Yang Ting saw the sudden rush When such a thing came out there was a moment of astonishment and then anger This is a provocation to

In a remote corner of a construction site on the outskirts of Saint System, a few rascals are beating up a young man who looks like a migrant worker.
Boss Wang has a crush on your woman. That’s your luck. You dare to babble.
You’re just courting death. If you don’t scan the piss photos, a country bumpkin like you is matched with a beauty like your sister-in-law. Bang bang bang, five people punched and kicked Yang Ting, while they kept warning you that the fuck is best to stay honest, maybe the boss is playing. After the rest, you can pick up a broken boss to play with. The rest is ours.
How can we get him? Hahaha, they are beating and laughing wildly.
In such a suburban construction site, they are facing migrant workers again.
They can stop unscrupulously. When these gangsters are fighting, suddenly there is a soft drink from behind, the voice is ethereal, like the sound of heaven, and it is like a fairy music. Several people are stunned. The voice there was so good that I suspected it was my hallucination, even if it was a hallucination, please have that wonderful hallucination again. Why did you hit people? They were not disappointed. The wonderful voice sounded again.
A few people ecstatically smiled evilly at the corners of their mouths, and all of them were lightning. Turned around like that, and then was stunned. The one who made the sound just now turned out to be a beauty, and it was a peerless beauty.
These guys with breasts, legs, and figure were stunned for a while before they realized that they were all drooling and ecstatic in such a bird.
A place that doesn’t shit, facing a group of old men all day long, they have long been suffocated, usually they can’t help but look at a sow when they come back from buying a sow, how can they not be overjoyed by the appearance of such a stunning beauty in front of them and This place is far away from the urban area, even if they do something bad, hey, thinking of it, some people here are already breathing heavily and their hearts are beating faster, and even set up tents, a few people looked at each other and smiled, revealing a hint of obscenity.
They all turned around and walked towards that beauty, little Is my sister lost, and my brother can take you out? A yellow-haired guy laughed and leaned over and asked, stop talking nonsense, hurry up, I can’t hold it anymore, anyway, no one here sees a guy with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks, who is very impatient Lao Gao, who had set up the tent for a long time, obviously didn’t want to do these boring foreplays, so he untied his belt and prepared to fire on the spot.
His proposal was approved, and the others also tore off the last layer of camouflage.
Stretching out his evil hands towards the beauty, Yang Ting opened his eyes with difficulty, only to see a white figure standing not far away, with a good figure, long legs, and a very upturned chest. Where are you looking? Cheng Worry, he knows who those guys who hit him just now are all good-for-nothings, and he still has to find fault.
What’s more, he wants to stand up and stop even if he is beaten violently.
He can’t just watch such a beautiful girl The girl was so spoiled by these beasts, he wanted to get up, but he found that he couldn’t move at all, and then his mind went Filled with some inexplicable information like it exploded. Host Yang Ting’s current occupation is low. Artisan’s education is junior high school. Specialty, no cultivation, no strength, ordinary adult, special soldier king, every point of strength, slight intelligence, mentally handicapped host, medium intelligence, general skyless There is no specialty in the rookie, the stupid bird in the garbage, the fighting garbage in the garbage, please consider carefully by the system.
After the appraisal, Yang Ting patted his head vigorously, wondering if he had auditory hallucinations in his brain, and then a large number of information appeared in his mind overwhelming. When he came, he was overwhelmed in an instant, but it was all his previous information, and some memories that he had even forgotten. At this time, all of them involuntarily appeared in his mind. Only then did he confirm that a supernatural event seemed to have happened to him. Why is there no sound? Will it really be considered carefully? Calmness has returned to Yang Ting’s mind.
Didi Didi’s sage system has started to punish evil, promote good, and act for the heavens. Although I don’t know what is waiting for me next, but I am somewhat looking forward to the host’s survival skills are too low Big gift package A systematic voice sounded again The talent skill Tiantong was opened in advance and gained additional functions The low-level true seeing eye sees through the false