Xing Xing’s appearance just waking up is so amazing ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

In Wen Mudanniang’s bright and spacious office, Taoyou closes her eyes slightly, and the golden sun shines on her fair baby face, making her look like a good student who is still studying, not the one who can make the entertainment circle tremble by stomping her feet The decisive president faced the excited operation director Taoyou’s student-like face, but I’m not interested. She waved her hand and you can do it yourself.
I believe your operation director Zhang Open your mouth helplessly, but Sister Tao, this is Wan Shi Cola’s cooperation proposal. Is it true that such a big project can be handed over to her without even looking at it? She is about to retire, so it turns out that sister Tao wants to train her, the director’s eyes lit up immediately, leave it to me, sister Tao, she took the materials and walked out for a long time, but suddenly realized that something is wrong, retire, Mr. Tao, you are only old now. Wouldn’t it be too early to retire? In the office, a faint emptiness appeared on Taoyou’s face Killing Six Generals is now finally successful and famous, sitting firmly at the top of Vanity Fair. Fame and fortune have doubled. She has long since lost the concept of her total wealth.
Anyway, it is enough for her to spend several lifetimes. Sufficient material usually makes people slack.
Taoyou’s heart has long been A piece of Buddhism, now she seems to have a lotus flower on her head. She has no such worldly desires. Ten minutes ago, Taoyou just got out of the busy work and felt exhausted.
She raised her tired and heavy eyelids and looked at the scene of heavy traffic outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.
Feeling lifeless, almost in an instant, she made a decision, she wants to retire, she wants to be a happy rich woman, she wants to enjoy life, the sun shines warmly on Taoyou, she closes her eyes drowsily, only to feel drowsiness welling up I know how much time has passed Taoyou felt someone shaking her body Wake up wake up and help me change a cup of milk tea The ice cubes in this cup of milk tea are too big to affect the taste This voice Taoyou frowned and opened it Seeing the person in front of me, I was stunned for a moment.
They were two young men. They both have delicate eyebrows and eyes, and they look alike.
They both have slightly curly hair.
At a glance, it is clear that the two should be related by blood. How could Lu Baiyuan be them? Why do they look so young? Meng Bai Lu Baiyuan was the first pair of artists that Taoyou took over when Tianye Film and Television became a manager five years ago.
There are rumors that the two brothers came through the back door. Those who joined the company, although this is just some people’s speculation, but as their manager, Tao You firmly believes in it.
After all, the two of them are too weak as artists. When they go on stage, they move their limbs like chicken claws, come back to life, and sing like a suona.
Desperately created an indelible shadow in Taoyou’s heart, which is the first time to bring an artist. Only her appearance is barely qualified, which is considered clean and delicate, but this kind of appearance has nothing special in the entertainment industry where there are all handsome men and beautiful women. To put it bluntly, Taoyou tried her best, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move these two noobs. Later, they probably realized that they were not that kind of material, so they quit the entertainment circle on their own initiative. Disappeared, Taoyou sat in a daze on Bailu, watching Taoyou remained motionless, stretched out her hand and gently pushed her, don’t be in a daze, go and help us change a cup of milk tea, was pushed Taoyou suddenly woke up, she went back to five years ago Congratulations to the host Taoyou for binding the big manager system. Suddenly, a voice with a mechanical texture and indistinguishable gender resounded in Taoyou’s mind. Clear eyes widened slightly.
Is the system the kind that often appears in novels? Taoyou obviously didn’t ask the question, but when she got the voice, she answered yes as if she knew what Taoyou was thinking. Oh, Taoyou’s heart is ruthless. After a hard jump, she asked in her mind what system you are. The big manager system is a system that allows you to continuously develop artists and get more benefits to reach the pinnacle of life.
Our benefits are quite good. After binding this system, the host can change the time The flow rate can also extract the money from the host’s previous life. The system said in an abductive tone. After all, it has seen too many uncooperative hosts. It tried to give some benefits to persuade the host. Taoyou gradually recovered from the surprise. Her eyes must have thought of something. Replied in my mind, no need to say, I agree to bind the system, I know you will not agree to listen to me so simple, is it so simple? Is there something wrong with the script? Lu said softly in his hands, “Be good, don’t make trouble, drink well, her face is full of kindness, and her tone is very gentle, as if coaxing a child.” Bai Lu and Bai Yuan were stunned by her kind tone and looked at each other in disbelief.
Knowing why this manager, who was usually left to the two of them, seemed to be a different person, Taoyou walked around like a goose, and the two returned to their small lounge until they saw the calendar on the table. A sense of reality.
Six years ago, she followed her idol Gu Cixing to this brokerage company. But soon after she joined this company, Gu Cixing became the target of being blackmailed by the whole network. He was criticized, abused and personally attacked by everyone. Finally In the third year after she entered the company, Gu Cixing ended her young life by jumping from a tall building due to severe depression.
behind her, and this time she actually had a chance to do it all over again with the golden finger of the system and the huge fortune she earned in her previous life.