Xue choked up and told him about her parents Lin Cheng sighed sadly and at the same time thought of Aunt Qins family Mu Yingxues

Chapter 1 Capsule System Zhongzhou People’s Hospital Inpatient Department Audiences and friends, welcome to Zhongzhou Satellite TV. I am location host Nie Bing.
Behind me is Ningyuan Road Bar Street.
Four passers-by were injured and three passers-by were killed.
According to statistics, this is already the sixth injury incident that occurred this month. The main cause of this case is still under investigation by the police. Beelin City picked up the remote control, turned off the TV and restarted a little annoyed. Lying back on the hospital bed, Lin Cheng suddenly said to himself in the empty ward, system, system, are you still there? Suddenly, an indifferent mechanical male voice sounded in his mind, “Capsule system is at your service wholeheartedly. Remind the host again for the next call.
” This system only needs to read silently in the heart to answer the host. What questions does the host need to know? Hearing the familiar mechanical male voice in his mind, Lin Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, and followed the system’s prompts to silently read in his heart, what is that? Is the news broadcast on TV just now related to the great changes you said are about to take place? Yes, the host system strongly recommends that you choose medicine capsules for the first time to improve your own ability to increase the probability of the host surviving when the great changes come.
Lin Cheng’s question number capsule system replied in time and suggested to him again. After hearing the system’s answer, Lin Cheng stopped talking and silently lowered his head to think about his thoughts. Today is Monday.
Lin Cheng rode his broken bicycle to When the internship unit rushed to the traffic lights at the intersection of Heshan, he happened to receive a urging call from the internship unit. After he repeatedly promised that he would arrive half an hour earlier, the person on the other end finally hung up the phone and just put away the phone Lin Cheng I looked up and saw that the green light was about to run out. I quickly got on the car and was about to continue to leave.
Suddenly, a fast-moving black car passed by the opposite parking line and rushed towards me in an instant.
Seeing that the car was about to hit me.
Cheng was frightened, his mind went blank, his body remained motionless as if he had been immobilized, and when the car was about to hit him, he suddenly fell to the ground with an ouch, and the rushing car also stopped in time until the car was completely After stabilizing, a middle-aged man wearing sunglasses hurriedly rushed out from the driver’s seat, ran to Lin Cheng and squatted down, first stretched out his index finger to test Lin Cheng’s breathing, and then hugged Lin Chengfang amidst the accusations of everyone.
After getting into the car, he rushed to the hospital. After being sent to the hospital, the middle-aged man waited for Lin Cheng to finish his physical examination, hurriedly paid a large amount of hospitalization fees, and left in a hurry. Returning to Lin Cheng’s perspective, Lin Cheng’s mind was blank. Feeling that the car was about to hit him, his head seemed to be hit by something. The violent impact made him feel dizzy and fell directly to the ground. Just as he was trying to stay awake, a mechanical male voice without warning suddenly hit him. The beep sounded in the mind, the human body meets the first standard of binding, the human body is over eighteen years old, the second standard of binding is met, the human mind is sound, and the third standard of binding is scanned, and the scanning of the detection system is completed. Human beings conform to the binding of the three standard capsule systems. The binding of the capsule system is completed. The main world is synchronized.
Already in the ward of the hospital, just when he thought he was just having auditory hallucinations, the familiar mechanical male voice suddenly rang again. Dear host, hello, the capsule system is at your service wholeheartedly.
This system can provide the host with everything needed for survival and combat. As an exchange host, you only need to accumulate energy points through battles and continuously upgrade to exchange for everything you need in the system. With a black question mark on his face, Lin Cheng patted his cheek hard, feeling that it was not enough, and pinched his thigh for a while. It was only after the soreness hit that he completely believed that he was really possessed by the system. Even though it felt too unreal, Lin Cheng cautiously asked his doubts, this what system, where did you come from, where are you in my body? Why did you choose my capsule system? What does it mean? Hearing a series of questions from Lin Cheng, the mechanical male voice answered patiently, reminding the host that if he needs to call the system, he can answer it by saying silently in his heart. The host system database has been lost due to unknown factors and is automatically repaired The time is unknown, the system is bound in the host’s sea of ​​consciousness by default, because the host meets the three criteria of system binding, the system automatically chooses to bind the capsule system is a miniature technology that encapsulates any item, encapsulates all items, and hears the system’s answer