges and corners were like snow-capped mountains, cold and hard, followed by a shudder. People have instinctive reactions to various encounters in their lives, and Ye Jia realized at this moment. The lightning in my heart must be love. Fu Zhiyan carried Ye Jia into the office