Xiao Qingfeng stretched out his hand to stop Ao Bingling By that you mean there is a baby in Xunshan Lake that baby has two

The girl in the falling river is misty and the wind moves with the clouds. When the sun rises, it heralds the arrival of a new day. Fenglin County is a remote and small county, which belongs to Nanshan County, Chaoshan Prefecture, Dachu.
There are not many merchants here, and the people are self-sufficient in the east of the county.
In a small courtyard at the head, a young man dressed in coarse cloth is sitting cross-legged under an ancient tree. Beside him is an ancient well boy, about thirteen or fourteen years old. Anyone who practices Chaoyang will surely know that this young man is meditating to gather energy.
The plan for a year lies in the spring day.
The plan for a day lies in the morning sun. The purple energy is very precious to practitioners.
Brother Qingfeng, quickly open the door, Brother Qingfeng, quickly open the door.
Anxious knocking on the door broke the tranquility of the small courtyard.
The boy sitting cross-legged could not help but open his eyes.
A hint of doubt flashed in his eyes. Although Xiao Lizi from the neighbor’s house often came to play, it was the first time he opened the courtyard door so early and a one-year-old boy appeared in front of him. The child is the neighbor Wang Blacksmith’s son, Wang Li, the little guy is not big, but his body is not small, and he quickly caught up with him and asked what happened to Xiao Li, Brother Qingfeng, hurry up and save people with me.
When you see Xiao Qingfeng Xiao Lizi didn’t even explain, he just pulled him and was about to run to his house.
Slow down, you have to get the medicine box first, stop Xiao Lizi, Xiao Qingfeng went back to his room to get the usual medicine box, and walked quickly Go outside and ask what’s going on, you first tell me it’s like this, my mother rescued a person by the river this morning, and she’s still lying in our house, so my mother asked me to tell you to see it Seeing that the little guy is very strong, he ran and talked without panting, but after a few words, they came to Wang Blacksmith’s courtyard. The small courtyard is not typical.
Facing north and south, the north is the main house, the east is Xiaolizi’s room, and the west is the stove.
There are many iron objects in the yard, and Xiao Qingfeng often comes here, not surprised. Seeing Xiao Lizi’s room, he walked quickly into the room.
None, but at this time there are three people in the room. Wang Tiejiang and her wife, Wang Lishi, and a little girl lying on the bed wearing Wang Lishi’s clothes. Xiao Feng, come and see what’s wrong with this girl.
When it’s time to seal it, hurry up and say, auntie, don’t panic, I’ll take a look at Xiao Qingfeng, sitting next to the bed with the medicine box on his back, and then he has a chance to look carefully at the little girl on the bed Although he was wearing Wang Li’s clothes, he couldn’t hide his delicate face and his sickly pale and tired haggard. He stretched out his right hand to feel the little girl’s pulse.
A trace of doubt flashed in his eyes, and then he narrowed his eyes slightly.
Those who are familiar with him know that This is a symbol of his thinking. How is this little girl Xiaofeng? Looking at Xiao Qingfeng’s actions, Wang Tiejiang asked concerned. The girl was rescued and she gently put down the little girl’s hand. Xiao Qingfeng let out a sigh of relief. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just that I’m too weak and tired.
I’ll be fine with a few needles. But after waking up, I’m afraid I’ll have to recuperate for a while. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, just listen to the little girl, it’s okay.
Wang Lishi smiled and said, Auntie, how did you meet her? Xiao Qingfeng took out a silver needle from the medicine box and asked, “Ah, what did I do this morning?” I went to the river to wash clothes and saw her floating in the river.
Fortunately, I went early today, otherwise such a beautiful girl may be in danger. Girls are all sentimental. Although Mrs. Wang Li is an ordinary woman, she also has a bodhisattva-hearted aunt who cooks some porridge. Let her see how she looks like, I’m afraid she hasn’t eaten for a few days, Xiao Qingfeng is getting a needle while giving orders, okay, I’ll go to Wang Li’s right away, please take care of me, I haven’t finished yet, Xiao Qingfeng called out Mrs. Wang Li, who is about to leave, your yard is too golden, so it’s not suitable for little girls to rest in peace. Let’s put it in my yard.
The environment there is quiet, which is suitable for resting. It didn’t take much time and took some effort. Xiao Qingfeng carried the little girl to his yard. His yard was almost the same as that of Blacksmith Wang. There were only two rooms.
He carried the little girl to the east room and put it on the bed. He turned around and faced Wang Li. Aunt Shidao I’m going to Songbai Mountain to collect herbs today. Please take care of this little girl. She is too weak to eat and drink. Just feed her some hot porridge. Wang Lishi, who took good care of her, promised her that she had always wanted a daughter, but after giving birth to Xiao Lizi, her stomach didn’t move, so she let it go Come out with a bamboo basket on your back, a medicine hoe, a rope and dry food, and a sword that you must carry when you go out, Xiao Qingfeng goes out, Xiaofeng, you are going to gather medicine again, since your master passed away, we have a wind Lin County can rely on you. As soon as he left the hospital and walked on the county street, he met a group of police officers in black clothes. The leader was none other than Feng Yuan from the county. Because of the kindness of Master, he has always been regarded as his nephew. Uncle Feng said that, but I am upset. Several doctors in the county are better than me.
I am nothing.
Besides, I am not a serious doctor. Xiao Qingfeng quickly waved his hand to look at it.
Looking at the outfits of the group of them, I was a little surprised and said, Excuse me, Uncle Feng, is there something wrong with you taking so many people on a trip? What’s more, in Fenglin County, where small things like this can be talked about for days, the matter of Feng Yuan’s personal action may have to be discussed in the county for at least a few months, isn’t it just that something happened? As he spoke, a young policeman next to him opened his mouth and said