Xu Jin was in the middle of his arms Wang Liner cursed secretly and shouted back loudly saying that one hour is too short to

Chapter 1: Households, Four Walls, Great Ming Zhengde Twelfth Year A cry for help broke the tranquility of the winter morning. Villagers carrying farm tools in twos and preparing to go out to work quickly ran to the river. A few village women and aunts who had just returned from watering the vegetable fields threw the dung buckets they were carrying and ran to the river.
In an instant, hey, he was still angry, and the two cows quickly turned Brother Jin upside down, and Xu Jin was in a daze, only to feel that he was being roughly lifted by two legs, head up and down, and his internal organs were thrown out.
The river water he drank sprayed out from his mouth and nostrils like a shower, and a burst of cheers frightened Xu Jin into a fright. When he opened his eyes slightly, he saw a row of big feet wearing gray cloth shoes, wooden clogs, and even straw sandals. What’s going on? Make a costume film? A thought flashed through Xu Jin’s mind, hurry up and send him home, don’t drown, he’ll freeze to death Xu Jin is sitting on the bed shivering wrapped in a worn linen quilt, his mood at this moment is like drinking a bottle of Sprite in winter Heartbreakingly cool, the stuffing in the linen quilt is probably not cotton, probably reed flowers and rice stalks, even though it is tightly wrapped, Xu Jin still feels very cold, his upper and lower teeth are chattering, but the biting cold makes Xu Jin realize that he has indeed traveled through time. This is not a dream. Xu Jin was originally the boss of a private enterprise.
The rich generation built a family from nothing.
At the age of 100 million, he married a beautiful wife who is eight years younger than himself. He has both children. He is a winner.
After that, Xu Jin’s career went smoothly. The net worth soared to more than one billion, but when the water is full, the moon is full, and the tide rises and falls.
No one’s life is always smooth sailing. A serious production accident knocked Xu Jin from heaven to hell.
The company went bankrupt and delisted. He also got into trouble when Xu Jin came out of prison after three years of imprisonment, his wife had already sold the property and left a pair of children missing. On that day, he saw his elderly father holding two sallow and thin children to pick him up.
Xu Jin buried his head in tears.
Crying like a child in the arms of the old man No matter how poor he is, he will never die by begging. He will always wipe away his tears and make a comeback to be a real man.
After 10,000 yuan, he started to start a small business again.
With years of experience in the ups and downs of the business world, his fortune snowballed in just a few years.
At the age of forty-eight, he once again stood at the pinnacle of his life.
They say that life is thirty and one stands at forty without being confused. Xu Jin, who is in his forties, sees wealth as a thing. Whether you bring it with you or not, as long as you have enough, why bother to work hard every day? Anyway, the child has grown up, and the rest of the journey of life he has to do for himself. So Xu Jin completely left the business affairs behind and really let himself go.
The uncle who is on the 5th is like a young man, clubbing, reading, painting, photography, dancing, diving, rock climbing, and marathon. Occasionally, he will go on a casual trip. Recently, Xu Jin has become obsessed. After skydiving, I almost jump twice a month. If fate made a joke with him again when he was fifty-two years old, the parachute failed to open, Xu Jin fell straight from a height of two thousand meters, and passed through inexplicably. Twelve years ago, the original owner of the body was also called Xu Jin.
Jiangxi Cheng announced that he was from Shangrao County, Guangxin Prefecture, the Minister of Political Affairs and Envoy. The original owner of the body is really an unlucky child. At the age of eleven, both parents died. No brothers or sisters. Of course, he has no money.
The clinking kind of poor Xu Jin smiled bitterly. Fate once again left him with nothing.
Strictly speaking, he still has a dilapidated house to live in. There seems to be a little daughter-in-law in the house. At this time, a little girl just walked in. Wearing a beige skirt, she is about twelve or thirteen years old. Her skin is slightly dark and her face is veggy.
At first glance, she is malnourished, but her black eyes are not in the family.
Ginger, take a sip of hot water to drive away the cold, my lady walked timidly to the front of the bed, holding a rough earthenware bowl in her hand, steaming hot water, apparently freshly boiled, Xu Jin took the bowl tremblingly, ignoring the burning mouth After taking a few sips, I finally felt warmer. Thank you, Xu Jin.
After drinking the hot water, he handed the earthen bowl back to the little lady. The latter turned around and walked out of the house with a disturbed expression.
In the Ming Dynasty, Cheng Zhu Neo Confucianism prevailed, and the feudal code of ethics reached its pinnacle.
The so-called three cardinal guides and five permanent guides.
It is natural for a husband to guide his wife to serve her husband. No man would say thank you to his wife.
No wonder the little girl looked uneasy. With an old wooden basin in his arms, he lowered his head and said, Mr.
, take a rest for a while, don’t go to the school today, turn around and take a leave of absence from the master, being called Mrs.
Gong by a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl, Xu Jin felt uncomfortable and nodded.
Well, go ahead, don’t worry about it, my little girl backed out with the wooden basin in her arms, picked up the dung bucket outside the door, and left the yard.
Looking at the little girl’s thin back, Xu Jin couldn’t help but lament that a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl should be just now in modern times. Go to junior high school, some spoiled ones can’t even take care of themselves completely. In ancient times, most of the girls at this age were married and took on heavy housework. From the memory of the original owner of the body, I learned that the girl’s name is Xie Xiaowan, her nickname is Sprout, her father.
He is a fisherman, and there are several brothers in his family. The marriage with him was arranged five years ago. The parents of the original owner of the body are still alive, and Xu’s father is the only scholar in the nearby village.
Villagers would invite him to attend weddings, funerals, etc.
, so the Xu family’s situation at that time was quite affluent, plus Xu’s father’s title of scholar