Yan Shu glanced at it and asked what did you drink The Xu Pei you bought looked like Cynomorium Gujing tea Yan Shu almost choked

Lan City in September is still hot and the air is terribly stuffy.
The freshly compacted asphalt road at the gate of Lan’s summer vacation is baked into a heat wave. The ginkgo trees standing neatly on both sides are tall and wide like a big open umbrella.
Occasionally, a gust of hot wind turns yellowish.
The leaves are rustling on the branches. The decent or not serious red banners hanging between the trees are very eye-catching.
Life is not only about the mediocrity in front of you, but also Landa and you.
The assembly is completed today and the whole army will start tomorrow. No refund, no exchange, please Jun Xiao Nayan Shu sits directly below the slogan that the senior sister is not afraid of heatstroke and welcomes the junior brother without hard work, holding a small black parasol, a mini fan, and leaning on the back of the chair leisurely, with her head bowed and turning over Looking at her mobile phone, she has a beautiful frame, slender skin, white hair, black and lazy, sitting under a large forest of ginkgo trees, like a rich and vivid oil painting, attracting passing students to stop and look back, someone handed over a bottle of mineral water. Thank you Minister Qin Qin Mingbai is leaning on the ginkgo trunk next to you, please change to another place, Yan Shu is puzzled and raises his eyes, Qin Mingbai pointed at the opposite side with a finger, you should sit under the banner of the News Department and give our department a call Advertisement Yan Shu raises eyebrows and accepts his flattery unceremoniously.
Thank you for the compliment.
Just after he finished speaking, he heard a female voice, Yan Shu, Lin Xuemin, walking from behind the two of them, smiling very tactfully, with a little helplessness.
Yan Shu, you see, everyone is busy right now. It’s okay if you don’t help, it’s a parasol and a small fan, it’s not so good, after finishing speaking, it’s as if you just saw Qin Mingbai, you’re surprised, Senior Brother Qin is also here, so just help me take care of it, Qin Mingbai is obviously not the first time I’ve met He folded his arms around his chest and tapped his fingertips on his elbows with a slight headache. He was about to smooth things over, but he heard the girl next to him snort softly. Sister Lin didn’t feel bad when the visitor asked me to come here alone at seven o’clock in the morning to tidy up the equipment.
I heard Minister Qin told you that the assembly time was eight o’clock. Why did I arrive one hour earlier? Qin Mingbai’s eyes Turning to look at Lin Xuemin coldly, you asked Yan Shu to come over at seven o’clock alone, Lin Xuemei was stabbed by his gaze, but her expression did not change, she had already prepared for it, a junior in the equipment group had something to ask for leave, so I can only work hard for you to come early to prepare to avoid further accidents pester her on this issue and quickly change the subject, but who doesn’t work hard in this summer? Is it because you arrived an hour earlier and now you can sit under the sun umbrella when everyone is sweating? Got it? Speaking of it later, she really felt wronged, especially when she remembered that she was running around under the scorching sun just now, her face was covered in sweat.
She got up at six o’clock in the morning, and her makeup was all muddy like an oil field. On the other hand, the interview with Yan Shu came to an end.
So I found a cool place and leisurely swiped my phone.
It was obvious that these subtle discomforts reached an unbearable level when Qin Mingbai walked over and chatted with her. She gritted her teeth and continued to stand on the moral high ground. Changyan Shu, I said this not for you the news department is a whole if each Everyone cares so much about personal gains and losses, so does our team spirit still have value? Senior Brother Qin, what do you think? How could Qin Mingbai fail to see her intentions, but she couldn’t find any faults in her words, only suppressing the irritability of Lin Xuemin’s words just now She raised her head, but heard Yan Shu chuckle, Senior Sister Lin said so much, don’t you feel thirsty? Mouth was even more anxious, throat almost didn’t burn, mouth was thirsty, but someone else was drinking water, Yan Shu stretched out his hand, picked up the mineral water bottle, unscrewed it, took a slow sip, and then talked about it for a long time, Senior Sister Lin just wanted to let it go Why did Minister Qin find me a job? In fact, Minister Qin had already arranged a job for me before you came. You said it happened that Lin Xuemin had a better face, so I would like to go with Senior Brother Qin.
Yan Shu got up and gave alms After walking a few steps, Lin Xuemin glanced at the brand new shoes on her feet. She also has a pair of the same style, but it is not such a rare color that is difficult to buy with money. She squeezed her palm and raised her eyes, but saw the shoes. The owner stopped in front of another small leather chair diagonally opposite, then turned around and sat down without any burden.
Lin Xuemin was stunned for three seconds before she realized she walked over and said coldly, Yan Shu, what are you doing for Yan Shu? Lin Xuemin endured it Angry, you are called work. Changing from one shady place to another more shady place.
Changing the chairs to leather chairs is work. It’s clearly called a vacation. Minister Qin personally ordered me to sit here and play with Yan Shu. While looking at the mobile phone, I took the time to point a thin white finger at the banner of the news department in the sky to advertise the department The person who came was a tall and thin boy pushing a luggage, a black backpack hanging loosely on his shoulders, with a little shyness on his young face, he hesitated for a moment, mustered up the courage to look at Senior Sister Yan Shu, can you add a WeChat account? Yan Shu nodded with very rich experience Of course you can, but are you from our news department? The boy is scratching his head, no, I’m a freshman who just came to the school to report. The boy blushed slightly, looked away, and didn’t dare to look at her again, senior sister, can you tell me when the news department will recruit new members? Amidst the laughter of the two onlookers, the boy dragged his suitcase and ran a few meters away, then turned his head and stepped back, waving at Yan Shu, Yan Shu also waved at him with a smile on his face, and smiled kindly at the ugly Lin Xuemin Delicate but very flamboyant