Xiaobai is good to you Xiaobai does not bully you Xiaobai is only good to his wife all his life Hearing Feng Libais words Du

Chapter Meeting on a Narrow RoadChapter Meeting on a Narrow RoadThe night lights of the city are bright and the air is full of a sense of luxury and luxury In the evening, I took a trip to Time Like Water, Du Pianpian didn’t think much about picking up her bag, and drove there. As soon as I arrived, I heard a group of people booing.
A man in his early forties with a fat head, big ears, and a slightly chubby body. Du Pianpian had talked to this person before about the project approval, but this person’s attitude has never been clear. I never thought that he would invite her here today.
The group is a real estate company run by his father. The reputation in the industry is not small, but I don’t know why it has been going smoothly, but has encountered many crises. One of the ongoing projects has been put on hold because it has not been approved for a long time. Du Pianpian’s inspection suddenly touched the top of the sofa. A man who was sitting paused slightly, and saw his long and slender legs crossed together, lowered his head and lit the cigarette in his hand, frowning slightly, his eyes seemed to imply a faint majesty and anger Gradually, it became clear that the handsome profile, the tall nose bridge, and the thin lips gave off a faint aura under the dim light. He was a seemingly gentle and elegant man, but he was indifferent and noble.
He never raised his head to look at her with a faint smile on his face.
Sitting next to him is a very young and beautiful woman, I can see that her soft and boneless hands are moving on his body, with a somewhat coquettish expression on her slightly drunk face, Du Pianpian’s heart is slightly astringent A trace of undetectable injury flashed in the bottom of the eyes.
At this moment, someone came towards her with a jug and a wine glass in his hand, and then handed a full glass of wine to her. Miss Du punished herself three times for being late. Du Pianpian was a bit embarrassed, but still took the man’s wine and drank three glasses in a row.
After drinking, a few people came over to pour her wine and asked her to toast the leaders present. After one round, Du Pianpian no longer knew how much wine she drank. I just feel a little uncomfortable in my stomach. Xiao Yuran’s eyes slowly fixed on Du Pianpian who came in just now in the box.
She was of standard height, wearing a white flower collar shirt and a pair of black tight narrow-leg pants, her hair was coiled up high, her face was clean and her figure was good.
Du Pianpian is the kind of girl that people can remember at first sight, even without makeup or lipstick, she can still make people feel pleasing to the eye. At this moment, Du Pianpian is surrounded by several men. After a few cups of wine, Zhong Wen, deputy bureau chief of the province, had Du Pianpian’s idea in his stomach, looking at her with a bewildered face and no scruples, looking at Du Pianpian’s mouth-wateringly beautiful face and enough to make her smile All the men are in ecstasy, the bumpy figure can only feel a commotion in the body, he handed the full wine glass to Du Pianpian’s lips, Miss Du is really good at drinking, let me toast you another glass Du Pianpian took the wine in his hand, gritted her teeth and silently did it to get Du Pianpian also struggled to get the approval document for the investment project. She has never been able to drink well, and after a few drinks on an empty stomach, she felt a little drunk.
Suddenly, she felt a tightness around her waist. The increasingly lustful Zhong Wen put his arms around his waist, Du Pianpian was a little embarrassed, the corner of his eyes glanced at the elegant and luxurious man on the sofa, but he seemed to casually look at them with his thin lips slightly cold, neither surprised nor favored Chapter Accompany me tonight Chapter Accompany me tonight A beautiful woman at the next table in the private room twisted her water snake waist and walked towards Xiao Yuran on the sofa with a coquettish face, bowed her head and bent over to reveal her seductive cleavage Mr.
Xiao, smoking is not good for your health I respect you, beauty, raised my glass to him and said tenderly to Mr.
Xiao, who would have thought that this man would go from a graduate student at an unknown research institute to the most prestigious business school of the University of Chicago in the United States in just three years? Dr.
Haigui has now become a group member.
Du Pianpian thinks that Xiao Yuran, no matter before or now, has always been a legendary figure, which is unmatched.
A slight displeasure flitted across the bottom of his eyes when he was in the middle of the night, the cigarette at his fingertips was extinguished in the transparent ashtray, he got up, picked up the wine on the table and clinked glasses with the woman. The high-end leather shoes, the white shirt, and a button were casually unbuttoned, making him look even more noble and charming, with a bit of laziness in his elegance.
The woman licked her bright red lips, and her seductive eyes sent a warm invitation to him. He showed a sexy smile, if he hadn’t brought a woman here today, maybe the person sitting next to him today would be her Under her pomegranate skirt, her eyes kept looking at Xiao Yuran’s charming face that made people dizzy, she gracefully raised her head and drank the wine in the glass in one breath, looking at her hungry expression and movements, it seemed that what she was drinking was not wine It was the man in front of him who saw her as if she was about to get drunk, and leaned towards Xiao Yuran’s position. There was a hint of coldness and disdain. The woman didn’t stand still, she fell down on the floor without even touching the corner of his clothes, she was a bit embarrassed. She pretended to groan.
Du Pianpian looked at that scene but smiled.
This seemingly graceful man is actually He has an obsession with cleanliness, and it is very serious. Basically, he will not let a casual woman touch him, let alone a woman in this romantic place. Hearing the laughter, the man stared sideways at Du Pianpian.