Ye Donglai chuckled this guy is too arrogant it seems his skin is itchy Wan Rong Zhang Chen beat him up first until he was

Ye Donglai in Huayang Village, Fairyland Continent, Ye Donglai stood outside his thatched hut, looking at a pretty figure that was approaching. The girl was Ye Donglai’s childhood sweetheart, Lin Qiu. Although she was dressed plainly, she had a great appearance.
As for Ye Donglai.
It seems that he is only eighteen years old, and he is quite heroic, and his brows are a little more mature than his peers.
In less than an hour, Donglai, the instructor of Panlong Academy has come.
Let’s go together.
Experts pointed out that there is no way to cultivate immortality, but as long as you enter Panlong Academy, you still have a chance to step into the immortal path.
Ye Donglai nodded and said seriously. It’s a pity that there is only one admission quota this time.
Immortal cultivators exist, but it is not easy for ordinary people to cultivate immortality. Panlong Academy provides a lot of resources for some talented youngsters to gain the opportunity to cultivate into immortals. It is said that real immortals Ye Donglai and Lin Qiu even appeared in Panlong Academy. Born in poverty, this time the mentor of Panlong Academy came to Huayang Village to select a young man with the best talent as a student. This opportunity is extremely rare.
Anyway, we all work hard. The village head also said that the chances of the two of us being admitted are the greatest.
In the end, it is Whoever succeeds depends entirely on God’s will, right? Lin Qiu took Ye Donglai’s hand very affectionately while talking to her while laughing and stuffed a fruit in Ye Donglai’s mouth, saying “is it sweet?” Ye Donglai’s heart warmed. Lin Qiu’s feelings are also very good, just like relatives, he always hopes that he can rush out of Huayang Village to change his destiny, and now the opportunity has come, but it’s a pity that there is only one place in the current Huayang Village, Ye Donglai and Lin Qiu’s qualifications. If there are no accidents in the first two, one of the last two will be able to enter the Panlong Academy Brother Donglai, what are you thinking Lin Qiu looked at Ye Donglai’s eyes and said Ye Donglai thought for a while and said seriously this time The person who can finally be admitted to the college in the assessment is either you or me. If you finally get the first place in the assessment, I will be very happy, but if it is me who scores first in the assessment and you are second, I will abstain and you can still get a place. Ye Donglai’s tone though Calm, but in fact, his heart is decided in his heart.
Lin Qiu is not only a childhood sweetheart, but also more important than relatives. If he could only choose one of the two, he would still prefer to let Lin Qiu enroll, even if he voluntarily gave up. Lin Qiu was slightly taken aback when he heard this. Yes? Yes, Ye Donglai nodded seriously, and then he added, but I still plan to take part in the assessment, just to confirm my ability, no matter what my assessment results are, I will let you enter Panlong Academy, really Lin Qiu face? But the smile on the face became weird, don’t persuade me, Ye Donglai was about to speak, but suddenly felt a little dizzy, Lin Qiu giggled, and the laughter became very humane Since you want to make sure I pass the test, then my Donglai Brother, you just don’t go, ha ha, only if you don’t go, I will definitely be able to enter the school Lin Qiu Ye Donglai trembled, he couldn’t believe it, what’s the matter? Surprised? Lin Qiu sighed softly Dao Ye Donglai, although you said that you would give me the opportunity, who knows what you will do at that time, I am afraid that you are just trying to make me take it lightly and deliberately appease me, right? Who doesn’t want the admission qualification of Panlong Academy? So only if you give up the assessment and lose the capital of the assessment is the safest Ye Donglai’s heart suddenly turned cold. He thought hard about how to treat Lin Qiu well, but the other party was calculating. He was undoubtedly drugged by Lin Qiu in the fruit just now. I didn’t expect that the relationship between you and me for many years is so worthless You will be my stepping stone, right? Lin Qiu sneered, and her face became a little ferocious. Seeing the past love, this time I just put some drugs in the fruit, you will just be comatose and paralyzed. It’s the best of humanity to not directly poison you to death. But then, just to be on the safe side, I will help you destroy your dantian by the way. As for life and death, it depends on your luck.
Don’t blame me haha. Not just wanting to occupy me, a poor boy who is useless, really thought I was so easy, so he secretly agreed, and then Lin Qiu took out a dagger from his body and stabbed Ye Donglai’s dantian viciously Poof, the dantian in this position is right It is the basis of future practice and was pierced here