Xin to the school grounds or ride with you Riding Xins horse is crazy Xin Zhaorong couldnt help but slander her daughters menstruation how could

As for the fruits, vegetables, fresh grains, oils, rice, noodles, and snacks that she bought in the supermarket for daily use, she conveniently threw them into the Mustard Space while she was going to the bathroom.
Cubic meters, but it also saved her life.
In the following years, it served as her small mobile warehouse. To be honest, it is quite convenient. When I was young, the mustard space was the best hiding place for hide-and-seek. When I grew up, the mustard space was her luggage. She can drain the air in the mustard space and turn this cubic meter of space into a vacuum preservation room.
Although it has many uses, it is actually very useless.
The space is too small to make money as a logistics tool, unless she sells those white powders too.
She still can’t do things that violate the bottom line of being a human being.
Well, it’s mainly because her family is relatively wealthy. However, the grandmother who raised her grew up three years ago suffered from cervical cancer and ended up losing all her money. Even during that time, she lived A little bit sleepy, Wen Xiaotu didn’t think about quitting human affairs Wen Xiaotu walked slowly to the trash can and threw the empty milk tea cup into it, she yawned for days and days, luckily it was over, she could finally take a break Wen Xiaotu became an honorable web writer when she was in college. To put it mildly, it’s called a writer. To put it bluntly, it’s code farmers and migrant workers.
The cost of living in big cities is too high. The small house was rented out and then returned to my grandmother’s hometown in the countryside. The ancestral house in a quiet town is an antique Chinese-style compound. It was specially repaired by my grandmother when the economy was rich a few years ago.
It was a pity that Wen Xiaotu sighed and felt very sad.
Need to go to the countryside to take care of the elderly.
The rent of this small house in her hand is enough for her expenses in a small town in the countryside. With occasional coding, she can live a relaxed and comfortable life. The premise is that she does not get married or have children. The only person in this life who will urge her to marry Grandmother can no longer remind her, and the pair of incompetent parents make her really not want to get married and have a baby. Wen Xiaotu thinks about it like this. On the bustling street, which is bustling with traffic, there is a hoarse and sharp voice.
Roar to death, you, a woman with two feet on two boats, Wen Xiaotu didn’t even have time to force her into a daze, she just felt a sharp pain from the back of her heart, and a sharp knife pierced her from her back.
When she lowered her head, she saw that her heart was leaning to the right A smear of bloody blade emerged from the position, blood gushed out like a fountain, she fell to the ground, her slightly disheveled long hair was blown away by the wind, revealing a pale face with regular facial features and pretty delicate eyes, stepping on two boats She has been single for twenty-five years, and she has met a psychosis. That young man with a distorted face, his ferocious face froze for a moment. You, I, and I stabbed the wrong person.
The bustling streets boiled over and Yingtian stabbed the murderer. The murderer ran away immediately.
Yingwen Xiaotu was not worried that the man would get away with it. She was only worried about her own life.
The blood loss should have reached the critical line of shock. she doesn’t I want to die, Wen Xiaotu screamed in her heart, her ears were buzzing, her eyes were flickering, she even had auditory hallucinations, I don’t want to live anymore, my parents and daughters are unfilial, my second brother, my fourth brother, and my fifth brother want to do my filial piety for me, that’s a sad girl Who is the crying sound? Wen Xiaotu just feels chills all over his body, and his consciousness is gradually blurring. Ah, I’m looking for death and life.
You don’t want to live, sister, do you still want to borrow another five hundred years from the sky? Suddenly, there was a long sound of ding in the back of my mind, like a microwave oven The sound of the meal being ready, hold on.
The ambulance came. There was a thud, which seemed to be the sound of a heavy object falling into the water. The next second, Wen Xiaotu was greeted by ice and darkness, so cold, so dark, I couldn’t breathe. Is this the world after death, etc.
No, why doesn’t her chest hurt anymore? Why does she seem to be under the water? The water pressure is accumulating what little air is left in her lungs.
The cold water is poured into her mouth and nose. Excessive blood loss will cause people to have hallucinations. Although Wen Xiaotu doesn’t understand, but The survival instinct of her body was already swimming up with her hands and feet along with the thin moonlight projected into the water before her brain could react.
A few seconds later, her wet head broke out of the water.
Wen Xiaotu coughed and breathed greedily into the night.
In the cool air, she dog-planed to the shore, lying on the wet shore like a lagging dog, panting for a long time, after she touched her chest, there was no pain or wound, more importantly, her chest actually shrank She was horrified by the majestic high-rise buildings that turned into low bungalows in an instant, and the tall and straight peaks turned into a flat desert Gobi.
The situation is that she, Wen Xiaotu, has transmigrated, etc. She is so flat, so her current gender must have changed, right? Wen Xiaotu’s heart is fluttering. Wear women, cats, dogs, demons, demons, not to mention gender and species, you can change it for you Wen Xiaotu suddenly found that his long hair was wet and stuck to his body, he was relieved, but then he thought it was wrong, men with long hair It’s not a rare thing. In addition to my clothes, although I can’t tell which dynasty it is, it’s obviously ancient costumes.
Ancient men also have long hair. Wen Xiaotu was in a hurry to confirm his gender carefully, but someone looked for it with a lantern.
The one who came over to carry the lantern was a girl in a moon white coat and a green pleated skirt, with a simple double bun and a small face with tears on her face.
Only when I found you, did I find you? That is to say, she is indeed a woman, but her identity is full of cattle in Wen Xiaotu, so this is the palace. Chapter 2