Xu Xinan looked down and saw that her feet were buried in the sand and the sand sank deeper and faster It submerged above her

Immortals also get tired of working sometimes, but wanting to die is not so easy.
You have to sacrifice your god’s face and dignity to work as a bodyguard in an old dilapidated shop.
Story Hey, have you ever seen a strange fairy who wanted to euthanize because he was too bored? At first sight, he had no limit to his beauty, but he thought he was a male god, but his morals had no lower limit, but he was just a man. Hit twice if you can knock it down, and run if you can’t knock it down.
Occasionally, you will dance with potted plants and flowers in the store to scare away customers.
After being criticized, you will run away from home when you ask him for clues to the murder.
Answer sweet and sour pork ribs will definitely inspire inspiration. A kind girl wants to dispel his thoughts of seeking death based on the warmth and love of the world.
When he thinks that small and stupid human beings fall in love with gods Shameless, lifeless, moneyless, and lazy to the bone, just admit it Ordinary is called Guangming. A strange guest came to the store this day. When the guest pushed the door open, Xu Xinan was lowering his head to wipe his glasses. He heard the bell on the store door rang.
Looking up, I saw a tall young man walking in. He has light reddish brown hair, a tall nose bridge, and bright eyes.
He looks very handsome and comfortable.
Xu Xin’an quickly put on his glasses.
He is a handsome guy. You have to look carefully, moisten your eyes, and cheer yourself up.
Are you a shopkeeper or a working girl? The handsome guy asked Xu Xin’an.
What is the purpose of asking this question? May I ask what you want to buy? It’s beautiful and convenient.
Today is Halloween.
We have a set of ghost masks and jack-o’-lanterns.
There’s also a special promotion for buying one and getting three free.
You can eat candy when you enter the store. Are you the owner or a working girl? Introduced attentively and asked the question straight again.
The attitude is a little bad. It’s really impolite.
Xu Xin’an thinks his eyes are moist, but he is not in a happy mood. No matter how handsome this man is, he has to deduct points for him. I am the owner Xu Xin’an.
I want to know if you come to her small candle shop to buy a candle, what is the difference between the owner and the working girl? You are the handsome guy.
After looking up and down, Xu Xinan seemed a little skeptical.
Xu Xinan smiled at him and loved the letter. If you don’t believe me, smile and give it away for free, it’s not easy to sell a candle now.
The retail industry is really hard to do. That handsome guy purses his lips. I’m Bi Fang, oh, is it Bi Fang? Said he was Bi Fang, she didn’t know what he was paired with Bi Fang, and his tone was arrogant, she secretly deducted some points for him, Bi Fang frowned You don’t know my tone of voice as if he is a superstar, and the whole world should know that he is embarrassed that he doesn’t know Xu Xin’an’s smile is particularly bright.
After all, it is necessary to maintain a good attitude when opening a door, so the retail industry is really too difficult to do.
God, that handsome guy Bi Fang said in a low voice, “Xu Xin’an can only squeeze out this sound after a long time, what, the handsome guy who claims to be Bi Fang is a little impatient, don’t you even read books? You don’t know Bi Fang, I know Bi Fang Fang Xu Xin’an tried her best to keep smiling, she’s that bird spirit, she just didn’t know that a handsome psycho came to her shop and said inexplicably that I was Bi Fang, what should she answer? Did she have to answer brother, long time no see, I’m Zhu Rong What is the relationship between Bi Fang and Zhu Rong? It shouldn’t be the relationship between the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. Who knows? Anyway, she doesn’t know the reason.
The God of God, Xu Xin’an nodded, he really couldn’t be a bird spirit, she thought he was almost nervous At that time, Jiaolong led the chariot and Bi Fang waited beside the chariot.
However, different versions of myths say different things, but most of them say that it looks like a red-crowned crane. It has only one leg and only one wing.
The blue body is mixed with red markings.
See Xu Xinan I saw that young man’s hair was dyed red and he was dressed seriously, but it would be more sincere if he had a big bird mask. So sir, what do you want to buy? The Emerald Square is holding a Halloween open-air dance party.
Although it is a Western festival, it doesn’t matter whether you want to dress up as Bi Fang, Hades, or any other monsters and ghosts. But the ghost fang masks in our store are sold out. No, but there are black wings and only two pairs of small ones are left. Four wings are also cool, right? Why did Xu Xin’an look back with a smirk on her face? What a conscientious boss she is! She sells products so hard that she doesn’t let go of her insanity. If Dad saw it, he would be moved to tears. I want a soul candle. Finally opened the soul-inducing candle? Xu Xin’an smiled. You really came to the right place.
There are no other stores like this special candle. There are special symbols engraved on the soul-inducing candle. The first seven, light it that night and put the clothes of the deceased next to it.
Attract the soul of the dead to return Although you can’t see it, the dead can hear what you say