Xu Sanduo said to Tai Lisuo teacher you must Take care I will be back in a few days Wang Jiu said with a smile

Traveling through a test than the sky, the system does not rely on both hands to fight cancer.
The old warrior Taili locks his soul through the world of magic and martial arts.
The soul occupies the body of an orphan who has just died. Others have at least one dog at the beginning. There is nothing, let alone a golden finger or a portable grandfather. If you want to practice, you can only find a way by yourself. If you want to become stronger, you can only think of a way by yourself.
Let’s see how Tai Lisuo relies on his own efforts step by step when he has nothing.
Embarked on the path of cultivation and reached the pinnacle of this cultivation world No System No Heroine Chapter Chapter Soul Wearing Mowu World Traveling through a world of magic and martial arts Yanshan Mansion in Annan State of the dynasty is located in Ping’an Town on the edge of the Warcraft Mountains. Under the morning sun, the people in Ping’an Town have started their day’s activities. The shopkeepers are busy with business.
The adventurers who are going to enter the Warcraft Mountains are also getting ready to go. The adventurers who went to rest were busy healing their wounds. Those who were not injured were either selling magic cores or various materials for gold coins, or they were leisurely thinking about where to eat and drink. In fact, it is a market formed by adventurers resting, supplying and trading, and merchants receiving and selling goods.
There are countless such market towns on the edge of the tens of thousands of miles of Warcraft Mountains. Ping An Town is just one of them.
The higher and higher the whole Ping’an Town became lively, I saw a handsome young man of eighteen or nineteen years old who kept looking for people in Ping’an Town to ask seniors, would you accept me as an apprentice? You see, it is suitable for me to be your apprentice. Don’t get out, don’t bother me.
Young people don’t get angry when they are scolded.
Continue to ask other people, seniors. Can you accept apprentices? Where is it cool? Where can I stay? I am constantly rejected or even insulted. But the young man was not angry. Who asked him to ask for help? The young man’s name was Tai Lisuo.
The reason why he was begging for help with a smile on his face was to learn from a teacher and embark on the road of cultivation. This young man was originally a Chinese from the Earth Century three days ago Traveled to this highly developed world of cultivation and civilization, mainly based on magic and martial arts fighting spirit. After crossing over, this body occupied by the soul Tai Lisuo merged with the memory of the original owner.
Knowing that this is a world of magic and martial arts where almost all the people practice, so Tai Li Of course, Suo also wants to practice, but unfortunately he is an orphan. He grew up in the small place of Ping An Town. The disregard for life is simply that there are adventurers who kill an ordinary person like Tai Lisuo.
If you kill them, you will kill them, and there will be no bad consequences at all.
Therefore, this world of magic and martial arts can be said to be in danger everywhere.
Tai Lisuo occupies this place. Gu body is just an orphan who has never practiced and has long missed the best age for cultivation. Tai Lisuo wants to Ask around in the small town to see if there is a kind-hearted person who is willing to accept him as an apprentice and teach him how to cultivate. After searching the entire Pingan Town, no one is willing to accept him. From the fusion memory, I learned the original name of this body. Called Xiaogouzi Xiaogouzi has lived near this Ping An Town since he could remember.
Now that the old man who is an adventurer works in a small inn, the little dog has been doing odd jobs in the inn since he was eight or nine years old, and his life has remained the same for many years In addition, as an ordinary person who has not practiced before, in this dangerous world, it is very good to be able to eat, drink, and live in peace, because this world is a world of magic and martial arts. It is not in the century of the earth, it is not that peaceful and peaceful. It’s big China. It’s said that this little dog has been doing odd jobs in that inn for many years.
If there is no accident, the little dog may live like this for the rest of his life, but the adventurers in Ping’an Town seemed to be because Unequal distribution of benefits, or competition for something precious, and a big fight started. All kinds of people who fished in troubled waters, and those who wanted to cheat, all took advantage of the opportunity to fight, so a big scuffle broke out in this small town. The inn where the puppy is. The owner of the inn was also affected by the melee and died in the melee Tai Lisuo’s soul from the earth has occupied this body. Tai Lisuo is just an ordinary person in the Huaxia Earth who finally got mixed up with the old woman’s hot days. Fate made a big joke with Tai Lisuo again.
He got lung cancer.
In the mid-term, whether it is unfair fate or bad luck, even if you have cancer, you have to face the reality.
All kinds of herbs and folk remedies, as long as they can’t be eaten, eat them to death.
Unexpectedly, Tai Lisuo miraculously survived. After more than ten years, he has become a famous anti-cancer old warrior. It is said that that day, my daughter received the admission letter from a key university.
Tai Lisuo was happy.
After many years, he picked up the wine glass again, made an exception, took two sips of wine, and fell asleep in a daze after dinner. I waited until I opened my eyes again, and I passed through this time. As soon as I closed my eyes, I came to the world of magic and martial arts from the peaceful and peaceful century of Greater China. Do you read all kinds of fantasy fairy tales? So God arranged for my soul to travel to this world of magic and martial arts