Xuantong Erjia Nine Names Lingling Shian Chang Huan Born in the year of Yi Huan Jies younger brother Changsha Linxiang County the character is Gongchang

Dong Zhuo is dead, Liu Bei is in charge of Xuzhou, Yuan Shu, Huainan rises in Jiangdong, Liu Yao is strict with Baihu, Wang Lang takes three points and sees Tai Shi holding a gun in Ma Qu’a and sweeps Jiangdong since ancient times. My forehead woke up with a low cry. Where is this? Liu Qi glanced at the room.
The place where he was lying was a canopy bed. In front of the bed, there was a child with a bun. Behind him was a low table. There is an exquisite bronze wine vessel on the table. Facing the bed, there is an exquisite screen. Behind the screen is the door. The walls on both sides of the door are hollowed out wooden boards, and the hollowed out parts are covered with silk cloth.
Brother, you finally woke up.
The child in front of him flicked his sleeves and wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes.
He raised his head and held Liu Qi’s hand with red eyes. As soon as Liu Qi and his eyes touched, his mind was spinning for a while.
Countless familiar scenes came to mind. Inspector Liu Yao’s eldest son, Liu Qi, Zi Xing, I am actually the son of a feudal lord, Liu Qi muttered bitterness at the corner of his mouth.
The important roads have been guarded everywhere. If it were not for the help of Sun Ce’s uncle Wu Jing and his cousin Sun Ben, he would not be able to reach Qu’e smoothly. However, not long ago, Yuan Shu’s troops took Sun Ce to Lujiang.
The expulsion of Sun Ben and Sun Ben to Liyang seemed to others to be revenge, but Liu Qi, the eldest son, knew that Liu Yao had no choice.
People carry the coffin and help the mausoleum. If Sun Ce continues to march eastward and southward, the two of them will undoubtedly turn against each other before the war, so Liu Qi, who had been trained in the army in his early years, fought with Sun Ben. Sun Ben was hit by a knife and fell off his horse.
Liu Qi fainted on the spot. Overexcited, he fell off his horse and hit his head on a big rock.
Liu Qi came back to his senses and looked deeply at the ten-year-old boy in front of him. He was his second brother, Liu Ji’s third son, Liu Ji, who was the eldest in Liu Ji’s annals.
Liu Qi is a little butterfly who accidentally broke into the long river of history, but from now on he can only admit this identity He began to accept the training of the Four Books and Five Classics, but the two brothers are six years apart. When Liu Qi entered the army for training, he was still studying at home.
His father, He Zai, was supervising the battle at the front yesterday.
My father sent Zhang Yingfan to guard the river to fight in an emergency in Qu’a, and he personally went to the city to supervise the battle. How about the results? Liu Qi raised his head and glanced at the scene outside the window.
It should be afternoon. And Qi Qi twisted his body a little bit, his strong arms and strong muscles made him happy, it seems that this body is still good now Who is guarding the mansion? A few days ago, his father, fellow countryman and friend from the north, General Liu Qi’s eyes lit up.
However, Taishi Ziyi, who once fought out of the siege alone and asked for help to rescue Beihai, was extremely shocked. Liu Ji was slightly taken aback, but he had never heard of that guard The generals of the house still have such heroic achievements. Liu Qi is full of joy.
This is the first news he has received after his rebirth.
If Liu Yao’s confidant general is to be named, it must be Fan Neng, Zhang Ying and others.
If it is said that they are the most famous and powerful Then it must be Taishi Ziyi, Taishi Ci, that single-handedly challenged the little overlord of Jiangdong, Sun Ce, the future famous general of Soochow, since his father has such a fellow countryman to help him, why didn’t he send Taishi Ziyi as a general? Immediately, Liu Qi was puzzled, but yesterday, Mr. Zijiang didn’t give it to him.
General Ziyi commented why I don’t know why, I know Liu Qi put on the boots in front of the bed, casually took a long shirt and put it on his body, now it’s winter, even in the warmer south of the Yangtze River, it’s still a bit chilly, how could he go out Liu Ji after recovering from a serious illness Surprised, he immediately stood up and stepped forward to hold Liu Qi.
It’s okay. Now that the battle is urgent, I, as a general in the army, have already recovered. How can I waste my time here? Liu Qi smiled and pushed his hand away, walked around the screen and walked out, Major General The two young girls who were waiting in front of the gate saw Liu Qi going out, bowed their heads and walked through the two gates.
In front of the gate, there were already a lot of soldiers stationed there. The outer armor is also very dilapidated.
The level of forging in this period at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty was far below what he had imagined.
Major General, why did you wake up? He was originally Prime Minister of Pengcheng, and later he was forced by Tao Qian to seek refuge with General Liu Yao. What happened to the front of the battle? Half an hour ago, the governor sent someone to send back news that our army has repelled the Yuan army. Liu Qi showed a bit of joy on his face, so very good, the young general just recovered from a serious illness, our army won a complete victory, when it was Double Happiness, after suffering a loss in Pengcheng, this guy became the guard of the governor’s mansion, and his temperament became much more active. If there is a big victory ahead, then I don’t have to go to the front of the battle. General Taishi He is in the camp in the north of the city. Xue Li was taken aback for a moment, then replied. Ma, soon a white horse was brought to the front.
There are few horses in the Yangzhou area. Most of the horses in the army are rough horses for carrying things. As the eldest son of the governor, Liu Qi, who joined the army at the age of sixteen and was named a captain of the first battalion, naturally owns a horse. The war horse bought by Beidi drove the long street and galloped.
Behind him were two armored soldiers with swords, looking at the empty street with few people.