Xiao Yi you are quite layered Xiao Li smiled and said that a man like you is attractive right So my EQ is quite high

The first chapter of the main text, the top-quality landlady, the train arrived in Xianghai City, Xiao Yi panicked as soon as he got off the train Xiao Yi in the mountains has seen this kind of scene before. His eyes suddenly brightened. In front of Xiao Yi, there was a woman in a short yellow skirt walking back and forth in front of Xiao Yi.
Xiao Yi’s eyes immediately fixed on the woman’s slender legs. It protruded from the bottom of the skirt, it was so white that it was dazzling, Xiao Yi was attracted by the woman’s amorous feelings, and the woman’s dynamic body became Xiao Yi’s direction.
The person Xiao Yi came to Xianghai City to serve as Lin Ying’s bodyguard. Lin Ying is the boss of the Lin Group. Lin Qinghai is Liang Yan’s father.
Lin Qinghai has a close relationship with Xiao Yi’s master.
A bodyguard, so the master let Xiao Yi down the mountain His strong character was baptized in the flames of war. Lin Ying was threatened with death, so Xiao Yi came to Xianghai from the mountains to serve as Lin Ying’s bodyguard.
Before Xiao Yi came, the master told him that someone would pick him up when he arrived in Xianghai City, but he walked out of the exit of the station and didn’t see anyone who came to pick him up, which made Xiao Yi feel lost. He felt a sense of being cheated.
Although Xiao Yi I feel that everything here is very fresh, high-rise buildings, sexy beauties, but he has to find a place to live, or else he will be on the streets.
When he finds a place, he will find Lin Ying.
No, he is really sleeping on the street. Xiao Yi tore off a rental advertisement stuck on the wall and called the landlord Shao Honghong from the public phone.
Shao Honghong told Xiao Yi the address of her home. Xiao Yi looked downstairs to the balcony of Shao Honghong’s house and found that there were many women’s clothes hanging on the balcony, including women’s underwear, which made Xiao Yi excited. Xiao Yi saw a lace black underwear. And Xiao Yina, who has lived in the mountains for a long time, saw this ornament, his heart jumped wildly, his eyes stared at the ornament from time to time while looking around, fearing that his behavior would be found out, and he would be embarrassed. Suddenly a gust of wind blew over, and a black object floated down from the air and hit him.
Xiao Yi just wanted to hide, but found the tummy floating towards him. Xiao Yi looked around and saw that no one caught the tummy with his hand Nene just arrived in Xiao Yi’s hands, and before Xiao Yi could feel the texture of Nene, he heard a woman’s voice. He looked up and saw a naked man standing on the balcony.
Female Xiao Yi immediately lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at it, but if he still wanted to look at it, he sneaked up and took a few glances, but these few glances were quite poisonous, did you hear it and send it to me quickly, aren’t you just stealing Nene You perverted guy, I keep throwing these accessories lately, the woman asked Xiao Yi coquettishly, why did he steal it? This inner stuff was obviously dropped by himself, if he didn’t catch it, wouldn’t it just fall to the ground? Wouldn’t that be dirty? What’s wrong with people now? Obviously he did a good deed but was treated as a thief grandma. At this time, Xiao Yi came out and saw that the woman was not naked but wearing a white underwear, which has nothing to do with it. What’s the difference? I received it, not a thief. Xiao Yi explained, “What are you talking about?” The woman said impatiently. Xiao Yi thought that this woman should be the landlord Shao Honghong, because he came here to find the landlord Shao Honghong.
Xiao Yi did not remember wrongly, this is the home of the landlord Shao Honghong Jia Shao Honghong has already put on a nightgown.
The red nightgown outlines Shao Honghong’s exposed white and delicate skin even more seductively. Xiao Yi became nervous and dared not look at Shao Honghong, but couldn’t help it because Shao Honghong was so attractive to him. Eyeballs, bring it, Shao Honghong said angrily, Xiao Yi awkwardly handed the Nene in his hand to Shao Honghong, Shao Honghong took it and threw it into the washing machine, looking very disgusted, it seems that Xiao Yi has soiled her Nene, are you okay? Shao Honghong sit down The slender legs on the sofa made Xiao Yi’s heart flutter.
Shao Honghong didn’t mean to let Xiao Yi sit down.
So what is your house for rent? Xiao Yi stood in front of Shao Honghong.
Wanting to rent a house, Shao Honghong asked Xiao Yi and handed the advertisement to Shao Honghong. Only then did Shao Honghong realize that Xiao Yi was here to rent a house.
Passing by here, he picked up her insider. Xiao Yi talked with Shao Honghong.
And Xiao Yi didn’t have that much money, Xiao Yi wanted to pay the rent once a month, they struggled with this issue for a long time, finally Shao Honghong gave in, Xiao Yi moved into a rental house, but Xiao Yi was not at ease Xiao Yi went to Lin’s company to search I went to look for Lin Ying, and finally the security guard told Xiao Yi that Lin Ying had gone abroad, so Xiao Yi had to wait for Lin Ying to come back before looking for her. Yi woke up from a dream Xiao Yi almost wanted to kill grandma Who is knocking on the door at this time Xiao Yi is having a big spring and autumn dream