Xiao Paner turned the big sugar ball in her hand and heard Wei Young say that this sugar ball was made by you Xing Huan

Passers-by, I don’t think you are a personal system.
After obtaining the label Inhuman, you will no longer be a human being after being equipped, but you can be any other creature and existence.
You already have the label Male Theology Endless Dual Hands.
The angels get the tag system equipment tags get tag attribute blessings open a late-night cafeteria to receive one after another predestined people to watch each predestined person’s life Chapter 1 tag system host happy tag is very good at playing love to study good looks handsome kind good person Love to play games Laziness loves to fight Straight steel male single dog Loves to stay up late Tags equipped with tags Love to play games Have the number of likes Finally got enough likes to open the second tag The bedroom is full of satisfaction and exhaustion Se casually threw the phone aside and lay down on the bed. On the screen of the phone, the word “victory” was displayed. The game is the popular mobile game King of Glory.
Lin Yu liked it, Qiao Ying liked it, An Ming liked it, and got a series of likes. The system prompts appear in the air in front of you. These likes come from teammates as well as opponents. You can imagine how well Xinghuan played in the game just now. After all, even the opponents couldn’t help but like them in their hearts. Xing Huan looked at the sky outside the window and found that there was a white belly in the sky. The night began to fade away, and the day came slowly with the first rising. Before he knew it, he played games all night. If this continues, his body will probably be useless. It’s a pity, what I have now There are no tags related to physical health in the tags, otherwise you don’t need to care about things like staying up late It took two days for Xinghuan to take off, until now I have almost figured out the system. There is no way this system has no intelligent dialogue wizard. If you want to understand it, you can only figure it out by yourself.
Fortunately, it is not difficult. As for the appearance and background of the system Why do you think so much? Why do you feel so tired? It’s better to use the system to enjoy life when you have time Tags are the core tags.
This thing is just like the tags on a business card. The difference is that the tag system only accepts tags generated by other people’s impressions of Xinghuan. In short, Xinghuan’s labels can only come from others and cannot be given to oneself. What kind of label you can get depends on what kind of person you are in the eyes of others. For example, the mother who is good-looking, good-looking and kind comes from having fun. In the eyes of the mother, the son is not ugly and always handsome, so just do it. Huan Chang is ordinary and unremarkable, but still has the label of being handsome.
Learning this label well is because Xing Huan got a good grade in the exam and was admitted to university, so he won the gift of his mother.
Kindness is even easier. In the eyes of my mother, my son nature is the kindest As for the functions of these tags, it is very simple, just like the literal meaning of the tags Xing Huan has tried it many times in the past two days and has a deep understanding of the effect of positive emotional appeal. This makes him eager to get more tags, but now he has a lot of tags.
The most important thing is to open it. More tag slots At the beginning, there is only one tag slot and only one tag can be equipped, which is too little and not enough.
Only by opening more tag slots can more tags be equipped at the same time. Equipping more tags will become itself It is getting better and better. In addition, the effect of different labels is very powerful. Take the label of learning well. As long as you use the label of love learning, the learning effect is absolutely powerful. Very boring, especially theoretical knowledge can be learned.
Yes, but it can’t eliminate the fatigue and persistence after over-learning. If you pair it with the label of love learning, it will be no problem. Love learning can make sex extremely love learning.
No matter what you learn, you will become I love it very much and I don’t feel the fatigue that comes with studying. As long as I replenish my energy at any time and keep sleeping, I can continue to study happily and easily. Strictly speaking, loving learning is more important than learning well, and this is just a simple one For example, as long as there are enough tags and more can be equipped at the same time, Xinghuan will have more choices and collocations to make yourself better. Think about how powerful and terrifying you will be when you equip hundreds of tags together in the future. So The opening of the label is very important.
However, except for the first label, which is given away by the system for free, the opening of the subsequent label needs to consume the number of likes. The simplest meaning of likes means liking and liking can also be generalized to mean likes. So after figuring out the source of likes, Xinghuan started to work hard for it. Play games through the label of love to play games and the mobile game King of Kings. It’s good to lead teammates to fly in every game and get likes from teammates. He loves to play games. During the game, he will maintain his love, vitality and joy.
Although his skills are generally not able to lead his teammates to fly, under the influence of the label of love to play games, his The state of mind has always been very good, whether it is taking off or being pitted, I can enjoy it tirelessly.