Xiao Sheng has never been to this kind of place before but he has been to the crowded place at the buffet several times what

The first chapter is just like the one described in novels and TV. The office of Xiao Sheng, the president of Huaxing, occupies the top floor of Huaxing Building. From the outside, it looks dark. From the inside, it looks very bright. There are glass walls with dense plants and potted plants.
Compared with the living room and lounge of a luxury suite in a five-star hotel, there is also a pure gold and diamond-studded single CEO, Xiao Sheng, who is as cold as a textbook-like president described in a romance novel. A robot that can only make money Many women are crying and want to warm this cold man with their big hearts to teach him love and warmth, but so far no one has succeeded. They can’t even go to the top floor.
There is only one room on the top floor except the president’s office.
There are two special assistants in the special assistant office, one male and one female, who are in charge of a huge secretarial team. Usually, they usually screen and report. As the president of a large multinational group, Xiao Sheng is responsible for the general direction. I’m exhausted, but even if I have free time, Xiao Sheng won’t be idle.
There are so many brick-like hardcover books in the office, which are his usual entertainment objects.
As a qualified president, he always remembers to keep charging, but now this president doesn’t.
He was in a daze when he knocked on the door and looked at President Xiao in a daze.
Mingli felt that he might be too tired and his eyes were blurred. When she finished her report, although the work was not important, she just walked through the scene to see President Xiao, and she still seemed to be in a state of mind wandering all the time. When Mingli didn’t hear half a word, she felt that she needed a paid fake. Mingli quietly closed the door and went out to her little friend Dao Xiao.
He was in a daze even when I was reporting work. He must have been seduced by some goblin. Lost in spirit, Minglang stopped writing and looked up at his twin sister, saying, “What kind of little fairy Xiao is always like this?” Mingli’s joke is so cold, Mingli and Minglang are just a joke, just casual gossip, the president is also in a daze, what’s wrong with not allowing people to sleep deprived? But Xiao Sheng was guessed right by his special assistants.
He was indeed thinking about his little elf, his cat. The little elf here is not an extended meaning. In Xiao Sheng’s mind, his cat Tiger King is indeed a goblin.
There is water on the heavy rain road. President Xiao’s car, who worked overtime until late at night, got flooded and turned off on the way home. He touched his phone and found that he forgot it in the office. He turned it over and found that there was no umbrella in the car.
In the residential area, there are only shops on the next street.
President Xiao can call someone to pick him up. Xiao Sheng is standing at the bus stop on the side of the road to shelter from the rain. The bus service has been suspended. He waited for a long time but did not wait for a passing taxi. He thought he might just get caught in the rain Walking to the front street to find someone to borrow the phone, he suddenly heard a faint cat call. He followed the sound and looked for a small black umbrella covering a small There is a smaller cat curled up in the cardboard box Xiao Sheng wants to take the umbrella away so that he doesn’t have to get in the rain, but the umbrella is taken away, the wind is so heavy and the rain will float into this small bus stop. Such a small cat may Will die tonight? Xiao Sheng is not a person who loves animals and has never had a pet, but maybe at this time, the right time and place made him suddenly feel sorry for Xiao Sheng, who put the kitten into the pocket of his cheap suit worth 10,000 yuan Then he left with an umbrella and just like that, this yellow-haired and white-belly traditional Chinese garden cat settled down in his humble high-rise apartment. Then Xiao Sheng discovered that his cat is very different. He eats his food, his cat doesn’t use the cat toilet, he uses the toilet, he can flush water and wipe his butt with toilet paper, his cat can’t lick his hair, he turns on the hot water in the sink, he adjusts the water temperature and flushes himself, and then he brings a towel and brush for him to wipe. There are many other things about the weirdness of Mao Mao. The first point is that Xiao Sheng has never raised a cat. He doesn’t know that cats have taboos.
The cats he saw when he was a child were all free-range cats. They were all leftovers from the owner’s house. See his cat for dinner.
I didn’t think much about it when I was cooking, but I just left an extra portion for him. Later, he became more interested in cats and realized that cats are not good at eating human food. He hurriedly sent the cat for a checkup, and it turned out that his cat’s health was fine, so Xiao Sheng bought it. The super natural cat food came and the cat gave him a contemptuous look.
He went directly to the refrigerator to find something to eat. Xiao Sheng suspected that the cat he picked up was not a cat, but a cat demon. Apart from eating, drinking, and sleeping, the cat usually behaves like this.
Lie down on the sofa in a dispirited look, maybe this cat is really a goblin Xiao Sheng finally confirmed that this cat is a goblin after he found out that his computer had been tampered with. There was nothing in the desktop computer at home. Important content So Xiao Sheng only used the password to turn it on, but no one at home has ever touched the computer. Xiao Sheng is still very worried about whether economic spies have sneaked into the house. Only the study room in Xiao Sheng’s home is monitored, and he hasn’t seen it for a long time. Xiao Sheng opened it.
After getting out of the monitor, I watched my cat deftly turned on the computer and opened the web page, and tapped on the keyboard with the cat’s paw as if searching for something.
Then my cat lay down on the ground like crazy and began to twitch madly.
Finally, the cat Seems to have finally calmed down, jumped on the chair silently, turned off the computer, left the study with its tail hanging down, this cat must have become a genius, and there is no trace of web browsing in the computer.
It was a piece of cake for him to restore the deleted web browsing history, and then he saw his cat’s search.
Record how people become cats