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A former federal god of war, with the help of the alien brain, led the human race and the ape race to launch a battle of revenge. Label Demon Hunter System Demon Hunter Demon Race Historical Famous Generals Creation Chapter Demon Race Arrival Time August 3, Year Location Xiacheng Pedestrian Street 5pm Around one o’clock, a dark gray escort vehicle with the words Xiacheng Security Company painted on its body stopped in front of the Bank of China branch, and then four young men in dark gray security uniforms quickly jumped out of the escort vehicle.
The four security guards came down and divided into two groups.
Two of them quickly stood in front of the Bank of China, held anti-riot guns and observed the surrounding environment vigilantly. The other two carried two special metal boxes and entered the Bank of China branch. Zhang Mo got off work.
How about having a few drinks together? My treat is congratulations on your arrival.
The security guard on the left standing in front of the Bank of China branch looked at the surrounding environment vigilantly and said, “Okay, the captain is called Zhang Mo.
The security guard heard the security guard. After the captain’s words, he smiled shyly and replied softly. From the appearance alone, Zhang Mo looks like a shy big boy, with a slightly thin body, about 22 or 30 years old, and it seems that he has just left school and has no job.
An experienced student, Zhang Mo is usually taciturn and has been working hard in the logistics department of Xiacheng Security Company, doing miscellaneous work. Today is the first day he was transferred to the field for escort work. For Zhang Mo, who has always been hardworking and taciturn, all the security guards in Xiacheng Security Company like it very much. The team leader in charge of the bank escort would want to celebrate Zhang Mo’s arrival on Zhang Mo’s first day at work, but no one knows that Zhang Mo, who has been working hard and reticent, is not as harmless and shy as he appears on the outside Beneath his slightly dull face is an iron-blooded mercenary with ten years of experience in the battlefield. His hands are bloody.
He is called a mad tiger in the mercenary world.
No one in the mercenary world would have thought that he would suddenly disappear in the mercenary circle more than a year ago. Zhang Mo, the crazy tiger in the world of soldiers, unexpectedly appeared in a small city named Xiacheng in the Huaxia Empire and became a security guard at the lowest level of society. Be careful and watch out. I saw the other two security guards carrying a metal box each from the Bank of China branch.
The security captain walked out inside and said in a low voice, let’s go, Brother Zhang put the banknotes in the escort car without any risk, Zhang Mo sat in the passenger seat, greeted the driver who had been sitting in the escort car, and said softly, “Boom.” The driver of the escort vehicle, Brother Zhang, stepped on the accelerator and the escort vehicle drove forward quickly. The monotonous ringing sounded from Zhang Mo’s arms. Zhang Mo quickly took out an old Nokia mobile phone from his arms and looked at the phone. The caller ID on the screen immediately smiled and pressed the answer button and said, did you miss me? Zhang Mo just put the receiver of the mobile phone close to his ear, and a crisp voice came out of the receiver. I will go to Rongcheng to see you.
Zhang Mo smiled and said, okay, I will wait for you and I will make you your favorite. Cheerful Zhajiang Noodles Hearing that Zhang Mo is coming to see me on the weekend, there is a joyful voice on the other side of the phone Hearing Zhang Mo and the girl on the other end of the phone chatting tenderly Brother Zhang looked at the happy smile on Zhang Mo’s face and smiled slightly for more than ten years Years ago, he and his wife were also like this at the time.
The owner on the other side of the phone was called Mo Ruotong, nicknamed Tongtong, Zhang Mo’s girlfriend, who lived in Rongcheng, more than a thousand kilometers away from Xiacheng, and was a member of Rongcheng People’s Hospital. Zhang Mo, a famous nurse, decided to leave his career as a mercenary because of Mo Ruotong’s existence.
He became a small security guard with peace of mind. A year ago because of a teammate’s betrayal, Zhang Mo was tricked into Rongcheng by his teammate. He fell into the enemy’s trap and was severely injured. On the verge of death, Mo Ruotong, who had just left the night shift at that time, rescued Zhang Mo who had passed out. Under the careful care of Mo Ruotong, Zhang Mo, who had been injured for three months, recovered his life. Zhang Mo’s meticulous care made Zhang Mo deeply fall in love with Mo Ruotong, who is not beautiful but has a very kind heart.
There are countless mercenaries in his hands.
Enemies can also be said to be countless.
In order to protect Mo Ruotong, Zhang Mo made up a reason to come to Xiacheng, which is more than a thousand kilometers away from Rongcheng, after killing the enemy who ambushed him.
I slowly faded out of the sight of those enemies. Only then can Zhang Mo and Mo Ruotong live an ordinary but happy life.
However, when Zhang Mo and Mo Ruotong were making love to each other, no one noticed that the legendary Jiuxing Lianzhu had actually appeared. There was a loud bang above their heads, just as Zhang Mo and Mo Ruotong were having a sweet conversation on the phone, the escort car that was driving suddenly exploded, and then Zhang Mo’s eyes went dark, and he didn’t know anything, at the moment of coma Zhang Mo, who was still thinking about who attacked him, didn’t know that the matter was far more serious than he thought, thousands of times, even billion times, it was a catastrophe for human beings, and even the earth would be destroyed because of it. The escort vehicle was blown up, and even the Xiacheng where Zhang Mo was located was continuously erupting with violent explosions, and the last images transmitted back to the earth by the satellites of various countries, without exception, were images of cities in various countries engulfed in a sea of ​​explosions and flames around the world.
At the same time, the flames created by the explosion instantly enveloped the entire earth, and even the air seemed to burn. A huge flame vortex appeared in front of the eyes of all survivors on the earth.
In their painful wailing, the flame vortex became bigger and even surpassed. A terrifying coercion spread out from the flame vortex on the earth. After feeling this terrifying coercion, all the creatures on the earth fell powerlessly to the ground.