Xu I can’t accept that you make me look narcissistic disgusting and selfish but I really don’t want to let it You stand by my

Copywriting I have traveled bridges in many places, seen clouds many times, drank many kinds of wine, but only loved one man at his best age, Shen Congwen, have you ever loved such a man, who has the handsome profile you admired when you were young? And the perfect arc, he is willing to give everything for a dream that sounds absurd and incomprehensible, but you are willing to guard him for many years like this, until another person appears in a long, long time, he is willing to do what you guarded him at the beginning Standing by you, overcoming thorns and thorns for you, wearing stars and wearing stars, and Daiyue from beginning to end.
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Cough content tags. Urban love and special liking. Search keywords. Tuantuan Others You are beautiful all your life The author has something to say One-on-one sweet essays from beginning to end There is a post date update The day Qiao An met Xu Jialuo for the first time it was raining in Rongbu that rain was different from the usual summer The kind of crackling clouds and rain that I saw had a long-lasting meaning, and it seemed that it would last for a long time because she was off work.
She simply stood under the eaves of the company’s entrance in a daze, and her heart seemed to be very empty, but she didn’t know what she was thinking. Occasionally There will be colleagues who work overtime until now. When I came out of the revolving door, I saw her nodding to Ms. Qiao. She just smiled and said goodbye to them.
The sky is gradually darkening. When her colleague came out, Joan raised her wrist and looked at the time. It was already past seven o’clock. She pursed her lips and turned around. She was about to turn back to the lobby and go directly to the underground parking lot. Suddenly, she glanced at a silver-gray car parked on the road not far away.
There seems to be no movement for a long time. The small square in front of the company is not allowed to park, but the two cars have obviously stopped for more than a short while, probably because it is raining after work, and the security guards did not remind her in time. She is a little curious. Looking in the direction of the car, through the rain curtain, Joan could see the wipers in front of the car swiping again and again, as if someone was sitting in the car.
He couldn’t see clearly.
He could only see a black one. The shadow looks like a man, Joan turned around and walked into the company, looking for the lobby security while walking, intending to ask the security to remind the gentleman that she was walking, and the phone suddenly rang, it was an unfamiliar number, but Joan suddenly remembered the evening I still have an appointment.
She patted her forehead with a headache and prayed that the caller was not the gentleman who she put a dove on. She answered the phone politely. Hello, I am Miss Joanjo.
The voice over there is very magnetic and gentle.
I’m Xu Jialuo, the anchor of the radio station, really I’m afraid of something, Qiao An’s scalp is numb, and he’s not confident enough to speak. I’m sorry, Mr. Xu, I’m so busy that I’m dizzy.
I’m sorry, are you still here? Angry, is it convenient for you to come out now? If it’s not convenient, let’s make an appointment another day, come here, come here, Joan, hurry up As she said that, she hurriedly turned her head and went out of the company’s revolving door.
I’m right at the door of the company. Where are you? The horn sounded beeping.
She turned her head and it was the silver-gray car on the side of the small square. He was there.
I said on the phone that I saw you, it is inconvenient to go through the car, please wait a moment, and then Joan saw a tall and straight man push open the driver’s door, a black umbrella opened above his head, the sky was very dark The rain is still falling, and from a distance, you can only see the man’s figure is very good. The black suit pants look extraordinarily long, but it doesn’t make people feel like a bean sprout.
The silver car black clothes The royal blue shirt with the exposed lining is particularly eye-catching, and his hand holding the umbrella, and the unclear face under the short hair seemed to instantly brighten up. Without an umbrella, Joan had to stand under the eaves and wait for him to walk towards him step by step.
There is already water on the ground, and if you walk faster, it will splash.
Xu Jialuo strode forward, not paying attention to whether the rainwater on the ground would splash on his clothes, but it made people feel that even if the rainwater splashed on his body.
The clothes will not affect his demeanor in the slightest. Such an elegant and stable man saw Xu Jialuo getting closer and closer to him.
Qiao Anyang smiled at him, but there was no real apology on his face.
Xu is really sorry, and she didn’t either. It doesn’t matter if you shake hands with him politely, he still stands in the rain, and there is a slight pause in the speech. Miss Qiao, come here, or I will drive the car here to pick you up. He quickly made a decision and lowered his head into his umbrella. The umbrella is not too small, but the two of them are still a little crowded together. Joan can feel that Xu Jialuo is deliberately pointing the umbrella in her direction to make her bow her head. At a glance, I saw him stepping his shoes into the rain without hesitation, but his steps slowed down a lot to cooperate with her, and he walked carefully, trying not to let the muddy water splash on her.
Qiao An took good care of him.
It was just such small details that she couldn’t help but raise her eyes and glance at the other party because he was so close to him. It’s as fresh as grass and trees, and it’s funny to say that Qiao An and Xu Jialuo’s date is actually a blind date, but the protagonist is not Qiao An, but Bai Ziyan. She is single but uses the name of Xu Weiyan because Weiyan is low-key, she will call the hotline to Midnight Radio, but uses the name of Qiao An because Qiao An’s name sounds good, including this time