Yao Ningning had an idea in her mind she made a fake cough and asked her brotherinlaw An Heng to turn her head to look

What the author said is not a copywriting She is always two ends to him A race car driver A good woman can turn a man into a happy person A bad woman can turn a man into a philosopher She asked what kind of woman do you think I am He stared at There is affection in her eyes, you are my woman, you are a good person, but An Heng is not a good girl, a small theater An Heng rushed to the men’s room after getting drunk, pressed her on the sink and forced a kiss, wiped his gun, escaped and rolled on the bed afterward An Heng Feeling guilty, he asked him why he didn’t resist.
The man narrowed his good-looking eyebrows and wondered if he really resisted, what would happen afterwards? In fact, he has been waiting for this day for a long, long time.
Hogan’s other chapters What I said in my years in Dubai My father said your mother is the most flamboyant woman I’ve ever seen Little Oreo’s personal diary People who drink too much are easy to be stupid An Heng is this Drunk idiot, she doesn’t remember how she broke into the men’s room, pressed her on the sink and kissed her, then wiped her gun and fired, the two rolled all the way to the bed, everything happened logically, and the memory of that night was nothing but the pain of the first experience Afterwards, she sat by the bed and quietly smoked a cigarette.
She commented on him very objectively, saying that her physical strength was not bad and her skills were not good. With a wave of his arm, he pulled the proud person into his arms, turned over and pressed her up, without the sympathetic energy, he opened his mouth and gnawed on the tender flesh below her earlobe, and a low voice mixed with hot air rang out from his ears. Coincidentally, I don’t mind practicing more with you.
He intentionally retaliated and bit her neck hard. She grunted and never begged for mercy. He seduced and guided her.
Practice or not.
Men have a natural advantage when it comes to making love to them. No teacher knows every word, every word, raises eyebrows, keeps still, moves, and hooks eyes, it’s like hallucinogenic drugs. The woman couldn’t help it, and finally had to beg for mercy. The fourteen-character motto is an old driver who is cowardly in action.
The fourteen-character motto was made into the lock screen wallpaper of the mobile phone by An Heng to encourage and motivate herself. She must become a giant in action in front of her.
It’s just that she really waited a long time for this day, and the starting point of all this was a month ago. It was a windy and moonless night, and she was surrounded by a dozen strong foreign men. They all pointed their guns at her delicate forehead and beautiful face. She still maintained the posture she just fell off from the motorcycle and sat on the sand with her legs curled up. Who knows how hot Dubai is in June? It’s early in the morning and the temperature has dropped a bit, but in this desert, the traces of heat are hidden in the sand like a ghost, and now it’s really fucking burning in the buttocks An Heng is restless and feels like someone is lighting a fire under her ass but she also If I dare not move, I’m afraid that if I move, those men who only have chest muscles and don’t look up to them will collapse themselves with a shake of their hands and a gun.
In fact, it’s nothing.
She has no father or mother. At most, she died young.
See Hua driving and see the face of a car with a flat tire.
After a while, she heard the sound of the car door opening and closing. She didn’t dare to look up, but she just listened with her ears, because she is a race car driver. I can roughly describe the appearance, model, displacement, engine, wheels, etc. of the car in my heart, and the movement just now An Heng is sure that the other party’s car must be a Hummer, and only this guy can make such a big movement just now, then she heard someone Walking through the strong man holding the gun, stepping on the soft sand on the ground, he walked up to her step by step.
The first thing that caught his eye was a pair of black marine boots, to be precise, a pair of men’s marine boots, and then a little bit up, they were stuck in the boots. The trouser legs are wrapped in camouflage, and the legs are hard. Chang Anheng still glanced up, but was blinded by the fine sand splashed by the thrown things. She cursed in a low voice.
Fuck and other modal particles have no special meaning. Why is it An Heng’s own habit to swear like this? The person in front of him had a cold face when he heard the words, his lips were tightly pursed and his brows were drawn, and the lines of his face appeared stiff. He kicked the ground.
The soft and warm sand splashed onto An Heng’s hands. He said how to die, and he chose a man by himself. The voice was wrapped in the desert wind at two o’clock in the morning, which was dry and harsh. An Heng looked down at three pieces in front of her.
Something brown rope army stabbing black sack grandma This is to let her choose one between hanging, stabbing, suffocating, ah An Heng has lived for more than 20 years, there are not many hobbies, only three love cars love money love beautiful cars make her more Cool money makes her more attractive, beauty makes her a dick, and now the money is in the car and the car is being seized by bad guys, only beauty can be chosen by herself, so she thinks about it for a long time, and she will be shot into a sieve by other people’s guns The huge gunshots will definitely attract the police to come.
The police will come.
The reporters will come.
Tomorrow’s headlines may be about a young girl racing late at night and being beaten to death by criminals.
He Meiyan might be dissected by a forensic doctor after death.
It’s better to obediently choose a quieter way to die. At most, she will be dumped in this desert.
Maybe after tens of thousands of years, she can return as a mummy and come back without hesitation. The brown rope man acted neatly just now, just waiting for the time she chose, he was already impatient seeing her lingering, he was upset when he was upset, he became addicted to cigarettes, he has a subtle habit