Xiaolin Kuanmin curled the corner of his mouth in disdain Said that I killed Lu Jianming with a single shot that was killing harm for

Lu Jianming, the son of a big traitor, has become an agent of the central government. The Japanese girl Xiaolin Qingqiao is an underground party of the Communist Party of China. Facing the twin brother who is a special soldier of the Japanese army, how should the two brothers interpret the family and country feelings? The banner kills the Japanese ghosts, and the souls of the Japanese ghosts are chilled.
The Yushan double-fired cannons are the secret agents of the underground party, the Haicheng Resistance Army, the Japanese army intelligence officers, and the Japanese and puppet troops.
The unexpected events between the Japanese and puppet troops. On the mountainside under the shadow of the setting sun on the main peak of Haofeng, there is a thousand-year-old ancient temple, Yushan Huajue Temple. One morning in midsummer, two teenagers with medicine baskets on the mountain road behind Yushan Huajue Temple lead to the main peak of Yushan, Haofeng. Frolicking happily, they flew from this tree, jumped down and bounced up like an arrow from the string, and rushed up to the branches and leaves of another tree, pounced on a cuckoo bird with long purple tail feathers running around, and behind them was a Nearly forty years old, a tall and strong middle-aged monk wearing a cassock and holding a medicine hoe is walking on the mountain road, smiling at the two young men flying up and down. The tall and strong middle-aged monk is the Yushan Huajue Temple.
Abbot Zhikong’s two young boys flying up and down are his descendants from the lay family.
The older boy named Lin Jianqi is the eldest son of the abbot Zhikong’s lay cousin.
This year the other boy is Murong Luo, Zhikong Abbot Zhikong’s younger brother’s son is actually the elder brother of a pair of twins born before Abbot Zhikong became a monk His biological father, Lin Jianqi, said that Murong Luo, who is about two years old, has reached his height, but he is still a little shorter than his tall cousin Murong Luo.
Looking at the figures of his two nephews flying up and down, he has perfect martial arts both inside and outside. Abbot Zhikong nodded with satisfaction and shouted loudly, Jianqi, when will your dad send you to the village to go to junior high school? Listen to your cousin, Abbot Zhikong, calling him Lin Jianqi obediently put his body back and ran to Abbot Zhikong, smiling, and said, uncle, my dad will send you off tomorrow I went to the township to sign up.
I heard that the Japanese soldiers have already settled in the county.
They should come to our Yushan Township soon. In this era of war and chaos, it is better to stay at home. Abbot Zhikong said worriedly. My grandfather said that I would be fine if I didn’t mess with the Japanese soldiers. Lin Jianqi’s grandfather, Lin Shanhong, was Abbot Zhikong’s lay uncle. He was a revolutionary from the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China who had studied in Japan. My impression of the Japanese. Very good, I don’t believe that such a polite Japanese man will become a murderer when he comes to China, so he can let his grandson go to the junior high school in the village to study Abbot Chisora ​​Although he has never been to Japan, he has a good feeling for Japan in his heart With complex emotions, Murong Luo’s biological mother is a beautiful Japanese girl.
Abbot Chisora’s former name was Murong Jue is a college student who graduated from medical school and gave birth to a pair of twin baby boys due to a secret love affair with her classmate Kobayashi Sakurako from Japan.
The parents of Kobayashi Sakurako got up from Japan after hearing the news. Sentenced to three years in prison, after serving her sentence, Sakurako Kobayashi had already returned to Japan with her parents, with a pair of twin sons. Murongjue, who had lost all hope, returned to Huajue Temple in his hometown, led by his senior brother Zhixu to shave and become a monk for a year.
Later, Yingzi Kobayashi secretly brought a pair of twin sons to China again, wanting to reconnect with Murong Jue. Murong Jue, who had already broken through the world, received their mother and son in the name of Zhikong monk. Yingzi Kobayashi, whose heart was hurt again, made up her mind to leave her eldest son, Murong Luo, at Huajue Temple, and only took her younger son, Murong Che, back to Japan.
Since then, there has been no news from Murong Jue, so she had to send her eldest son, Murong Luo, down the mountain. He was entrusted to his younger brother Murong Wen and his wife who lived in Yushan Village to be raised.
From then on, Murong Luo only called Abbot Zhikong his master, but he did not know that Abbot Zhikong was his biological father. The signs made Murong Luo come to live in the temple during the day and use the textbooks he had read in the past to carefully teach Murong Luo. During the day, Luo studied medicine and martial arts with Master Zhikong in Huajue Temple. When it was almost dark, he went down the mountain and went home until Murong Luo was eight years old. His father, Murong Wen, was bitten by a five-step snake in the mountains, and his mother helped him take drugs. After both died without success, Murong Luo often lived in Huajue Temple with his master, Abbot Zhikong Master Kong has learned all the textbooks by heart like lingering. Abbot Zhikong also learned medical skills and martial arts from the textbooks in the traditional Chinese medicine hospital, and he is very superb.
Abbot Zhikong completely changed his view on the man who became a Japanese soldier.
Hearing what Lin Jianqi said, Abbot Zhikong retracted his thoughts softly and said slowly if you don’t mess with others, don’t others come to mess with you? Jianqi, Japan When a man goes to the battlefield, he becomes a Japanese soldier, and he is no longer the polite Japanese man your grandfather admired, otherwise they would not have killed 200,000 or 300,000 unarmed and innocent Chinese people in the capital. Murong Luo stood next to his cousin Lin Jianqi, looked at Abbot Zhikong in puzzlement and asked Master, the Japanese soldiers killed so many Chinese, why don’t we Chinese return to our roots? Abbot Zhikong sighed and looked at this half Japanese blood son of