Xu Haona Lyrics Start humming You kicked the leaves on the ground The world seems to have lost its vitality The clouds above the head are

Let’s die, don’t block the camera, when the dream fades, but still remember the line that Zhou Xingchi often talks about, in fact, I’m an actor, maybe we can’t hold the throat of fate, but at least we can hold other people’s necks.
What’s more exciting than this is to live hard and with your heart. The first volume, ten thousand years is too long.
The first chapter, the watch that travels through the world, the earth, the earth, the four Rui dogs, the smart watch in Xu Hao’s hand rings a strange ringtone, my sister, if you come to see it I don’t want to come from that small road. There are many poisonous snakes on the small road. I’m afraid my sister’s foot will be bitten.
There are a lot of rich people on the internet, I’m afraid that my sister will live with others.
If my sister comes to see me, I’ll come from the countryside. It’s just you and I, and we can do whatever we want.
When the ringtone ends, Xu Hao bursts into laughter. This ringtone is good, so it’s mine.
The ringtone of the smart watch is ready and the settings are all done. Now let me show off the smart watch that the courier just delivered to Dayang. The day before yesterday Xu Hao went to a Taobao store to buy a mobile phone and saw a store selling domestic smart watches. It seems to be very good, so I paid for a post-new human being. Xu Hao, who is in his early eighteenth year, is the same as most of the post-posts.
He pursues fashion, advances and high technology, so he bought a big-screen smart phone and spent money on it. I bought a domestic smart watch, but considering that I will go to Hengdian soon to pursue my star dream, I should buy some equipment to save face The wrist feels very handsome, and suddenly the screen of the smart watch lights up, and the ringtone starts to ring, Wan, Tu, Wan Tu, Si Rui, and the dog just put it on, and then it calls. It’s strange, this number is so strange, which carrier’s number should it be? Xu Hao pressed the answer button without thinking too much about the sales. A nice synthetic female voice sounded. Dear customer, hello, welcome to use the Xinbao Watch. Please listen carefully to the instruction manual of the Xinbao Watch before using it. The world’s largest manufacturing base of entertainment high-tech products, the Xinbao series of entertainment watches is the first of Xinbao Entertainment to add super-glamorous interactive entertainment technology on the basis of retro smart watches.
Stable performance adopts small nuclear fusion power device, one-time purchase, permanent battery life, nano-scale virtual folding technology, super-large memory capacity to accommodate all possibilities, and built-in super intelligent program, which can provide you with the most humanized and personalized services. More entertainment functions, please use it by yourself For exploration, please be sure to abide by the global civilization convention and not violate the laws and regulations of the local government during use.
Xu Hao looked at his watch, rolled his eyes, and complained wildly about your sister’s street stalls, they are not the same and cheap Wumart is still up to par. Listen to this instruction manual. It was invented in 2010.
You can still travel through time with a watch. What about nuclear fusion power? What about virtual folding technology? What about super smart programs? Only the watch beeps again, the screen lights up, and a cartoon smiley face appears. The super intelligent program Xiaobao will serve you wholeheartedly. Please wait for ten seconds.
The frowning expression found that the abnormal time did not match the system presets.
Now this year, Xiaobao was produced in the year.
The result is too big. The reason for the beep calculation is that the result has been calculated. Was caught by a time rift and was picked up in the next year because Xiaobao’s design, appearance and function retro were not activated at the time, was maliciously sold by unscrupulous shopkeepers, and finally came to the owner’s hands.
What’s going on? It’s a cartoon face and the smiley face is restored.
Don’t worry. Although the system preset time is wrong and there are major errors in the use environment, many functions of Xiaobao can’t be used, but Xiaobao still has the leading technology level of the current year and can bring the best quality service to the owner. You are following I’m talking, Xu Hao blinks yes, please tell me what you need, master, can you really talk to me, uh, what kind of super-intelligent program are you? It can cooperate with the entertainment watch to provide limited smart services. The smart watch replied that this watch is really good looking.
Talk to me.
It looks like a treasure. Could it be real? Xu Hao was a little shocked at the beginning. This little treasure actually followed me.
I had a conversation with myself. Xu Hao teased the virtual robot Microsoft Xiaoice on WeChat, but Xiaoice is definitely not so smart.
Xiaoice’s conversations are more like picking sentences to match this little treasure. Unbelievable swallowed his saliva, Xu Hao asked this little treasure again, what functions do you have, Xiaobao thought for a while, then laughed and said that Xiaobao used to have many functions but needed network support, and now there is no future network support for Xiaobao in this year A lot of functions have been locked. Now there are only some simple retro functions and the most core interactive tasks in the entertainment functions. Some interactive tasks are detailed.
The good master interactive task is the ability developed exclusively by Xinbao Entertainment for Xiaobao.
Xiaobao can do it. Master, you can post some simple or difficult tasks.
Master, you can get corresponding rewards after you complete the interactive tasks. There are five levels of interactive tasks, one-star to five-star tasks.