Xiao Chuan sneered and said that Zhou Yuan has violated Xiao Chuan’s Nilin this week you have to think clearly that you are this sesamesized

Chapter 1 The cheating lottery function A buzzing sound of flies made the confused Xiao Chuan open his eyes, and above his head was the blue, spotless sky, and the endless yellow wasteland came into his eyes.
A rotten smell came from his mouth and nose. When I went over, I saw the flies hovering over the corpses. The corpses had been dead for a long time, and the corpses were decomposing. There was a churn in my stomach, and I endured the unspeakable feeling in my stomach. Looking at the scene like hell, didn’t I have a dream? Wake up, Xiao Chuan only remembers that on the last day of the college entrance examination, he passed the class of the teacher called Miejue Shitai, and then took a nap in class, and then he came here with the signature roar of Juejue Shitai.
Or is it just a dream to see this entrance The purpose is endless wasteland, the rotting corpses are in the nostrils, the strong rotten smell makes Xiaochuan’s stomach churn, pinch his face, the pain on his face tells him that all this is not a dream, he has seen countless times Qin Xiaochuan understands that he has crossed I can only travel through time, otherwise how could there be such a place on the earth just now I was in class ah, the only explanation for coming to this place in the blink of an eye is time travel, looking at this body that has already changed and cannot see the original color What is the soul wearer of the long shirt? After a long silence, Qin Xiaochuan knew that his soul wearer had no choice but to accept the fact that he had traveled through. There was an extra memory in his head, and he looked at his body. He touched his face, his chin, and no beard. And the height is about seventeen or eighteen years old.
I quickly touched my lower body. Fortunately, the most important thing is still in my mind. The memory is that this body was rescued by a woman two days ago and walked with this group of refugees for two days.
I actually became a refugee and became a glorious refugee from the Ming Dynasty.
The refugee from the Ming Dynasty is the refugee with the least chance of surviving. Other dynasties are fine as long as they don’t starve to death. After all, the population is the most important thing, isn’t it? No way, you either starved to death or you were caught by Li Zicheng and raised as a refugee, and then you were sent to death without thinking. Waves of cannon fodder won’t kill you.
The Qing army entered the pass. It seems that you didn’t accept the surrender of the rebel army at all, or you survived and then the Qing army massacred the city wave after wave.
It’s good that Bo was killed.
If he was tortured to death by a pervert, he would shudder just thinking about it. As for making a fortune with modern technology, it’s even better.
Hurrying to catch up with the team, suddenly there was a man’s voice, Xiao Chuan looked over, and in front of him was a fortress in Shandong to build a city, so what else is there to use? Can I go to this place? It’s not sure yet. Wouldn’t it be fun to starve to death on the way? Besides building a city, what other functions can help me? Without Xiao Chuan, a virtual panel appeared in front of him.
The virtual panel is like a colorful blackboard.
It looks like nothing happened. Xiao Chuan knows that this plane should only be visible to him. Looking at the three lines above, the first line says that the city is black. It should be because he has no city. Ways to use this function The second line says the exchange function, but it’s also black and white.
Xiao Chuan doesn’t know what it’s for. The only thing that’s in color is the third option that says big lottery ability. After clicking it, the system says it’s a Random lottery function The host can draw a prize every day. The options for each lottery are different. It is based on countless things and some other games and anime. If you are lucky, the host can draw a magic weapon. I heard the system say so, Ogawa Immediately became interested. Although Xiaochuan was a little disappointed that he couldn’t build a city, if he drew something powerful, wouldn’t it immediately change his miserable life as a refugee? After clicking on it, a gorgeous light suddenly appeared in front of him In the middle of the light-colored disc is a pointer.
On the disc are options. Looking at these options, Xiao Chuan was stunned for a moment.
It is a delicious chocolate. The delicious chocolate has a bitter taste and there is a peanut sandwich in the middle. How about it, don’t you look at it? I am very hungry. An exquisite dagger made of carbon steel can instantly kill the broken copper and rotten iron of this era. A team of nine-star Yellow Turban Army.
They have experienced many battles. They are great virtuous teachers.
They have perfect spear formation coordination for elite troops. With regard to these three options, Xiao Chuan was stunned for a moment, and he said that it was a good artifact, but the Yellow Turban Army is also strong, and his safety is guaranteed.
Did the host choose to draw a lottery? Man Xiaochuan began to meditate in his heart that it must be the Yellow Turban Army.
This kind of fleeing team only has force.
It must be the Yellow Turban Army.
The pointer slipped past the Yellow Turban Army.
The speed became slower and slower. At this time, he seemed to be going through the area of ​​the Yellow Turbans.
The pointer stopped at the edge of the Yellow Turbans and the chocolate. The pointer finally slid past the Yellow Turbans and reached the place where the chocolates were.
Beep beep Congratulations to the host for getting a piece of chocolate. Congratulations, congratulations! What’s the use of chocolate? Suddenly, a finger-sized piece of chocolate suddenly appeared on his sleeve. Xiao Chuan looked at the nearby people and saw that they didn’t pay attention. Then he secretly stuffed the chocolate into his mouth and chewed secretly, looking at the group of refugees who were about to go crazy. God knows what they would do if they took this thing out and ate it. Xiao Chuan, who regained his strength after eating the chocolate, no longer had the decadent Total War system just now.
He started the base to launch the mass-produced system arms, and the teams of powerful soldiers had such A powerful force still worried about why the Qing army went south. Now that I finally have the capital to survive, even if the Qing army can’t beat it, then the system will build a ship and go to Nanyang.