Yang sternly asked what was going on but he heard Xueyin calling himself although it was in his ears it could only be called Xiaoyus

Shen Lexuan, who was preparing refreshments in the kitchen, put down the plate in her hand and walked to the entrance door. Looking through the cat’s eyes, there was a well-dressed middle-aged woman standing outside the door, two middle-aged men who were also well-dressed, and the young man. It looks familiar, but I can’t remember it at the moment. Le Xuan opened the door with a slap so big and talked to the outside through the gap. May I ask who are you looking for? You are Le Xuan’s classmate. Sorry to bother you.
Lexuan, a staff member, opened the door and looked carefully. This time, I remembered that I had seen their principal and dean in the newspaper. My surname is Yi, a young health doctor from Lanfeng College. He explained that Shen Lexuan, we have a lot of friends. There is an important matter to discuss with you, can we go in first? Please come into Lexuan’s house.
It’s a small apartment with one bedroom and one living room. Five people stay in this small apartment and it feels a bit cramped.
There is a small apartment in the living room. There were five people sitting around the round table.
Le Xuan and her friend Tao Yike stood side by side in a row. Facing the three adults, the silent people from Lanfeng Academy didn’t know how to speak.
Le Xuan didn’t know where to ask. After a while of silence, the girl The principal picked up the teacup in front of him, took a sip gracefully under the attention of everyone, and then put down his life slowly On the surface, Le Xuan obeyed the principal’s wishes, but in private she gave Yike a small wink, and Yike, who had a pitiful expression on her face, suddenly had a look on her face. She obediently stood up and walked towards the room, closing the door gently, and gently closing the door.
Put your ears firmly on the door, through Lexuan’s extremely thin door and wall, you can hear the conversations outside, but you can clearly hear the situation in your home, we are very clear about your application form. So we decided to talk directly to you personally. Ever since the headmistress spoke, although the silence has been replaced, an indescribably serious atmosphere is still spreading in the air.
The health doctor sitting next to the headmaster has not changed a bit since the beginning. On the other side, the director of academic affairs is looking at Le Xuan from time to time, always showing embarrassment, so what is the matter? The female principal slowly took out two newspapers from Kumon High School and put them in front of Lu Xuan.
I believe you must have read this first one. Le Xuan, who decided to apply for our school after reading a newspaper, took the newspaper and saw that it was indeed the newspaper that she had read some time before the exam about Lanfeng College’s decision to start recruiting female students as a coeducational school. That gave her finally the opportunity to apply for Lanfeng College, the prestigious university she had been longing for for a long time. The next key was that the headmistress of the newspaper turned the second newspaper to the third page and pointed to a small corner of the text. Le Xuan picked up the newspaper and read it, correcting the previous two issues of this newspaper’s report on Lanfeng College, I just listened to unfounded gossip, here is a clarification, I forgot, readers, please forgive me, Le Xuan’s uneasy premonition gets stronger every time I read a word.
Finally put down the newspaper to calm down my mood, then today The important thing the principal wants to say is that it is related to my application for your school. The female principal has always been smiling since the first time Le Xuan saw her. The smile got wider, but it was still elegant. The praise was worthy of the first place in our school.
The student next to the female principal frowned.
Beads of sweat began to appear on the forehead.
In terms of grades, student Xuan, you did get into our school with the excellent grades of the first place, but you also know that our school is an all-boys school and does not accept girls. Shouldn’t it count as my grades? Then I should be directly admitted by my first choice, Nanying College. Why is it that I am the first place in your school? Today, Le Xuan analyzed the situation calmly and probably grasped it. Nine times out of ten, I just don’t want to admit that such absurd thing happened if I didn’t know it from the population of Lanfeng School. Then we will explain the next thing clearly. Please listen carefully and think carefully. You also know that the application system of our school is not in the whole country. Within the scope of the unified examination, individual students can directly apply for the examination even without the approval of their own school teachers.
Although our school will hold an early examination to enroll students, since the results are announced after the national unified examination, all candidates do not know whether they are admitted.
You will also take part in the national unified examination, but we will hand in the files of qualified candidates to our school before the national unified examination, and then use the results of the two previous and previous exams as a reference for class placement.
Your file has long been in our school’s file room, so after filing, now It is impossible for you to be admitted by your first choice, Nan Ying.
Since your school is not planning to accept female students, how did I get admitted? Le Xuan has a serious face but is extremely calm. A gesture of invitation, a bean-sized drop of sweat finally dripped down from the forehead of the school director, Shen Lexuan, everything was my mistake, the school director wiped the sweat and looked at Le Xuan with a sorry face, I didn’t expect there to be a girl A classmate came to apply for our school, so when I read the information, I only looked at it. After seeing your short hair like a male classmate, I just thought it was a handsome boy who looked a bit like a girl. I just scanned the basic information and passed your application. Before Le Xun could say anything about the qualifications for the exam, the headmistress said that although both parties were at fault, whether it was the news from the newspaper or the matter of admission, our school did not do well enough. We cannot let Shen Lexuan such an outstanding talent because There is no school for this reason, but we can’t just announce the facts and let you study in our school openly. After all, it’s about our school’s decades of history.