Xiaotao you said Xiaotao is in front of my aunt The maid came out at this time and knelt down and said that the maidservant

The male and female protagonists are both scumbags, please click fork. Many people are not friendly to Wangxian, but they are neither black nor cruel, just want to write a reasonable story. If the characters can stand up to their feelings and go to the author, then I can’t control it.
Supporting role Demonic Dao Original Crew Other Demonic Dao Patriarch A word introduction Lao Tzu is not Qin Su I want to live and intend to live because my mind is hard to understand, I just wrote it like this. Chapter I am not Qin Su Floating over from far away, I opened my eyes slightly, it seemed like a dimly lit room reflected a man’s face in my eyes, a beautiful man’s eyes sparkled with a little cinnabar between his brows, and then I found that this man was holding me. Ji Ling sat up and bounced away Lao Tzu, a golden old leftover fighter, mother and fetus are single to this day, there is no male ticket like you hug me so closely, why can’t I be a hooligan no matter how good-looking I am, probably my surprised expression also scared him The man looked at me and murmured, A Su, I want to ask what A Su, but only then did I notice that the man was wearing a light gold robe with a big white flower embroidered on his chest, he looked nothing like a modern person, and then I Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a bronze mirror. In the mirror, I was not dressed like a modern person, and even my face was different.
A flash of light flashed in my heart, and floating four big characters were extremely tacky. I passed through the A Su cinnabar bronze mirror. These elements are in My mind was chaotic but quickly intertwined again, and I suddenly remembered that I read an article not long ago, and it seemed that there was such a plot in it.
Jin Jin’s secret room. If I remember correctly, Wei Wuxian will not bring Baijia Rushing in, the person across from me started playing with daggers, and then there was no more. I thought of an old joke about a man traveling through time, and when he opened his eyes, he saw his wife standing in front of the bed like flowers and jade. The wife’s voice of Dalang should drink medicine ah ah ah ah ah, I have been selected by this time that I am more than that old. There was a lot of voices, as if they were about to rush in in the next second. The man stood up, his tone was extremely gentle, and he said, “A Su, if you don’t think about yourself, you should also think about Qin’s family.
” Looking back at me, this episode was running through my mind. Qin Su had just confronted Jin Guangyao before, and already knew the identities of the two.
At this moment, she was heartbroken at the years of deception by the person next to her bed, and she was ashamed at the fact that she had a relationship with her relatives.
Brother can’t stand such a scandal if it is made public, it will bring so much humiliation to her and her family, so when Jin Guangyao intentionally uses a dagger in front of her, she will kill herself in anger But the problem is that Lao Tzu is not Qin Su, Lao Tzu wants to live, just thinking about it, there is already a sound in my ear Why is Mrs. Jin here? This is Lan Xichen’s words.
The Mrs. Jin in his mouth is naturally my Baijia has entered, like a large The filming scene of the costume drama, and the voice of the man who spoke to me just now immediately answered, “We share everything. A Su also often comes in to have a look. This is Jin Guangyao, the husband of my current body, and I spotted it out of the corner of my eye.
A man in black is looking at my side face, as if observing whether I am sane or not. This is Wei Wuxian, who is wondering what kind of agreement Jin Guangyao made with me, so that I can suddenly keep silent, and my heart is beating wildly They They are all waiting for me to speak.
What should I say? To tell the truth. Those known in the plot, I can’t bear it. It’s the first time I meet him, I shake them out and trick him. Why talk about it even if I’m not Qin Su? I don’t know how long it will take to borrow Qin Su’s identity. Who wants to take shit from himself? To tell a lie, first, it’s too late for me to make it up.
This bunch of people are all monkeys, and I’m afraid that if I say a few words, I will give away my lies. The bigger problem is that now Jin Guangyao already knows that I know, even if I tell lies now and put Baijia in the past, who can guarantee that I won’t give me a knife because of my husband’s temperament? After all, only the mouth of a dead man is the most serious me My brain is running at high speed in a panic, Wei Wuxian has already pulled out the dagger, this ah, I heard my husband has already walked up, holding the dagger in his hand and playing with it, saying that it is a rare thing, this dagger is an assassin’s weapon that kills countless people, it is extremely sharp Look carefully at the blade of this dagger, and you will find that the figure inside is not yourself. Sometimes it is a man, sometimes it is a woman, sometimes it is an old man. Every figure is a ghost who died under the hands of an assassin. It is very dark, so I added a curtain.
Seal it up, and at this moment, I was suddenly lucky, and my heart fell backwards.
I deliberately fell in the direction of Lan Xichen, so as not to be stabbed by my good husband. Pick it up a bit at a loss, Mrs. Jin, what’s the matter, Mrs. Jin, Jin Guangyao hurried up to help me, and called A Su, I pushed him away, opened his almond eyes and shouted angrily, who are you? Don’t touch me.
A needle can be heard falling on the ground. A second later, someone carefully said madam, he is the current Immortal Governor, your husband, nonsense, I shouted, I am a good widow who has kept festivals for many years and waited for the court to build a chastity archway for me. Where can I get a husband? I participated in the drama club in college.
This is a passage in it that was often criticized for being exaggerated, but let’s be exaggerated now.