Xiaohua Qiumo looked at Zhang Xiaohua in disbelief thinking that she would finally forgive him Xiaohua you wont want me right Looking at Qiu Mo

The weak candlelight brought a ray of brightness to the dark room.
The dilapidated room failed to stop the erosion of the wind.
The candlelight stubbornly illuminated in the cold wind at night.
In the middle of the temperature room, there is a thin woman wearing brown coarse cloth clothes with numerous patches.
She stands on a round wooden stool and hangs from the beam above her head. Two thick hemp ropes hang down on the woman’s palm-sized face.
Tears were sobbing softly while knotting the hemp rope.
The woman stared blankly at the front with a look of despair on her face. Suddenly a flash of determination flashed in her lifeless eyes.
She pulled the hemp rope she tied and slowly pulled it away. Putting her neck up, her eyes slowly closed, and tears rolled down the corners of her eyes to her cheeks. Since no one believed her innocence, she would prove that the woman had made up her mind.
She kicked the wooden bench lightly and fell to the side.
The body supported by the stool struggled for a while, and there was no movement at all. The night continued. Two sneaky men broke into the messy yard outside. We won’t be found, right? One of the men timidly asked Zhang Dazhong about his mind.
I can’t help but think of Zhang Xiaohua’s attractive figure, and my heart is a little ready to move. You are right, but we should be careful.
If outsiders know about this, it will be hard for the two of us. Zhang Dazhong said that Li Daquan has no worries when he sees Zhang Dazhong.
With a sinister smile on the surface, he is very cooperative with Zhang Dazhong, don’t worry, hurry up and don’t act anymore. It should be dawn, the two of them tiptoe open the door of the most dilapidated room before they enter the room. The scene in front of them makes them forget to ask Hidden whereabouts, the two screamed at the same time, one after another, the terrified cries suddenly spread throughout the entire village, the lights of various houses and courtyards lit up one by one, and the men in the next door, some with knives and some with torches, immediately ran away. After rushing over and waiting for everyone to arrive, the owners of the house, Lan Cuimei and Zhang Zongren, came out of the house with sleepy eyes. What happened? We should ask you what Zhang said.
Everyone came here only after hearing the movement from your house. What happened? Did you get robbed? One of the middle-aged uncles holding a torch asked anxiously. When Zhang Zongren and Lan Cuimei looked at each other with doubts on their faces, there was another movement from the direction of the pigsty. I saw Li Daquan and Zhang Dazhong running out yelling and crawling. Ghost, ghost, what happened.
What happened? A few older men quickly went up to help Li Daquan and Zhang Dazhong up. Seeing so many people present, Li Daquan and Zhang Dazhong calmed down a little, but the panic in their eyes never faded away. Pointing to the shabby house in the direction of the pigsty, he said tremblingly, everyone looked at each other in disbelief, but felt a little jealous in their hearts. There really are dirty things here, but Lan Cuimei’s focus is obviously the same as everyone’s.
It’s not the same. Seeing that Li Daquan and Zhang Dazhong actually ran out of her pigsty I thought they were trying to hit those pigs in her family, and I felt displeased, my sleepy eyes suddenly became sharp, and I walked towards Li Daquan and Zhang Dazhong angrily with strides, okay, hello you two If you are so brave, you have reached out to my house. There are ghosts. I think you have ghosts in your hearts. What are you doing in my yard without sleeping in the middle of the night? As Lan Cuimei said, she looked in the direction of the pigsty to make sure the pigsty was still intact. The pig didn’t lose it, so he glanced fiercely at Li Daquan and Zhang Dazhong back and forth.
Li Daquan and Zhang Dazhong were frightened to death, and now they were so scared by Lan Cuimei that they almost knelt down, even though they didn’t come to steal. Pigs, but what they are going to do is not seen in the light. At this time, they are afraid in their hearts, and at the same time, they are more guilty of being wronged by the third aunt.
We are not here to steal pigs.
There is really a ghost. Go and see it.
Zhang Dazhong said loudly in the room that he was trying to cover up his guilt by raising the volume. I think you are here to steal pigs. Lan Cuimei glanced around and continued, everyone has seen it. These two people clearly want to come here to steal things, hurry up and send them to the officials, no, no, there are really ghosts, there are really ghosts! When they heard that they were going to send them off, Zhang Dazhong and Li Daquan quickly knelt down and looked even more panicked. Everyone except Lan Cuimei showed doubts on their faces.
Originally, everyone thought that the so-called ghosts Zhang Dazhong and Li Dazhong said were just excuses.
The most frightening thing is that a middle-aged uncle glanced at Zhang Zongren and saw that he looked like he had nothing to do with him, so he looked at him and said, “Old Zhang, otherwise, let’s go over and have a look first, maybe there is really something to see, you can’t see it.” Are these two people lying? I think it’s clear that they have ghosts in their hearts. Wait for the uncle to finish speaking.
Lan Cuimei interrupted him directly with a rather dissatisfied tone.
She said that it’s right to arrest people and send them to officials. Look, we haven’t seen Xiaohua come out after such a big commotion Zhang Zongren looked at Lan Cuimi impatiently and said that as far as he is concerned, as long as the pig is not lost, now he just wants to get rid of everyone and go back to the room Sleeping, Lan Cuimei felt inexplicably upset seeing Zhang Zongren talking to her with this attitude, she subconsciously wanted to piss him off, but she was concerned about the people present, she held back Lan Cuimei, holding back her anger, and walked towards Zhang Xiaohua’s room. At that time, she was still thinking about punishing Zhang Xiaohua tomorrow. The thieves stole into the house and she was so sleepless.
Lan Cuimei came to a dilapidated room next to the pigsty, and the front door was left open. Zhang Dazhong and Li Daquan didn’t close the door when they fled