Yang Lin said to Chen Yina seriously Poof Chen Haoxuans saliva spewed out he complained in his heart why Chen Yina used the photo of

A few minutes later, Chen Haoxuan’s head was not so dizzy, he finally saw clearly that the person supporting him was a girl, her facial features were beautiful, clear and bright, her pupils were curved, her eyebrows were long, her eyelashes were trembling slightly, she was small and delicate, her nose was thin Her thin lips are as delicate as rose petals, but her face is full of pimples, the pimples on her face completely conceal her beauty. A breeze blows in. Chen Haoxuan is stunned. How can there be wind in his laboratory? He looks around Look at patches of green lawn, groups of students playing on the lawn, young teenagers playing basketball on the court, and tall teaching buildings.
Isn’t this the campus? Isn’t he in the laboratory? Why did he suddenly come to the campus? Chen Yina saw Chen Haoxuan frowning and looking around, she thought that Chen Haoxuan wanted to find someone who threw apples at him, she knew that the one who threw Chen Haoxuan was Zhu Tian and Zhu Tian, ​​they were gangsters in school, she didn’t want Chen Haoxuan to go to Zhu Today they reasoned, so Chen Yina saw that Chen Haoxuan was fine, so she pulled Chen Haoxuan and said coquettishly, brother Xuan, let’s go, Chen Yina pulled Chen Haoxuan to leave, but she didn’t pull her back, and looked back, her brother Xuan was looking at her with strange eyes, brother Xuan, you Is it all right? Chen Yina asked concerned her eyes were foggy again. Who are you and why am I here? Chen Haoxuan asked with doubts on his face. He remembered that he was obviously researching a bead with energy in the laboratory, and then the bead emitted a strong sound.
After the light, he came here for no reason after waking up.
He really couldn’t understand why it happened.
Brother Xuan, you don’t even remember me. Chen Yina’s heart hurts like it was pierced by a sharp sword.
Growing up, they went to elementary school together, went to junior high school together, and even went to university together, and the two of them always went to the same class and got along with each other day and night, but now Chen Haoxuan actually asked her who she was. Seeing that Chen Yina was crying, he immediately became nervous. Chen Haoxuan is not afraid of anything. The most fearful thing is women’s tears.
Hey, don’t cry, I’m not bullying you. Why are you crying? I just want to ask you. If you don’t want to answer my question, you You don’t need to answer, I won’t force you, Chen Haoxuan saw that the girl in front of him was crying because of the question he asked, he was flustered, he was afraid of the woman’s tears, so he quickly waved his hands and explained that at this moment, Zhu Tian and the others who were in the distance were together The guy walked to the side of Chen Haoxuan, Zhu Tianniu pushed Chen Haoxuan’s shoulder coquettishly, and laughed arrogantly.
Chen Haoxuan didn’t expect your head to be so hard. The apple I threw so hard hit you, it’s okay. Chen Yina saw Zhu Tian and the others coming, she never No matter whether Chen Haoxuan remembers her or not, she dragged Chen Haoxuan away from Zhu Tian, ​​who took pleasure in humiliating others, how could they let Chen Haoxuan and them leave so easily? With a wave of Zhu Tian’s big hand, the younger brothers behind him immediately surrounded Chen Haoxuan and Chen Yina Live Chan Haoxuan What did I say to you before Don’t you remember? Then I’ll repeat it again I once said to you see you Hit you once, today your luck is not so good, let me meet you, come on, accept my brutality Zhu Tian rubbed his palms with an evil expression and approached Chen Haoxuan Although Chen Haoxuan was still a little confused, he was not confused yet He is the chief professor of the future century, a leader in science and technology in the military, and has made many great contributions to the country.
Everyone who sees him needs to treat him with courtesy, even the president is no exception. But now The male student in front of him actually wanted to teach him a lesson. If he didn’t fight back, he wouldn’t be the one called the crazy professor.
When Zhu Tian walked half a meter away from Chen Haoxuan, he stopped and raised his hand. I just want to slap Chen Haoxuan with my hand.
In Zhu Tian’s eyes, Chen Haoxuan is a coward who is afraid of causing trouble. On Chen Haoxuan, Zhu Tian can’t find a reason for Chen Haoxuan to dare to resist, so Zhu Tian has no defense at all. Chen Haoxuan is a professor, but he is also a soldier.
There is no one in the army. People can beat him because he relies on his clever mind to study the source of power and various fighting techniques, making him a character who is lonely and seeking defeat. Now someone wants to beat him, how could he not resist Chen Haoxuan’s right fist and attack Zhu Tian’s stomach then kicked his feet into the air, his hands quickly hugged Zhu Tian’s head, the knee of his right foot moved forward to Zhu Tian’s forehead, with a muffled bang, Chen Haoxuan’s knee hit Zhu Tian’s forehead hard These few movements of Chen Haoxuan are as fast as lightning, moving clouds and flowing water, flowing and flowing in one go, they are so cool, Zhu Tian kept backing away. At this moment, he was dazzled, and finally Zhu Tian couldn’t hold on any longer, and fell to the ground with a bang, which directly made him unconscious. The audience was shocked that Chen Haoxuan is a famous wimp, everyone dared to bully him because he was really useless, he was too timid, but now he actually knocked Zhu Tian, ​​the gangster brother of Johor Bahru City University, to the ground in just a short moment Moreover, Zhu Tian was knocked down by the opponent without even a chance to resist. It should be said that he was knocked out. This kind of thing made the people present unable to react for a while. Chen Haoxuan looked at his hands. This is a pair of slender, smooth and delicate hands with ten fingers. This is not his hand. Although his fingers are also slender, they are definitely not as smooth and delicate as they are now, and he can feel himself panting, his knees are aching, when did his body become so poor, Chen Haoxuan seemed to think of something, he looked down at his body He is wearing a school uniform, jeans that are almost washed white, and a pair of black sneakers. This is definitely not him, because he has never worn such shabby clothes, let alone such bad clothes. He can be sure that this body is definitely not his, so how could he be here? What’s inside this body? Chapter 1: The Disciple, Sibi and the United States, Chen Yina is the first to react