Xu Hanchen simply said Im going to your house to see if its already After hanging up the phone Luo Shian shook his head Xu

The woman was covered in blood and kept spitting blood from her mouth. The man said anxiously, Nan Xing, hold on, you will be in the hospital soon The scarlet eyes were full of tears and tremblingly said, Nan Xing, hold on until you get better, we will get married, the man put on the woman a ring that he had been wearing around his neck with a red string The man said Nan Xing, this is my family heirloom of the Xu family, I will give it to you as a token of love, as long as you persevere, we will get married soon, the woman slightly raised the corners of her mouth and said intermittently, no, I figured it out, Xu Hanchen, I If I give up on you, I will let myself go. If there is an afterlife, I will never know you again. I won’t love you.
I won’t beg for your love. I’m so tired.
I want to live for myself.
After finishing speaking, a large amount of blood spit out from the mouth again, the blood splashed on the ring on her chest, a few mouthfuls of blood spat out, the woman’s eyes gradually lost her spirit, and she slowly closed the hands on her body.
After falling down, the man shouted loudly with tears streaming down his face, “No, Nanxing, Nanxing, don’t leave me behind.
” The man looked at the lifeless woman, hugged her tightly, and let out a howling cry, Yu Nanxing, who was lying on the bed, sweating profusely, suddenly opened his eyes.
Opening her eyes and breathing rapidly, she dreamed again, dreaming about the scene when she was dying in her previous life.
The man she had chased and loved for ten years but had never responded to her finally said before she died that she wanted to be with her. If she gets married, what’s the use of that? She’s already dead. Yu Nanxing pulled a mocking smile from the corner of his mouth.
Maybe only when he loses it will he know how precious what he once had, but Yu Nanxing, who has never sold regret medicine in this world, opened it. The lamp on the desk beside the bed sat up and picked up the water glass on the desk and drank half a glass of water.
She got out of bed, picked up the towel on the washbasin stand, put it in the basin and washed it, and wiped the sweat from her face and body. It has been three days since I woke up in the body of this little girl named Yun Xingzhu, and I still feel a little uncomfortable with the previous life.
After she died, she stumbled into a strange world where many things are very advanced. The society is also very developed. People’s living standards It’s also very high, at least compared to now.
There are many new things.
Later, she found that the world there was very similar to the world she was in before, but it was much more advanced.
She lived on a small bird, visited many places and saw a lot of new things.
Things have also observed the lives of many people. Although she is just a bystander, it is also very interesting. At least she is free to fly wherever she wants.
Although she has become a bird, it feels good. At least she has not disappeared completely.
She thought she was It will always go on like that, but one day she was sucked into a place by a force, then walked into a gate in a daze, and then lost consciousness.
When she woke up again, she was already in Yun Xingzhu’s body. To her great surprise, she returned to the world of her previous life When she looked at the calendar, she realized that the time had come to the year. It had been more than three years since she died in her previous life. She didn’t understand why she was reborn in someone else’s body, and she didn’t know why it had been three years since she woke up.
No one can give her an answer for a long time, and her previous life can be called her previous life.
Her current body, Yun Xingzhu, is a 21-year-old senior student who lives in a poor mountain village. Conditions are very difficult. The family is saving food and land for Yun Xingzhu to go to school, and borrowed a lot of foreign debts to pay for Yun Xingzhu to go to school.
The 26-year-old brother Yun Xiangyu has not yet said that his wife is because he cannot afford the bride price. Now the girl is looking for her. The target is asking for more and more bride price money. Families like the Yun family have no money at all. The daughter-in-law, Yun Xiangyu, dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school.
Now she works part-time with an engineering team on a construction site in the county. All the money she earns is used for her younger sister.
Yun Xingzhu went to school.
The small mountain village where Yun’s family lives is very poor.
There are not many fields like Yun’s family.
There are only a few acres of land, which is just enough for the family’s food rations. Yun Xingzhu’s father also worked on the construction site before.
Had an accident, got injured, couldn’t do heavy work anymore, had to go home and guard the few acres of land.
Fortunately, Yun Xingzhu’s brother took over from his father to support the family. Although the family is poor, it is warm and harmonious.
Father is kind and son is filial.
Everyone is kind I love this family very much, and I love my family.
Yun Xingzhu was admitted to university. The family has high expectations for her and wholeheartedly provides for her to go to university. I hope she can find a good job in the future and not have to suffer anymore. But how do they know that the current employment pressure is so serious? How old are many college students who have graduated? It is difficult to find a job. Yun Xingzhu’s major is food science and engineering, which is a relatively unpopular major. Xingzhu has already learned from the school’s seniors and seniors that it is difficult for them to find a job in their major. Many seniors have changed their careers when looking for a job. Without a wife, he is considered an older leftover man in their locality.
My brother originally had a mutual crush, but the woman’s family demanded tens of thousands of dollars in gifts.
He had a high fever at night and didn’t disturb his family, so he endured it by himself and wanted to escape from reality, and then he died somehow, so that Yu Nanxing woke up in this body. It is also very difficult because the family’s economic conditions are poor and the location of the family is very remote, so it is very difficult for her to go to school. When she was a child, she used to walk on mountain roads to go to school and live in school since junior high school.