Yan Ping squinted at Chu Feng and said You borrowed a lot of money to buy that car right Chu Feng Nodded yes quite a

Chapter 1 The Lovebroken Cousin At a food stall on the street, Chu Feng accompanied his little cousin Chu Anzhi, who had just lost love, to eat barbecue Concentrating on eating barbecue, crying to my little cousin, my left ear is in my right ear, my wind is out, bro, I really want to die, she left me, my world will have no sunshine from now on, isn’t it good that Chu Feng has no sunshine? I don’t like basking in the sun, bro, we’ve been together for three years, we broke up when we said we’d break up, it’s so unfeeling Sure enough, Brother Feng, who didn’t end well, I feel like thousands of knives have been stabbed into my heart. Chu Feng must be delusional. No more, Brother Feng, say something, Chu Anzhi saw that Chu Feng was only dissatisfied with eating barbecue, Chu Feng blinked innocently and secretly said to comfort people, he is really not good at this job, why did she break up with you, there must be a reason, Chu Anzhi Some choked up and said she is Ben 1 and I am Ben 2 She said we are not all the way Chu Feng nodded and said one one one two seems to be a lot worse Chu Anzhi is upset Brother Dao Feng you are engaging in academic discrimination Ben Aren’t one and two undergraduates? Besides, I’m only one point away from her, and I blame the person who divides the number line. Chu Feng rolled his eyes and thought, Chu Anzhi is too unlucky.
It’s only one point away. It’s always disappointing to be short of one point.
If you spend your time in dating on studying, maybe you two are together now.
Chu Fengdao Chu Anzhi looked at Chu Feng with accusing eyes and asked Brother Feng, how do you feel about being broken in love? People say this kind of thing, have you ever been in love? Do you know how it feels to be out of love? Chu Feng hits the nail on the head, well, he has never been in love. Chu Anzhi looked at Chu Feng’s dejected Taoist brother, you have never been in love, never loved someone Man, no wonder you don’t understand me Chu Feng is too much, well, he has never been in a relationship, so he really doesn’t understand it, but this kind of thing doesn’t need to be said. Didn’t you look at those people around you? Are you still young? In the future, you will find that it is ridiculous that you are going to die or live now Chu Fengdao Chu Anzhi choked and said that you are so ridiculous. After living for so long, a girlfriend has never talked about Chu Feng, a dead child with such a bad mouth. In fact, Chu Feng is only twenty-five years old, he is not very old, but he dropped out of school to work because he graduated from high school. In the eyes of the villagers, he has become an older leftover man with a lot of problems. Come on, eat it, I will send you back Jia Chufeng thought to himself that this guy was making a fuss, he was really afraid that this kid would be too happy to send it to his home, and he would be good at it. This table of barbecue cost four hundred oceans. Chu Feng was really reluctant. Chu Anzhi ordered a lot of barbecue When I was eating, I was too busy drinking and didn’t eat much.
Feng couldn’t bear to waste it and packed up the rest of the barbecue. When Chu Feng took Chu Anzhi away, he heard the two people sitting next to him sigh with emotion, what should be in love, what should be in love, what should not be in love, and what should not be in love.
Rebellious, Chu Feng couldn’t help but blushed when he heard the two people’s discussion. Chu Feng sent Chu Anzhi home. On the way, he met his aunt Yan Ping. Seeing the crying Chu Anzhi with red eyes, Yan Ping sighed and said in a weird way.
Why is Xiaoan crying like this? In fact, Ben 2 is not bad.
After all, Ben 1 is not for everyone. Anyway, it is much better than vocational high school.
Aunt Yan Ping’s son passed the exam for Ben 1 a few years ago. Because of this, Yan Ping was at the time.
But after showing off for a long time, Gu Jia greeted him in embarrassment and said, Xiaofeng, please, Chu Feng smiled and said, “Auntie is polite.” Gu Jia shook his head and said, “He has been in a bad mood since the scores of the college entrance examination came out.
Even if the kid did not do well in the exam.” You don’t have to cry like this, Chu Feng thought to himself, Chu Anzhi, this bastard, didn’t cry because he failed the exam, he clearly cried because he was dumped, I’m going back, Gu Jia nodded and said, “Chu Feng did it when he graduated from high school.
Dropped out of school. Originally, Chu Feng’s grades were very good. However, in the third year of high school, Chu Feng’s parents died in a car accident.
The place where the accident happened was relatively remote. During the college entrance examination, he performed abnormally and only got a score that was not high or low.
His score at that time was enough to pass the second grade. But at that time, his family had no money.
The third uncle’s family was not rich, so the tuition fee became a problem. It’s just that the uncle’s family doesn’t want to pay him this tuition fee.
Maybe it’s because the villagers say that they don’t care about their family and don’t take care of their deceased brother’s son. Aunt Yan Ping tells people everywhere that he is not a student. It’s useless to go up. Yan Ping talked too much.
People in the village thought that he was really not a student.
In fact, Chu Feng knew very well that there was another reason why Yan Ping would ruin his reputation everywhere. In fact, before his parents passed away, his grandfather and The uncle came to see his parents. At that time, because the uncle’s family wanted to buy a car, the grandfather asked his parents to borrow 30,000 yuan for the uncle. Their family had just built a building.
The 30,000 yuan was their only savings at that time. Those who are willing to borrow the money, but they can’t bear the old man’s crying, making troubles and hanged himself. After his parents passed away, his grandparents never mentioned the loan, and he couldn’t talk about it.
Grandpa has three sons in total. Uncle’s family is the best grandpa. Grandma is also the most partial to their family.
The money was back then and there was no excuse.
She knew that if she came back, Chu Feng didn’t say that.