Xie took off his coat and put it on the side said yes I went out for a drink I haven’t seen you for a

A woman who is thirty like a wolf is like a tiger. After getting to know Xiang Yi, Zhou Yan has a deep feeling for this sentence.
Second, it is rumored that Master Xiang, who repairs cars, has approached a rich woman with fair complexion, beautiful temperament, long legs and thin waist.
Spending more than 100 million dollars, someone asked how a winner in life experiences.
Answering to Yi, addicted to beauty, gradually losing weight.
Reading hints about the mutual attraction between a coquettish rich woman and a ruffian. It’s just for your money, you’re being tricked, Zhou Yan smiles, it’s okay, I have money, my friend came to persuade you, why did you fall in love with that girl, what else is good besides money, Xiang Yi also laughed, I just love her, the money heroine, the rich woman The coquettish and cheap male protagonist, the rough man, the rough man, the urban love, the soft spot, the sweet text, the love contract, the main character, Zhou Yan, and Xiangyi’s work, a brief commentary. Two unrelated strangers in the military fell in love quickly after meeting by chance.
From the attraction of the body to the fetters of the soul, they are the most suitable lovers. People can’t stop drinking a glass of water. The business closes at 2 o’clock in the morning. The resident singer Qian Jiasu sang all night, and his voice is about to burn. Xiao Cai, the waiter who has the closest relationship with him, took out a clean cup. Today’s performance is not bad, I think. The atmosphere below is pretty good, Qian Jiasu licked his sweat-drenched bangs chicly Then he knocked on the table to urge him to die of thirst.
Xiao Cai glanced around furtively. Everyone else was cleaning. No one was paying attention. He poured water and secretly pressed a note under it and pushed it to Qian Jia. Su winked his eyes in front of Su, Qian Jiasu was a little confused, first drank the whole glass of water in one gulp, let out a long sigh of relief, and then opened the note, there were only a few simple words on it, Hughton International Hotel, waiting for you, he was stunned, where did you send it off? The beauty of the wine left for you Xiao Cai covered her mouth and spoke in a low voice, lest anyone hear it, her face is full of ambiguity that I understand, that woman, this is the meaning of asking him to spend the spring night, will the rhythm be too fast? It’s a little bit more complicated, and this Hughton International is a five-star hotel. Qian Jiasu pinched the smooth note and licked his lips. No wonder the person who contacted him said that this woman is rich and easy-going. To be honest, he thought at first. The target is an old witch. I didn’t expect that she is actually a beautiful woman with a good figure. If he had known earlier, he would have agreed more decisively.
Qian Jiasu put the note in the pocket of his jeans, whistling in the spring breeze, and went out to pick up his car. Two blocks away, Qian Jiasu rode a small milky yellow battery car to arrive in 20 minutes. This hotel is the tallest building in the vicinity. The stage fright of the poor Qian Jiasu is used to living in low-rise residential buildings.
This is the first time he came to this hotel where even the floor tiles are shining with the brilliance of RMB. He suddenly felt that Han Faner, who followed the fashion trend, could not save him with golden curly hair.
I can’t help feeling poor and cancerous. I looked down again at the note that exudes a nice perfume.
The room number is really not mocking him.
There are several luxury cars parked in the parking area in front of the door, and one of them, a red Ferrari, looks familiar.
It should be the one he kicked today, right? Qian Jiasu stuffed his car, Xiao Huang, into the gap between the two cars, locked it, patted on his jeans, and walked towards the palace-like splendid lobby with a little nervousness. Hello, me, me How to get to that room? Qian Jiasu stuttered and said, wanting to beat his chest and feet in frustration. Where did Fan Er, a handsome superstar on the stage, hide? The front desk lady immediately smiled and said hello, you are Mr.
Qian Sanjin Well, I am, he has a real name of Qian Xin, but what the hell is Qian Sanjin? He obviously changed his stage name to Qian Jiasu, why would she know please come with me? He led the way and led him all the way to the door. The lady at the front desk even helped to ring the doorbell. Qian Jiasu secretly pulled up the waistband of his trousers behind him, feeling deeply that the service of a five-star hotel is really incomparable to that of an ordinary express hotel. It is so good. Then I heard her respectfully tell the insider, Chairman, your guest arrived.
Chairman Qian Jiasu was dumbfounded for a few seconds, after the door opened from the inside, it was indeed the face Qian Jiasu knew, even the makeup hadn’t changed, only the body The sexy short skirt with hips has been replaced with casual and comfortable home clothes. Zhou Yanchong waved to the lady at the front desk, then smiled at the shocked Qian Jiasu and came in. She walked in and sat down in the extremely luxurious presidential suite. The carpet under the table was more valuable than him.
Jiasu put his butt on the leather sofa, which was also more expensive than him, and licked his dry lips for twenty minutes. The excitement of being about to fall asleep to a sexy beauty no longer exists. On the tea table is a bottle of red wine that has been woken up in advance. Zhou Yan slowly poured two glasses and stuffed one into his hand, holding the other between his slender fingers, and sat down. The one-seater sofa on his side, thank you Qian Jiasu, immediately swallowed two big gulps, trying to get back the guts he didn’t know where he lost Pretty color, what did you ask me to come here? Is there something wrong with your guts? Qian Jiasu asked timidly. with an amiable patriarchal kindness