Xue Buyu stared at the other bank but saw the sky was dim The heavy snow is floating and scattered looking at the opposite side

There is a kind of people who can stay away from the mortal world and go against the wind, but they still want to walk in the world to protect the demons. The common people call them gods kindly, while the demons in the wilderness call them liars with a sad face.
Run, stop, there was a howl of grief and indignation, and a big fat man in a yellow-brown vest was panting and shouting as he ran, with his bitter face crooked and sweating profusely, chasing after two fourteen-year-olds in front of him.
Boys, these two children are ragged, skinny, and their faces are covered with dust.
There are a few light yellow chicken feathers inserted obliquely in their loose hair.
They look like refugees, who knows that their eyes are bright and their faces are full of success The two slender, mud-stained legs with an excited expression ran fast. From a distance, the two children seemed to be riding hot wheels whistling and blowing wind up and down the rugged mountain road.
A stunned old hen was tightly tucked under it, and the other arm held the chicken body from below to prevent it from slipping away. The child on the right ran and looked back to see if the fat man had caught up. The fat man caught up after a short distance. Sitting on the bluestone by the roadside with his buttocks, one hand covering his chest, groaning and panting, one pointing at the two people running in front, and shouting, Brats, you dare to steal my chicken, I will never end with you, wait for me, I must pick it up Don’t worry about your skin, this fat man’s surname is Xue and his name is Wanguan. He is the richest man in this mountain village.
There are dozens of acres of fertile land. There are also three or four big men who belong to Wanglong Village. Just now he is alone like a lion.
A man came back from his wheat field inspection and saw these two children sneaking out of his chicken shed in a thug, with an old hen under his arm. Stupidly shaking his head from side to side, looking here and there, he didn’t know that he was about to become a dish, Xue Wanguan didn’t know what these two boys were doing when he saw this scene, he shouted angrily and chased after him, wouldn’t it be staged In the 30-meter sprint just now, Xue Wanguan has been spoiled since he was a child, and his body is fat and trembling.
Even with all his strength, he failed to catch up with these two teenagers who have been having fun in the mountains all the year round. He was gasping for breath beside the bluestone, and the sweat was flowing down his cheeks and neck like a stream.
Although these two boys were timid in their age, they were running like crazy. When they turned around, they saw Xue Wanguan sitting on the roadside stone, panting.
His face was red and sweating, so he stopped and stood in the middle of the mountain road and pointed at him from a distance. He laughed and pointed at him with disdainful eyes.
The older child was named Xue Buyu and the one next to him was Xue Meng.
They were brothers.
They are also poor people.
When they were young, their parents died early due to illness.
The folks in the village saw that the two children were pitiful. From time to time, they would send them a little food to help them. On weekdays, the two of them would also pick up a bird’s egg on the mountain and put a small animal in their belly. It’s so difficult. I survived until I was fourteen years old.
In the past two years, natural disasters have continued.
The landlord’s family has no spare time. Because of the drought, the number of small animals on the grain mountain has decreased a lot.
The two of them haven’t eaten for more than a day. They are so hungry that they can’t stand it.
That’s why Xue Wanguan came up with the idea.
Fortunately, the chicken was successfully obtained, so we can have a full meal tonight. The name of the village is Wanglong Village.
Surrounded by high mountains, I don’t know how many people stand on the top of the mountain and look at them.
According to the old people in the village, there are monsters in the depths of the mountains.
The monsters look strange and powerful. Incomparably cruel and cunning monsters mixed in among them. A long time ago, these aliens often came out to harm people. Until one day, a great god descended from the sky riding auspicious clouds and drove these monsters into the mountains and sealed them with great magic power.
Only then did the stable life now exist.
Xue Buyu and Xue Meng both grew up in the mountains, not to mention monsters like tigers and leopards, which are also rare, let alone monsters, they took the old man’s words as excitement and listened to them.
When the servant came to look for it, he burrowed into the deep forest and hid himself. Waiting for the night, everyone was silent, thinking that Xue Wanguan had already fallen asleep, and then they came to a gurgling stream.
The two of them used the blade hidden in the mountain to disembowel the chicken and then cut it open. Lighted a bonfire, cleaned the chicken feathers with water, and then skewered the chicken body on a wooden stick and slowly roasted it on the fire. The two of them went up the mountain for food all the year round.
When they had time, they would also ask the aunts and aunts in the village about the barbecue. Now after many years of practice, the procedures are clear.
When unlocking the chest, Xue Buyu held the chicken high and smoked it with the heat of the campfire. After the surface of the chicken skin slowly seeped out the fat, he put it on the flame. Soon the chicken skin There was a sizzling sound, drops of fat fell into the fire, and the wood crackled and roasted for a long time. The surface of the chicken was already golden yellow, and a strong aroma came out.
The two of them still drooled and waited patiently for a while.
Then I tore and chewed, I was hungry for almost two days, and I seldom ate any meat.
The two children’s mouths were full and their cheeks were bulging.
Lao Gao ate with a smile on his face, satisfied and satisfied. He calmed down after eating.
I have two children, big eyes, small eyes, no clue what to do if I’m full and go home, then the rich man Xue will definitely wait for us to go home and fall into the trap.
It’s almost overflowing. Let the rats get moldy and refuse to help the poor people in the village.
The two broke ground on the head of Tai Sui today.
Xue Wanguan must be furious. Waiting for them to go home will inevitably lead to fierce revenge.
Xue ignored it.
Suzuki frowned worriedly and said, Xiaomeng, if we go back, we will definitely be beaten up, because you and I are so small, we can’t bear it, so let’s sit up.